[Solved]Recover Deleted/Lost Photos from Samsung Gallery

Summary: Found that the photos in Samsung Gallery were accidentally deleted/lost? The solution is simple, you can use Samsung Data Recovery to quickly and easily recover the photos you need directly from your Samsung Galaxy phone.

The Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones is a series of Samsung’s overall positioning in the mid-to-high-end market. Including Note series, S series, J series, etc. The newly released models include Samsung Galaxy Note 10,Samsung Galaxy S20,etc. The Samsung Galaxy series has a special application, that is, the streaming media broadcasting application Milk Music, which only supports Samsung Galaxy series devices. Samsung Gallery is an application for viewing images and videos of Galaxy users. In addition to the enhanced security to protect images and videos, you can also enjoy images and videos from anywhere through cloud synchronization and login. The new version of Samsung Gallery also supports smart way to enjoy images and videos.

I believe that if you use a Samsung Galaxy phone, you also have the Samsung Gallery app. Samsung Gallery stores a lot of beautiful photos, which are of great significance to you. Imagine if you accidentally clicked the delete button when browsing these photos one day, what a pity. Sometimes, some photos record some important information. If it is accidentally deleted, how anxious it will be. In fact, accidental deletion of important data often happens, but there are few methods available for recovering data. However, it is actually very simple to implement, you only need to use the appropriate tool to detect the phone, scan the Gallery data, and finally recover the required photos. Even if the photo was not accidentally deleted, for example, when the data was lost due to the software/hardware failure of the phone, this method can also be used to recover the data. However, you need a software called Samsung Data Recovery to help you recover more easily and smoothly.

Best Method: Recover Deleted/Lost Photos from Samsung Gallery with Samsung Data Recovery.

Samsung Data Recovery is the best way to recover deleted/lost photos or other data from Samsung Gallery. It is the preferred tool for many Android users to recover deleted/ lost data. Sumsung Data Recovery is simple and powerful, requiring only a few simple steps. It can quickly scan the data on the Samsung Galaxy and retrieve deleted/lost photos in the Gallery to help you recover quickly. Actually, you can not only use it to recover photos, but also use it to recover contacts, text messages, call logs, audio, videos, files and other types of data. Therefore, it is very practical, and you can use it afterwards if you have any accidental deletion/loss of data. In addition, it is also fully compatible with almost all Android phones. With such a powerful software, you can permanently solve the problem of data loss and accidental deletion on your smartphone. Whether it is due to misoperation, accidental deletion of data or cell phone failure (such as water damage, screen rupture, virus attack, etc.), Samsung Data Recovery is the best solution.

Models Included: Samsung Galaxy Note/Samsung Galaxy S/Samsung Galaxy J/Samsung Galaxy A/Samsung Galaxy On,etc.
Data Included: text messages,photos,contacts,call history music,videos,files and more.

Here are the detailed steps to recover deleted/lost photos from Samsung Gallery.

Step 1.Connect Sumsung phone to Your Computer and Enable USB Debugging

Please download and install the Samsung Data Recovery on your computer, run it to select the “Android Data Recovery” option on the homepage. Then use a USB cable to connect the Samsung phone to the computer.

Step 2.Allow Program Connect Samsung phone to the Computer

Next,click “OK” on the Samsung phone so that the program can detect your device.

Step 3.Select the Files to Recover from Samsung phone

The program will detect Samsung and find different data types. You can select Gallery from Media and click “Next” to continue.

Step 4.Allow Scanning and Analyzing Data on Samsung

You will now see the following window on your Samsung device. Please click “Allow” to enable the program to scan the deleted/lost Gallery data in the device.

Note: Please make sure your mobile phone battery is over 20%, and do not disconnect the mobile phone from the computer.

Step 5.Scan Samsung for Deleted/Lost Data

The program will begin to scan the deleted/lost data on your phone with only some minutes.

Step 6.Directly Recover photos from Samsung Gallery

Once the scan is complete, you can preview all the media data found on your phone. Then, just select the photos you need and click the “Recover” button to save them to your computer directly.

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