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Overview: Summary:We Samsung users might come across the situation from time to time that the device's space for storage is out of limit. Samsung devices can produce fantastic photos and is proper safe for data storage, so we store all of our Call logs/Documents/Whatsapp/Photos in our Samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8 devices. However, here comes the problem, what if we want to recover our precious Call logs/Documents/Whatsapp when it's urgently needed?

Samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8 is an excellent Samsung series, and proper many people own one for the convenience it offers both in life and business. When we use a device to accompany us through life or business, we store most of the important data in it so that we can handle stuff more efficiently. In this case, it seems to be a big project to protect the data like Call logs/Documents/Whatsapp/Photos, ect. So we need to do some backup befoer accidents happen. If unfortunately tragedy has happened and at the same time you didn't make a backup before, don't worry, this article will list several effective solutions for Call logs/Documents/Whatsapp/Photos recovering from Samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8 as well as backing up data.


Methods Outline:


Method 1: Recover Call logs/Documents/Whatsapp/Photos without backup

Method 2: Use Android Data Recovery to recover your with a backup

Method 3: Recover Vedios/Photos from Recycle Bin in the Gallery App

Method 4: Get your Samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8 data back from Samsung Cloud



Method 1:Recover Call logs/Documents/Whatsapp/Photos without backup


Android Data Recovery is absolutely the very competent guard for your data, for it's a professional software at protecting your Samsung data. It can offer you a safe place which saves your cares for the storage space in your Samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8 to store your data like important business Call logs/Documents/Whatsapp or just the happy memory photos of your family time. Besides, it can also help with Samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8 Call logs/Documents/Whatsapp Recovery even without backup. The most considerate point is that it's not complicated at all, on the contrary, you can easily get your data back within several steps.



Step 1:Download and Install Android Data Recovery

Download and install Android Data Recovery from its official website and run the program when it finishes its downloading.

Step 2:Set up a connection between your Samsung phone and the computer

Use a cable to set up connection with your Samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8 and your computer device.

Step 3:Make Android Data Recovery search for your deleted data from your Samsung Device

Back to the very home page of Android Data Recovery, click"Android Data Recovery", choose the type of your deleted data in the following page and click"Next" to start the scanning for your phone

Step 4:Recover your lost data

When you see all the deleted data in display after the scanning, you can get down to pick out what you want to recover and click"Recover" to get your lost data back.

Applicable to:Samsung S22, Samsung A21s


Method 2:Use Android Data Recovery to recover your with a backup


As it is mentioned above, Android Data Recovery is not a software merely for data recovery, you can trust it and store your Call logs/Documents/Whatsapp/Photos as well. When you find it crowded in your Samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8 to store some of those that are not that important but still precious and you happened to once download and install Android Data Recovery, you can try to rely on it to store your data. And any time you need it, you can easily recover it from this software within a second.


Step 1:Run the program and click"Android Data Backup&Restore" on the very first home page

Step 2:Make your Samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8 connect with your computer using a usb cable

Step 3:If there's a pop-up with"device data backup" or"one-click restore", feel freeto choose one of them two

Step 4:Check the data your want it to be recovered and click"start", then the data will return back to your Samsung device



Method 3:Recover Vedios/Photos from Recycle Bin in the Gallery App


It's of great convenience for the Samsung users that it's a default setting that Gallery App will store all the deleted photos and vedios and hold them in the Recycle Bin for 30 days. If you havn't comletely remove them, you can get them back from the Recycle Bin of Gallery App.


Step 1:Launch the Gallery App

Step 2:Tap on the"Hamburger Menu Icon"

Step 3:Go to"Recycle Bin" and you can see the remaining Vedios/Photos

Step 4:Select the Vedios/Photos you want to recover and tap on"Recover" to regain them


Method 4:Get your Samsung J1/J2/J3/J4/J5/J6/J7/J8 data back from Samsung Cloud


Samsung Cloud is designed by Samsung company for Samsung users to backup important files of data which offers a large space for storage of 5GB. If you want to use Samsung Cloud to retrieve your data backup, make sure that there's an Internet connection. 


Step 1:Go to"Settings" and go to"Accounts and backup"

Step 2:Go to"Samsung Cloud" and select"Backup and restore"

Step 3:Go to"Restore data" and select"Gallery"

Step 4:Tap"Sync" 


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