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Overview: This article will share four commonly used and effective methods to deal with how to quickly transfer data and recover data on HTC Desire 22 Pro. They are all very safe and reliable. Please don't miss them.

As the one-time leader of the Android camp, HTC has been silent in the mobile phone industry for a long time. In recent years, HTC has focused on VR technology research and development. After two years, HTC finally released its first meta-universe mobile phone, namely HTC Desire 22 Pro.

HTC Desire 22 Pro uses a 6.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1080×2412 and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. It is equipped with a Snapdragon 695 5G processor, 8GB of memory and 128GB of storage space. The rear camera combination includes a 64MP main camera, a 13MP wide-angle camera and a 5MP depth-of-field camera, and the front camera is 32 million pixels. HTC Desire 22 Pro has a battery capacity of 4,520mAh, has IP67 waterproof and dustproof specifications, supports wireless charging and wireless reverse charging, and has a MicroSD card slot.

Although the configuration of HTC Desire 22 Pro doesn't have many bright spots, it focuses on Viverse's meta-universe-related functions, and has built-in many practical applications, such as Viverse App at the entrance of meta-universe, Vive Avatar, which can build virtual avatars, and Vive Wallet, which manages virtual assets. In addition, HTC Desire 22 Pro can also be connected with VIVE Flow launched by HTC itself, and the mobile phone application and multimedia content can be streamed to VIVE Flow instantly through screen projection.

For users who are more forward-looking or like early adopters, HTC Desire 22 Pro does have an irresistible charm. If you are also going to buy this phone or even use it already, then you must have a strong interest in how to transfer the data from your old phone to HTC Desire 22 Pro and how to recover the lost data on HTC Desire 22 Pro, don't you? Before it's too late, let us reveal these specific operation methods for you one by one.

Part 1 Directly Sync Data from Android/iPhone to HTC Desire 22 Pro

Whether you were an Android phone user or an iPhone user before, if you want to transfer the data from your old phone to the new HTC Desire 22 Pro, you only need to use Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer is a comprehensive data management tool that combines data migration and data backup. With its help, you can transfer all kinds of user data, including contacts, music, photos, videos, call logs, text messages, calendar, notes, WhatsApp/Line/Kik/Wechat/Viber messages, apps, app data and so on, between any two smartphones without any professional knowledge.

Step 1. Download, install and run the Mobile Transfer software, then tap on "Phone Transfer" > "Phone to Phone" in the main interface.

Step 2. Now, please follow the prompts on the interface and connect your old Android/iPhone device and new HTC Desire 22 Pro to your computer with their USB cables, and the program will automatically detects them soon. When they are all recognized, please use the "Flip" button to adjust the position of your phones, letting the HTC Desire 22 Pro is displayed on the right.

Step 3. After that, you will be asked to select the required files from the list, then click on "Start" button to begin moving them to your HTC Desire 22 Pro.

Part 2 Sync WhatsApp/Wechat/Line/Kik/Viber Messages to HTC Desire 22 Pro

For most users, social software is the most frequently used application on their mobile phones. It may be chatting with friends or family, or communicating with customers or colleagues. In the process, a large amount of data will be generated, including some important chat records, precious pictures, videos or voices, etc. When you change your new mobile phone, of course, you want to transfer all these data to your new mobile phone. Mobile Transfer is also happy to help you.

Step 1. Return to the welcome page of Mobile Transfer, after tapping on the "WhatsApp Transfer" option, you will see four more options showing in the page.

Step 2. Connect your old phone and HTC Desire 22 Pro to computer via their USB cables. Please remember to check the displayed position of your Source and Destinaition device.

Step 3. Select the type of data you need to transfer in the middle of the page. Then click "Start" to transfer the selected data to HTC Desire 22 Pro.

Part 3 Sync Data from Backup to HTC Desire 22 Pro

In addition to the above two functions, the data backup capability of Mobile Transfer is obvious to all. If you want to extract the required data from the previous backup file and then transfer it to a new mobile phone, please continue to use Mobile Transfer.

Step 1. Start Mobile Transfer, click "Backup & Restore" > "Phone Backup & Restore", then click "Restore"  button to continue.

Step 2. Choose the needed backup file from the list, and then click the "Restore" button.

Step 3. Connect your HTC Desire 22 Pro to the computer by using its USB cable.

Step 4. After the device is detected, select required file, and then click "Start" to begin moving the selected files to your HTC Desire 22 Pro.

Part 4 Directly Recover Data on HTC Desire 22 Pro without Backup

Compared with data migration, it is more difficult to recover the lost data on HTC Desire 22 Pro, because they will become a thing of the past if not handled properly. In fact, data loss has long been commonplace for smartphone users. To recover the lost data safely and effectively on HTC Desire 22 Pro, you only need to use HTC Data Recovery.

HTC Data Recovery is a reliable mobile phone data recovery tool, which can be perfectly applied to almost all HTC smartphones, and easily locate the required data including contacts, photos, videos, call logs, text messages, audio, music, WhatsApp messages, documents and so on, and then selectively recover it to your device or computer.

Step 1. After running the HTC Data Recovery software, click on "Android Data Recovery" in the primary interface.

Step 2. Connect your HTC Desire 22 Pro to computer by using a USB cable, and follow the prompts to establish a connection between your phone and computer.

Tips: Please ensure that you've enabled the USB debugging mode on your phone's screen, and tap on "OK" on the page of the software.

Step 3. Wait for your phone to recognize, you should choose the file types that you want to recover on the page, after that, click on "Next" to begin to analyze and scan your device for the lost content.

Tips: During this process, please follow the instructions of the program to install the corresponding plug-ins and allow related authorization requests. This will neither infringe or leak your privacy nor damage your data, but will speed up finding the data you need. Please be patient and wait for the scan to complete.

Step 4. When the scan is finished, all the found files will be listed by categories, after previewing and confirming the files as needed, then click on "Recover" to save them back to your computer or device in a click.

Tips: Some specific data may not be found in the standard scan mode. If you do not find the data you need, please tap on "Deep Scan" to scan your phone again.

Part 5 Restore Data from Backup File to HTC Desire 22 Pro

Careful users must have noticed the data backup function of HTC Data Recovery, and even used it to back up the data on HTC Desire 22 Pro or other mobile phones. If so, you can selectively restore the required data to any supported device with just one click.

Step 1. Return to the homepage of the HTC Data Recovery software, then click on "Android Data Backup & Restore" among all the option and connect your HTC Desire 22 Pro to the computer.

Step 2. When your device is detected, choose a restore mode as you like, either the "Device Data Restore" or "One-click Restore", to save your time and the phone's stroage space, we recommend you to choose the "Device Data Restore" option.

Step 3. After choosing the backup file from the list, tap on "Start" to extract all the restoreable files from the selected backup file.

Step 4. Wait for the extraction to complete, all the found result will be listed, choose the files that you want to restore, and click on "Restore to Device" to sync them back to your HTC Desire 22 Pro.

Part 6 Recover HTC Desire 22 Pro Lost Data with Best Data Recovery

If the above two methods fail to help you find the data you need, please don't surrender immediately, because you can also try Best Data Recovery.

Best Data Recovery is a pioneer in the same type of data recovery software, with professional and rich data recovery algorithms, which can safely and effectively recover the lost required data like photos, images, photos, videos, audio, e-mails, documents and more in your HTC Desire 22 Pro.

Step 1. After downloading the appropriate Best Data Recovery on your computer, follow the prompts to complete the installation of the software. Then run it on the computer.

Step 2. Use a USB cable to connect your HTC Desire 22 Pro to the computer.

Step 3. Select the file types and storage disk you need to recover on the software's page. After selecting, click "Scan" to scan the lost data on your HTC Desire 22 Pro.

Step 4. After scanning, you can preview all scanned data on the page. Select the appropriate data on the page according to your needs. After selecting, click "Recover" to restore the lost data to your HTC Desire 22 Pro.

Tip: You can use "Filter" feature to quickly locate the files you want to recover. If you can't find your missing data, you can click "Deep Scan" to try again.

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