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Overview: According to different scenes, this paper introduces users to use mobile transfer to transfer data between different mobile phones, including audio, documents, contacts, SMS, application programs; As well as ways to retrieve and synchronize data from a backup with the help of Android data recovery.

The Motorola Moto G73 uses a 6.6 "FHD+ OLED display, supports a refresh rate of 90Hz, features a Snapdragon 4 Gen1 SoC, a front 16MP camera and a rear 50MP+8MP+2MP camera. Equipped with 5000mAh battery to support 10W charging.

Motorola Moto G53 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon eight nuclear 5G processor, a 6.5 "center-hole LCD screen with 120Hz high brush, PWM dimming, built-in 50 megapixel main camera+2 million macro AI dual-lens imaging system, front-mounted 8 megapixel camera, built-in 18W 5000mAh battery, and supports 18W charging.

Both Motorola Moto G23 and G13 phones are equipped with a 6.5-inch LCD screen, a 50-megapixel rear camera and a 5,000-mah battery, but only G23 supports the TurboPower 30W charging function. Both Moto G13 and G23 are equipped with Helio G85 processor of United Hair.

Motorola Moto G73/G53/G23/G13 have their own advantages. Consumers choose the appropriate model according to the actual demand. However, no matter which mobile phone users purchase, they will inevitably encounter data transmission problems: for example, from Android/Samsung to Motorola Moto G73/G53/G23/G13; Synchronize cloud backup files to Motorola Moto G73/G53/G23/G13, etc. And the data security of the mobile phone also needs to be guaranteed, so this article will introduce two software for users, and give a tutorial for data transmission and data recovery respectively.

Mobile Transfer is a comprehensive data transfer software that transfers data from your old device to Motorola Moto G73/G53/G23/G13. It helps you easily back up content from your old device, including photos, contacts, text messages, videos, apps, and more. Mobile Transfer can also be used to transfer data between different devices, such as iOS devices and Android devices, which can help you save time and effort.

Part 1 Transfer Data from Android/Samsung to Motorola Moto G73/G53/G23/G13

Step 1. Run mobile phone transfer, and then click "Phone Transfer" > "Phone to Phone" on the software main interface.

Step 2. Connect the old Android/Samsung and your new Motorola Moto G73/G53/G23/G13 to the same computer with their USB cables, and the software will automatically identify your mobile phone.

Tip: you can click "cannot recognize the device?" If your Motorola Moto G73/G53/G23/G13 falls, asking for help will be recognized. Follow the instructions on the page. Also, make sure that your Motorola Moto G73/G53/G23/G13 is located on the "Destination" side via the "Flip" button.

Step 3. After successfully detecting your device, please check the data you need to transfer, and then click "Start" to start the transfer task.

Mobile Transfer can also simplify the process of transferring backup files, without ensuring different devices are under the same WiFi, and has better stability when synchronizing data. Users who are not very skilled in using electronic products can also easily complete data synchronization.

Part 2 Sync Data from Backup to Motorola Moto G73/G53/G23/G13

Step 1. Start the mobile phone transmission, click "Backup & Restore" > "Phone Backup & Restore", and then click "Restore" button to continue.

Step 2. Select the desired backup file from the list and click the "Restore" button after the backup is selected.

Step 3. Connect Motorola Moto G73/G53/G23/G13 to your computer via USB cable.

Step 4. When the device is detected, select the desired file and click "Start" to perform the synchronization.

Part 3 Transfer WhatsApp/Wechat/Kik/Line/Viber Messages to Motorola Moto G73/G53/G23/G13

Step 1. Run the mobile phone transfer, and then click the "WhatsApp Transfer" button at the top of the homepage. After that, the page will display four options: "WhatsApp Transfer", "WhatsApp Business Transfer", "GB WhatsApp Transfer" and "Other Apps Transfer".

Step 2. Select the option that you want to transfer application data on demand.

Note: Transferring Viber Chat is slightly different from other software. You need to back up your data to your computer before synchronizing the messages to your Motorola Moto G73/G53/G23/G13.

Step 3. Connect your old equipment to the same computer as Motorola Moto G73/G53/G23/G13 via a USB cable.

Step 4. When your phone is detected, select the file type A that you want, and then click "Start" to sync the messages to Motorola Moto G73/G53/G23/G13.

Android Data Recovery is a special data recovery software, which can be used to recover contacts, SMS, memos, photos, videos, music, documents and other materials on Android/iPhone/Samsung phones. It searches for various types of deleted items through comprehensive scanning of equipment, so that users can ensure the safety of important information when encountering the dilemma of cell phone damage and data deletion by mistake.

Part 4 Recover Data from Motorola Moto G73/G53/G23/G13 without Backup

Step 1. Run the Android data recovery software and click "Android data recovery".

Step 2. Connect Motorola Moto G73/G53/G23/G13 to the computer with USB cable. Please enable USB debugging mode on the mobile phone. After the software successfully detects your device, click "OK".

Tip: how to debug USB in your Motorola Moto G73/G53/G23/G13: Enter "Settings" > Click "About Phone" > Click "Build number" for several times until getting a note "You are under developer mode" > Back to "Settings" > Click "Developer options" > Check "USB debugging". "Device connected, but can't be recognized? Get more help" button can help you find a solution when your phone is not recognized.

Step 3. Select the type of file you want to restore, and then click "Next". The software scans your device for missing data.

Tip: If you cannot find the required file, click "Deep Scan" to rescan your device to find more. It allows for a more comprehensive and in-depth scan to help find more files.

Step 4. After the scan, check the data you want to restore, and then click "Recover" to finish restoring the files to your Motorola Moto G73/G53/G23/G13.

In the case of existing backup, using Android Data Recovery is also a good choice, which is similar to the operation of mobile transfer, with the same simple operation and high transmission efficiency. If users recover and retrieve data more frequently, they can directly use the software of Android data recovery, taking into account various needs.

Part 5 Restore Data from Backup to Motorola Moto G73/G53/G23/G13

Step 1. Run the software and tap on "Android Data Backup & Recovery".

Step 2. After connecting the mobile phone and the computer with the USB cable, click "Device Data Restore".

Step 3. After the software successfully identifies your Motorola Moto G73/G53/G23/G13, select the files that need to be backed up, and then click "Start" to restore the backed-up files to your phone.

Step 4. Select the files that you want to restore, and then click "Restore to Device" to restore the selected data to your Motorola Moto G73/G53/G23/G13.

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