How to Recover Photos/Pictures from Samsung Galaxy Fold

Summary: Some important photos / pictures stored in Samsung Galaxy Fold were accidentally deleted or lost without backup in advance? Don’t worry, you can use Samsung Data Recovery to recover quickly.

Samsung has a mobile phone called Samsung Galaxy Fold. As its name describes, the screen of the Galaxy Fold is foldable. In fact, it has two screens, a 4.6-inch display on the shell, with a resolution of 840 × 1960. If you need more space to display content, turn it on and you will see a 7.3-inch display with a resolution of 1536 x 2152 (4.2:3 aspect ratio). Galaxy Fold has two built-in batteries with capacity of 2135mAh and 2245mAh respectively. In other configurations, it has a 7nm processor and up to 12GB of RAM, with 512GB of built-in storage. There are 6 cameras in Galaxy Fold. The first three cameras are 10 megapixel selfie on the inner screen, 8 megapixel depth of field camera and 10 megapixel selfie on the outer screen. The three rear cameras are 16 million rear cameras, 12 million wide-angle cameras and 12 million telephoto cameras.

Many people will store a lot of favorite pictures / photos locally on their mobile phones, which can be easily viewed at any time, but also avoid damaging the image quality when it is uploaded to the cloud. However, if you do not back up in time, you will not be able to retrieve these photos / pictures once they are lost. Because the phenomenon of data loss often occurs, sometimes you accidentally click the delete button to accidentally delete important data, sometimes the storage space of the mobile phone is insufficient, and some data will be automatically cleaned up, sometimes the mobile phone has water damage, system crash and other faults, and data will also be lost! If you encounter the above problems when using Samsung Galaxy Fold, do you find an effective solution? In fact, even if the data is not backed up, we can retrieve the data again. Moreover, the method is simple and the recovery is fast. The key is to use a professional data recovery tool. Next, we will introduce this method to you in detail.

Best Method: Recover photos/pictures from Samsung Galaxy Fold with Samsung Data Recovery.

In fact, those deleted / lost pictures / photos are not completely erased from your Samsung Galaxy Folder. In order to save your precious time and money, using Samsung Data Recovery will be the best way to recover data, because Samsung Data Recovery is not only powerful, but also convenient and safe. In a few simple steps, it can easily scan all deleted / lost data of Samsung Galaxy Fold, and directly recover the deleted/lost photos / pictures according to your choice. The whole process is uninterrupted, safe and efficient. At the same time, Samsung Data Recovery has a strong compatibility, which can support the recovery of various types of data, including text messages, contacts, files, music, video, etc. it can also be compatible with Xiaomi, vivo, ZTE, Huawei and other different brands of mobile phones, so as to meet your needs well. With Samsung Data Recovery, you don’t need to explore the specific reasons for data loss / deletion, or dismantle any hardware for maintenance, because no matter what reason, it won’t affect the powerful function of Samsung Data Recovery.Understand and learn to use Samsung Data Recovery. Even if you don’t often back up your data, you don’t need to worry about the loss of important data, because if you lose it, you can use Samsung Data Recovery to recover quickly.

Models Included: Samsung Galaxy Fold/Samsung Galaxy Note 10/Samsung Galaxy Note/Samsung Galaxy S8,etc.
Data Included: photos, pictures,files,videos,contacts ,music,text messages, call history and more.

Following are detailed steps to recover photos/pictures from Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Step 1: Launch Samsung Data Recovery

Download and install Samsung Data Recovery on your computer and launch it.

Step 2: Connect the phone to the your computer

You should connect the Samsung Galaxy Fold device to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 3: Enable USB debugging

Start USB debugging on the phone, the program will detect your phone, and then click the “Start” button on the page. Samsung Data Recovery will automatically scan and display the data from Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Step 4: Preview lost data and recover photos/pictures

You can preview mail, contacts, photos and other data, then select the photos/pictures you need, and click the “Recovery” button to save them to your computer.

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