2 Ways to Recover Deleted and Lost Data from Huawei Mate30/Mate30 Pro

Overview: This article will tells 2 simple and safe way to restore the deleted and lost data from your Huawei Mate30 and Huawei Mate30 Pro, and tells you a effective way to backup your data on Huawei Mate30 and Huawei Mate30 Pro.

According to Huawei’s practice in previous years, it basically released the P-series flagship mobile phone in the first half of the year and the Mate series flagship mobile phone in the second half of the year. Huawei Mate30 series flagship mobile phone upgrade changes are still very large. On the screen, Huawei Mate30Pro uses a 6.5-inch super AMOLED perforated screen, the body uses a double-curved screen design, the arc is close to 90°, called the waterfall screen, the side of the fuselage is the screen, in addition to support screen fingerprint unlock Features. Huawei Mate30 uses the front 3200W super night camera, the rear camera is upgraded to five shots, plus two-color LED flash, and is arranged in a horizontal two vertical three matrix. It is reported that the phone will be equipped with 1/1.5 inch Sony IMX600 series sensor, pixel still 40 million.

In fact, there are a lot of problems in the use of mobile phones, the most common problem is the loss of data. This is a mistake that almost everyone can make. So, as you use Huawei Mate30 or Huawei Mate30 Pro, you’d better learn how to recover the deleted and lost data from your Huawei Mate30/Mate30 Pro.

Huawei Data Recovery is an effective tool developed specifically for data recovery. It can recover any data like photos, videos, WhatsApp messages, audio, text messages, contacts, call logs and so on from a common Huawei phone (Honor included). In fact, Huawei Data Recovery supports almost all Android mobile phone and tablet, not just Huawei, but also Samsung, Motorola, LG, SONY, vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi, ZTE, HTC, Google, Nokia and so on, of course including the latest Huawei Mate30 and Huawei Mate30 Pro. More important is the absolute safety of the data recovery process, in the process of recovering the original data in the mobile phone will not cause any damage or loss. So you can use it safely. It allows you to preview the restored content before resuming. Besides, this powerful program also allows you to backup and restore your phone data with a click.

Supported Adverse Scenarios: Accidental Deletion, System Crash, Forgotten Password, SD Card Issue, Rooting Error, ROM Flashing, Damaged, Not Responding, Black Screen, Factory Reset, etc.

Part 1 Directly Restore Data from Huawei Mate30/Mate30 Pro without Backup

Step 1. Run the software and connect your Huawei Mate30/Mate30 Pro

Download, install and run this powerful data recovery on your computer in advance. Then click on “Android Data Recovery” and connect your Huawei Mate30 or Huawei Mate30 Pro to the save computer through the USB cable, your phone will be detected soon.

Step 2. Enable USB debugging on your phone

If you do not open the debug mode, the program will prompt you to enable USB debugging on your Huawei Mate30/Mate30 Pro. It will automatically detect your Android version. After the cell phone is completed, click the “OK” button to enter the next step.

Step 3. Select the data types you want to recover

After the phone and computer connection is successful, you will see all data types that can be restored. Such as contacts, videos, call history, audio, and so on. Select the data what you want. And then click “Next” to continue the data recovery process.

Note: In the scanning process may appear on the super user authorization popups. If you get it, click “Allow” to continue.

Step 4. Recover the selected data on your Huawei Mate30/Mate30 Pro

Wait until the scan is complete, all the found result will be listed, you can check anything of them after previewing, if done, click on “Recover” to save the selected data back to your computer.

Note: In the process, please keep your phone connected well and the battery is not less than 20%.

Part 2 Restore Data from Backup to Huawei Mate30/Mate30 Pro

Anyone who has used this software knows that it can not only recover data, but also back up your phone data very well. If you have already backed up your Huawei Mate30 or Huawei Mate30 Pro, you can easily restore the lost data with ease.

Step 1. Launch the software and select “Android Data Backup & Restore” on the primary window, then connect your Huawei Mate30 or Huawei Mate30 Pro to computer.

Step 2. Chose a features to restore your data from backup, both “Device Data Restore” and “One-click Restore” can achieve this purpose.

Step 3. Choose the suitable backup from the backup list as you like, then click “Start” button to preview and restore data from the selected backup to your Huawei Mate30 or Huawei Mate30 Pro.

Part 3 Backup Data on Your Huawei Mate30/Mate30 Pro

Even the most powerful data recovery software is not guaranteed to be foolproof, so you need to back up your phone data regularly so that you can more effectively avoid risks. Next, let’s show you how to backup your data from Huawei Mate30 and Huawei Mate30 Pro.

Step 1. Return to the homepage of this software and choose the “Android Data Backup & Restore” option.

Step 2. Take out a USB cable to connect your Huawei Mate30 or Huawei Mate30 Pro to computer.

Step 3. Once your Huawei Mate30 or Huawei Mate30 Pro is successfully connected, you can choose “Device Data Backup” or “One-click Backup” option to back up your files.

Ensure that your phone is ready for backup, then click “Start” button to begin exporting your data from the Huawei Mate30 or Huawei Mate30 Pro to computer.