How to Restore Lost Videos from Samsung Galaxy Fold

Summary: When you want to watch the video stored on the Samsung Galaxy Folder, but find that the video is lost, the most correct way is to use Samsung Data Recovery to restore in time.

Samsung released a foldable mobile phone in Wuzhen in February this year, called Samsung Galaxy Fold. Galaxy Fold has two screens. First of all, the 7.3-inch seamless large screen made of dynamic AMOLED material, with a resolution of 2048 × 1536, is a tablet computer in this expanded state. It can run three applications on the screen, which are parallel in multiple lines. The screen can be folded inward. After folding, the small screen outside the fuselage is 4.6 inches. The small screen is made of super AMOLED with a resolution of 1680 × 720. As for the camera equipment, Galaxy Fold has six cameras. The first three cameras are 10 megapixel selfie camera on the inner screen, 8 megapixel depth of field camera and 10 megapixel selfie camera on the outer screen. The three rear cameras are 16 million rear camera, 12 million wide-angle camera and 12 million telephoto camera. Samsung Galaxy Fold has two built-in batteries with capacity of 2135 mAh and 2245 mAh respectively, and is equipped with 7nm processor, 12GB RAM and more than 512GB of storage space.

If you store a lot of favorite videos on your Samsung Galaxy Fold mobile phone, but one day you want to watch them and find the videos are missing, you may not be able to find out the reasons one by one, because the reasons may be complex and diverse, such as accidental deletion, automatic cleaning of the mobile phone, or mobile phone failure, such as water damage, data loss of reinstallation system, virus attack,etc. But you must want to recover these data in time, because they are very important to you. However, it seems that the loss of data means that it will be lost forever, because we can no longer retrieve it from the mobile phone, nor recover the data we want through some data recovery functions on the mobile phone. At this time, the only way may be with the help of the outside world, so what effective methods can be used? Which method can achieve the goal of simple, fast and safe recovery of lost data? In fact, Samsung Data Recovery is the best tool.

Samsung Data Recovery can help you quickly recover the lost videos in Samsung Galaxy Fold. The whole process is simple, safe and fast. First of all, through a few simple steps, Samsung Data Recovery can comprehensively scan all the lost data in Samsung Galaxy Folder. Then, you can choose to recover the data directly and quickly according to your own needs. The operation of Samsung Data Recovery is very simple, but the data recovery function is also very powerful. It can scan and recover data quickly, whether it is accidental data deletion caused by misoperation or data loss caused by mobile phone failure (such as water damage, screen rupture, virus attack, etc.). It also supports the recovery of various types of data, which means it can be used to recover videos / call records / contacts / photos / videos / files, etc. In addition, if other Android phones encounter data loss, such as vivo, Xiaomi, Sony, HTC, LG and Huawei, you can also seek its help. Samsung Data Recovery is a safe and reliable data recovery tool. It will not retain and steal any data of you, but is dedicated to help you recover data quickly.

Best Method: Restore lost videos from Samsung Galaxy Fold with SamSung Data Recovery.

Models Included: Samsung Galaxy Fold/Samsung Galaxy Note 10/Samsung Galaxy Note Edge/Samsung Galaxy S8,etc.
Data Included: videos,contacts ,music,text messages, call history, photos, files and more.

Following are detailed steps to recover lost videos from Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Step 1: Launch the Samsung Data Recovery

Download and install Samsung Data Recovery Program on your computer, and then launch it.

Step 2: Connect the phone to PC and enable USB debugging.

You should use USB to connect the Samsung Galaxy Fold to your computer and then start USB debugging on the phone so that SamSung Data Recovery can detect your phone.

Step 3: Start scanning lost data on your phone

Click the “Start” button on the current page. Then, Samsung Data Recovery will automatically scan the data on Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Step 4: Preview and select the videos to restore

All data found will be displayed on the page. You can click to preview and select the videos you need, then click the Recovery button to save them to your computer.

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