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Overview: This article is divided into four parts, which introduces users to the methods of transferring data from different brands and models of mobile phones and restoring deleted/lost data to vivo Y73t. Include audio and video pictures, applications, contacts, backups and other files, as well as deleted and lost files.

In terms of hardware configuration, the vivo Y73t uses a 6.58-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 2408×1080, which is equipped with the main control of the United Development Department Dimensity 700, and is equipped with a 6000mAh battery to support 44W wired fast charging. In terms of image, the vivo Y73t is equipped with 8-megapixel camera, and a rear-mounted three-camera module consisting of 50-megapixel camera and 2-megapixel macro camera.

The vivo Y73t focuses on high cost performance. The main parameters of the screen, camera, processor and battery can well meet the daily needs of users and can be started. After purchasing a new vivo Y73t, users will set preferences for the new phone and synchronize the data from the old phone to the vivo Y73t. The traditional data transmission software has many limitations and is more troublesome to operate. For this reason, this article has prepared the following ways for users to easily and efficiently complete the data migration and give users a better use experience.

For the need to transfer Android/Samsung data to vivo Y73t, this article recommends that users experience a software named Mobile Transfer. Ordinary files such as photos, information, music, etc. Mobile Transfer transfers files faster than other data transfer software, and the process of uploading and downloading is not speed-limited. Facing the files on communication software such as WhatsApp/Wechat/Line/Viber/Kik, it has also developed targeted functions to completely migrate chat records without missing any chat files. It is simpler and more efficient than the data migration capabilities that these softwares bring with them.

Part 1 Sync Android/Samsung Data to vivo Y73t

Step 1. Start the Mobile Transfer that is already installed. Click the "Phone Transfer" function on the home page, and then click the "Phone to Phone" option in the module.

Step 2. Connect the old Android/Samsung and ZTE Blade V40s to the same computer with their USB cables, and the software will identify the two devices.

Notice: Please make sure that vivo Y73t is on the "Destination" track by clicking "Flip".

Tip: If the software cannot successfully identify the device, you can click "Cannot Identify the Device?" Option, follow the instructions to resolve the problem.

Step 3. Select the file to be transferred to vivo Y73t and click "Start".

Part 2 Transfer WhatsApp/Wechat/Line/Viber/Kik Messages to vivo Y73t

Step 1. Start Mobile Transfer. Click the "WhatsApp Transfer" function on the home page, and then click the output transfer option corresponding to the software you need to synchronize in this module.

Step 2. Connect Android/Samsung/iPhone and vivo Y73t to the same computer with USB cable.

Tip: Here, we just take choosing the "WhatsApp Transfer" option as an example, if you want to transfer your Wechat/Line/Kik/Viber messages to vivo Y73t, you can tap on "Other Apps Transfer" to choose the corresponding item as you like.

Step 3. Click the button in front of the file, select the file to be transferred to vivo Y73t, and finally click the "Start" button.

Facing the dilemma of data deletion and data loss, Android Data Recovery can save you well. Even if the user clicks on permanently delete, format, or even the device cannot be turned on, Android Data Recovery can perform in-depth scanning on it to retrieve files for the user. With Android Data Recovery, users no longer have to worry about losing files.

Part 3 Directly Recover Deleted/Lost Data on vivo Y73t without Backup

Step 1. Start Android Data Recovery and click the "Android Data Recovery" function on the homepage.

Step 2. Connect the vivo Y73t to the computer with a USB cable. Enable USB debugging on vivo Y73t. Click "OK".

Tip: the steps to enable USB debug mode on vivo Y73t are as follows: enter "settings" > click "about mobile phone" > click "build number" sever times untilprompted "you are in developer mode" > "return to "settings" > click "developer options" > check "USB debugging".

Step 3. Choose the file types that you wish to scan, and click the "Next" button to begin scanning the file as needed.

Step 4. The software will perform in-depth scanning on the vivo Y73t and select the data to be recovered after generating the file preview list. Click "Recover" to begin restoring the data.

Part 4 Restore Data from Backup to vivo Y73t

The first approach is to use Mobile Transfer to restore data from backup file to your vivo Y73t.

Step 1. Start the Mobile Transfer, click "Backup & Restore" on the home page, and then click "Phone Backup & Restore" > "Restore".

Step 2. After Mobile Transfer finishes scanning the backup files of the mobile phone, select the data to be synchronized to vivo Y73t and click "Restore".

Step 3. Connect the vivo Y73t to the computer with a USB cable. Click "Start" to begin moving data from backup to your device.

As for backing up synchronous data to the local side of vivo Y73t, Android Data Backup & Restore is also a good choice in addition to the Mobile Transfer mentioned above. The software has simple page, powerful function, clear division and no wide green. The tutorial for synchronizing backup data to the local using Android Data Backup & Restore is as follows.

Step 1. Start Android Data Recovery and click the "Android Data Backup & Restore" function on the initial page.

Step 2. Connect the vivo Y73t to the computer with a USB cable and click "Device Data Restore".

Step 3. Select the files to be synchronized in the backup in the preview list and click "Start".

Step 4. Select the file that will be migrated locally and click "Restore to Device" to start synchronizing the data.

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