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Overview: Summary: When you lose the data on Samsung A22 mobile phone, you may want to find some available methods to recover the files deleted from Samsung Galaxy A22's mobile phone to avoid losing your personal data. Unexpected circumstances.

Samsung Galaxy A22 Info:


Samsung Galaxy A22 5g specifications and software

Samsung MediaTek dimension uses 700 5g SOC in Galaxy A22 5g. Considering that poco m3 pro and realme 8 5g are also used and the price is much lower, this is not a particularly exciting department or a very competitive department. Galaxy A22 5g includes Bluetooth 5 technology and Wi-Fi dual band network, and supports common multi-sensor and satellite navigation systems. Samsung pay Mini is also supported. This phone features a battery capacity of 5000 Ma per hour. It must be able to run easily for at least a whole day.

Samsung Galaxy A22 5g runs on one UI core 3.1 based on Android 11. This is a Samsung version, which is much thinner than the onui standard interface. It is used as the budget center of the mobile phone, so it's strange to see its style. The latest version contains all the functions required for a person's daily use, but some things, such as Bixby, Samsung Knox, easy mode, etc., you may be familiar with the previous Samsung mobile phone -Does not exist. Android security is a little outdated for my unit. It only includes the amendment in August 2021. In addition, some user interface functions, such as edge panels, are enabled on most Samsung phones by default. If you want to use them, you must enable them manually.

Have you ever thought about an effective way to recover data/contacts/messages/photos/videos/audio/call logs from samsung galaxy a22? You may have, especially when you mistakenly delete some samsung a22 and don't know that these samsung a22 are needed in other situations, such as work calls, interview calls or other files. Mission. Anyway, it's time to see how to restore deleted data on samsung galaxy A22 phones and restore data on Android phones. We provide some recovery error deleted files, such as data on samsung a22.

Now you live in Samsung Galaxy A22 - taking photos, adding contacts, making calls, texting, sharing files, sending emails and more, and gradually filling your device Many precious documents. However, the data loss of Samsung Galaxy A22 is inevitable. They may have the risk of disappearing because the software update fails, inadvertently deletes, resets the factory, and even the phone is broken or stolen.

If you have bad luck in the above situation, don't worry. Here, we will guide you to solve the problem of recovering Samsung Galaxy A22 data from memory or SD card in several ways to recover any type of files: contacts, SMS, call records, photos, and Music, videos, files, etc.



Methods Outline:


Method 1: Recover Deleted Samsung A22 Data from Samsung Cloud Backups

Mehtod 2: Restore Samsung A22 Data without Backup

Method 3: Recover Lost Samsung A22 Data with SD Card on Samsung

Method 4: Retrieve Samsung A22 Data With Google Drieve

Mehtod 5: Video Guide for Samsung A22 Data Recovery



Method 1: Recover Deleted Samsung A22 Data from Samsung Cloud Backups


Samsung cloud is the official backup and recovery tool for Samsung Galaxy mobile phone users. If you regularly back up the Samsung Galaxy A22 through the Samsung cloud, restoring the lost data to the device will be a simple pie. You can retrieve phone, mail, contacts, calendar, settings, home screen, applications, documents, music, and more.


Now, to retrieve the data on Samsung Galaxy A22 from Samsung cloud, just click:


Go to Settings > accounts and backup on galaxy A22.

Click backup and restore

Select Restore Data.

Select the files to restore.

Press restore.



If you can't find a backup of Samsung cloud to recover the deleted Samsung A22 data, it's time to use the data recovery application. Read on to see what programs we recommend.


Mehtod 2: Restore Samsung A22 Data without Backup


This is a very good recovery package, which can help you recover the lost images on the robot system with a very high success rate. Mine all recoverable images through deep scanning and restore them to a specific location on your computer, and then refer to your device. It also gives you a choice to discover other types of files, such as contacts, mail, call logs, and media files. It also includes options for backing up and restoring phone data when needed.

Android data recovery can check Samsung A22 phones and easily recover deleted SMS, contacts, photos, videos, audio, call records, WhatsApp messages and other files. It cooperates with any Android brand, such as Google, Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, etc.



Using Android Data Recovery, you can:


1. Files on Android can be easily scanned and classified, including lost data (red) and existing data (black).

2. Android SMS, call records and contacts can be restored and saved in HTML or XML format for easy reading and printing. All contact information, letters and phone records can be well maintained.

3. Android files such as videos, music and images can be retrieved and saved through JPG, PNG, BMP, HEIC, MP4, 3gp, m4v, ePub, PDF or other formats.

4. Support all Android files backed up from Android to the computer, including contacts, SMS, call records, videos, music, pictures, documents, etc. (learn how to back up Android call records on your computer) >

5. Almost all Android phones and tablets are compatible, including but not limited to Samsung Galaxy A22.



Steps to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from Samsung A22:


Step 1: start Android data recovery and connect the galaxy phone

To restore the image, connect the galaxy phone to the computer via a USB cable and start the program. Then continue to put "Android data recovery" on the interface.


Step 2: Allow debugging of USB errors on A7

In the next window, go to the onscreen prompt to enable USB debugging on galaxy A22 until the application runs on your device. For more information, see this guide: how to allow USB errors to be debugged on Android.



Step 3: scan Samsung smartphone deeply to find the lost data.

You will then be presented with a screen asking you to select the type of data to retrieve. In this example, select data, and then click next.


Step 4: retrieve Data from Samsung Phone A22


After scanning, all images found in the window are displayed. You can click the thumbnail to display the image.

Then, select the box next to each data you want to retrieve from the galaxy, and then click the recover button below.



Method 3: Recover Lost Samsung A22 Data with SD Card on Samsung


Suppose you change the default location of saving pictures on the SD card on the Samsung phone, how to restore the data deleted from the SD card on the Samsung phone when the data are deleted from the samsung by mistake? This is where the SD card recovery application takes pictures.

The whole process is simple. I just took out an SD card, connected it to the computer with an SD card reader, or put it into the camera, and then connected it to the camera with USB. Then use tools such as Data Recovery to comprehensively scan the SD card to find and recover the lost images.

In addition to restoring SD card images on Samsung Android, the software also allows users to restore files finally deleted from computers, cameras, memory cards, mobile drives, etc.



Method 4: Retrieve Samsung A22 Data With Google Drieve


With Google drive, you can store up to 15GB of files for free. If you need, you can choose to buy more storage space. If you delete some files from the Samsung tablet and they have been backed up to Google drive, you can retrieve them from the trash can. Deleted files will be saved for 60 days.


Step 1: open Google drive on your Samsung tablet and sign in to it with your Google account.

Step 2: click the "menu" icon in the upper left corner and select "trash".

Step 3: select the file to restore and click "restore".



Mehtod 5: Video Guide for Samsung A22 Data Recovery

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