[Solved]Recover Deleted Data from Vivo X60/X60 Pro

Summary: Have you lost your vivo x60 contact information, text messages, audio, photos, music, videos or call logs? Please confirm this page to find the best Vivo x60 data recovery solution.

Vivo X60 Pro Info:

The vivo X60 series, composed of vivo X60 and vivo X60 pro, disclosed details to the company through the online store. All the color deformation and texture Chengdu show two smartphones. The vivo X60 consists of two ram and memory, and the pro version provides a single memory mode. Although the price and specifications have yet to be determined, it will be powered by the 5nm flagship. The chip was previously identified by the company as exynos 1080 SOC. In addition, vivo also shares the new originos, which will be launched together with vivo X60 series.

According to the vivo store catalog, the vivo X60 Pro will be available with curved displays with ultra-thin borders at the top and bottom. Pro version provides two color options of gray and blue gradients. It is provided by a single composition of 12gb ram and 256 GB storage. Querying camera settings can be viewed in vivo X60 pro.

Method Outline:

Method 1: Recover deleted Data from Vivo X60 with Third-party software tool

Method 2: Backup important data on vivo x60

Method 3: Recover Data from backup to vivo x60

Tips: How to transfer it in my phone if my contacts file is saved in my PC

Method 1: Recover deleted Data from Vivo X60 with Third-party software tool

Have you ever encountered the problem of deleting or damaging important data due to mistakes in vivo phone? Data loss is always inevitable in daily life. If you lost some important files contacts, videos, text messages, pictures, call history, audio and more from your vivo x60 or x60 pro, Android Data Recovery tool can directly scan and restore lost data from vivo x60.

Android data Recovery, the most professional and useful data recovery tool, helps to delete or recover all lost data from vivo phones such as vivo x60. It is recommended that you download the free trial version of Windows or Mac version of Android Data Recovery on computer and follow this method to restore lost files from Android vivo phones or tables.

Models supported: vivo Y70s, vivo Y97, vivo Y93, vivo Y79, vivo Y75, vivo Y66, vivo Y71, vivo Y51, vivo Y31, vivo Y73, vivo Y35, vivo Y23, vivo Y29, vivo Y11, vivo Y27, vivo Y13L, vivo X50 Pro, vivo X30, vivo X30 Pro, vivo X50, vivo X50 Pro, vivo X27, vivo X5, vivo X21i, vivo Z6, vivo Z5, vivo Z5x, vivo Z3X, vivo Z1

Files Supported: Contacts, text messages, videos, call history, whatsapp, gallery, picture library, audio, documents.

Steps to Restore deleted data on vivo x60/x60 pro:

Step 1: Launch Android Data Recovery on your computer

After downloading and installing Android Data Recovery on your Windows PC or Mac. The application interface of three function modules, “Android Data Recovery”, “Broken Android Data Extraction”, “Android Data Backup & Restore”. If you want to restore the deleted flies in vivo x60, please click “Android data recovery and continue.

Step 2: Connect vivo x60 to PC

Connect vivo x60 to PC with USB cable. Wait a moment, the program will automatically sense the vivo x60 (pro) phone.

Step 3: Enable USB debugging

To successfully sense the device, you must turn on USB debugging. There are three options to activate USB debugging in Android devices. Please select an option that is compatible with the phone status.

Step 4: Select the data you want to recover

You can select the data types that need to save time during the recovery process. Or select all scan and recovery types. Then click “next” to start checking the deleted files.

Step 5: Scanning and analysis of your vivo x60 data

During the scan, Vivo x60 displays super user authentication. Click “allow” to continue. Otherwise, please skip this stage.

Step 6: Preview and recover of vivo x60 lost data

The result of the loss/deletion will be displayed in the left list later. In addition, all flies in the window can see contact information, photos, videos, SMS, call records, etc. in advance before restoration.

Method 2: Backup important data on vivo x60

More importantly, back up files frequently. The next approach might help.

Step 1: Enter vivocloud and register vivo account to back up contact, messages and other files.

Step 2: Settings > account & sync, select the option to access and back up your personal Google account synchronization interface.

Step 3: Enter the app photo (Google photos) > press the menu button in the upper left corner, open Settings > backup & sync, and the photos on the phone will be backed up automatically.

Step 4: Settings > more Settings > backup & restore > backup data > Google server to open my data backup.

Step 5: You can upload and back up other files by entering a drive or other drive application.

Method 3: Recover Data from backup to vivo x60

Step 1: After running the Android Data Recovery program on the computer, click “Android data backup & Restore”.

Step 2: Connect vivo x60 to the computer via USB cable

Step 3: there are “Device Data Restore” and “one-click Restore” options in the interface. One can be selected, and both can be used to restore backup files.

Step 4: Now select the necessary backup in the backup list, click “start”, view the selected backup data in advance and restore it to VIVO X60.

Tips: How to transfer it in my phone if my contacts file is saved in my PC

Step 1: Connect your phone to your PC.
Step 2: After finding the contact information file in VCF format, copy it to file manager > phone storrgae > backup > contact folder and paste it.

Step 3: Settings > contact > export & import (in the case of funtouch OS 2.6 or below, enter contact > press the menu button on the left side of the main button and send and import options), and import the contact information.

Or you can choose the best way to sync your vivo x60 data to your computer for backup with Mobile Transfer

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