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Overview: Summary: How do I restore your Oppo A96/A56 Data/Contacts/Photos/Videos/Messages? If you have such a question and want to recover lost data on Oppo A96/A56 easily and effectively, through this post, you will get a good answer.

Data in oppo A96/A56 may be lost due to virus intrusion, system error, or human error. Many people don't know how to find effective ways to deal with these problems and recover lost data. Here, some methods to restore Oppo A96/A56 Data/Contacts/Photos/Videos/Messages are listed here, if you want to know more, please go down.


Methods Outline:


Method 1: Restore Oppo A96/A56 Data/Contacts/Photos/Videos/Messages

Method 2: Transfer backup data to Oppo A96/A56 in Android recovery software

Method 3: Restore Oppo A96/A56 data in a file that has already been backed up

Mehtod 4: Restore Oppo A96/A56 Data/Contacts/Photos/Videos/Messages with OPPO cloud

Mehtod 5: Recover Oppo A96/A56 Data/Contacts/Photos/Videos/Messages from Google Cloud


Method 1: Restore Oppo A96/A56 Data/Contacts/Photos/Videos/Messages via Android Recovery

This method is very convenient and quick to operate, and Android data recovery software is very easy to operate.

Android Data Recovery Software is a tool that can help you recover your phone data, it supports all Android devices (OPPO, HUAWEI, Xiaomi, etc.). Android Data Recovery can solve the problem that you want to recover all kinds of lost data, including TEXT messages, videos, documents, forms and PPT, and can also recover data loss caused by external factors such as water soaking and collision, or data loss caused by internal factors such as mobile phone system update and factory reset.

Step 1: Download and install this software on your device

Download the Android Data Recovery software to your computer, download it and install the software smoothly, then select the Android Data Recovery mode.


Step 2: Connect your phone

Use a USB cable to connect the Oppo A96/A56 with this software on your computer, and then follow the software's instructions to enable it on your phone.


Step 3: Select the corresponding file type

Select the file type you need in the list and go to the next step, the software will automatically scan your data.


Step 4: Recover data on Oppo

After scanning, select the files you want to recover and click on the Recover button so that the files can be saved to your phone.




Method 2: Transfer backup data to Oppo A96/A56 in Android recovery software

This method is also suitable for you who want to backup and restore your phone data.


Step 1: Open the corresponding page

Open the Android Recovery Software and select Android Data Backup on the main menu


Step 2: Connect your phone

Use your USB cable to connect the Oppo A96/A56 with the software program on your computer and select one of the four modes


Step 3: Start the backup

Select the data you want to back up in the page and click "Restore to Device" to back it up.



Method 3: Restore Oppo A96/A56 data in a file that has already been backed up


Mobile Transfer can be used to retrieve data, this method is very suitable for you who usually have a backup of your phone data.

Mobile Transfer is a multifunctional data software, which consists of four parts: Data Transfer of Phone with Phone, Restore Data in Backup, Backup Phone and Delete Old Phone. Among them, the data transfer between phone and phone can help you realize the desire of data transfer between the vast majority of mobile phones. If you have done a mobile phone data backup work before (through mobile transfer or other data backup software), you can use the way to restore the data in the backup file to transfer the required data to another mobile phone. The Backup Phone feature is used to back up phone data; The Delete Old Phone feature is to completely delete all the data on your phone, no matter what method you use, you can't recover these data again.

Step 1: Download the mobile transfer

Download the mobile transfer from the download path provided on the official page, open it after the download is complete, select Backup & Restore, then select "Phone Backup & Restore" and click Restore.


Step 2: Connect your phone

Connect the Oppo A96/A56 to your computer with a USB cable


Step 3: Select Type

Tap the data files you want to transfer in the selection box and start transferring, disconnecting your phone and computer when you're done transferring



Method 4: Restore Oppo A96/A56 Data/Contacts/Photos/Videos/Messages via OPPO cloud


OPPO cloud platform is also a great way to help you recover various data from your phone.

OPPO cloud service can help users store photos, videos, information and other data, and synchronize these data to the cloud. When users change mobile phones or need to transfer mobile phone data, OPPO cloud service can provide users with convenient and fast ways to recover important data.


Step 1: Open OPPO Cloud

Click oppo cloud platform included in Oppo A96/A56

Step 2: Log in to the OPPO cloud

Enter your account and password to log in to the OPPO cloud

Step 3: Select the desired data to recover

Select the data you need to recover in the menu and click the Recover button to recover the data



Method 5: Recover Oppo A96/A56 data from Google Cloud


Google Cloud is suitable for all phone brands and phone models, and it is also very convenient for you who have backed up your data in Google Cloud.

Google Cloud provides users with cloud computing services such as cloud storage, translation APIs, prediction APIs. Google Cloud has important components such as Google Compute Engine, Geyun SQL, Google Bi to Query, Google Cloud Storage, etc., to provide users with efficient and reliable cloud services.

Step 1: Log in

Open Google Cloud and enter your account number and password

Step 2: Check out the backup sent in Google Cloud and choose what you want to restore from it

Step 3: Tap on "Recover" to complete the data recovery.


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