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Overview: No matter what is the reason that you want to backup or export your data from OPPO phone to computer, this article will giving the most effective and easy solution.

For the entire year of 2018, OPPO shipped 113.1 million units in the global smartphone market, ranking fifth with 8.1% market share, meanwhile, in the Chinese smartphone market, OPPO handsets shipped 78.90 million units annually The market share of 19.8% ranks second. OPPO has been focusing on the technical innovation of mobile phone photography, creating the era of "mobile selfie beauty"; more than 200 million people worldwide are using OPPO camera phones. In December 2019, OPPO was selected as one of the top 100 brands in the 2019 Chinese Brand Powerhouse Model. On January 4, 2020, he was awarded the "Sustainable Development Innovation Award" by the 2020 "Finance" Evergreen Award.

The popularity of OPPO Phone is getting higher and higher, and more and more people are using it. The OPPO Phone is really durable. Many friends around me have used an OPPO Phone for several years, but the phone is permanent. If there is more data, it will run slower. It is not so smooth. But the data is very important and cannot be deleted. Do you want a perfect solution? Yes, there are good solutions. That is to transfer or backup the data to the computer. How to transfer it, you need a software at this time. Want to know what software is, please continue to read.

Part 1 Transfer Data from OPPO Phone to Computer with Mobile Transfer

Mobile Transfer is a professional file transfer software. Not only can it transfer data from one device to another, it can also back up your phone data, and it can also restore data from a backup. These data include almost all content on the phone, such as contacts, memos, audio, photos, messages, call logs, videos, etc. Moreover, its compatibility is super strong, support Android, iOS system mobile phone transmission and backup data. In addition, its security is also worth mentioning. It only reads the information on your device, so your data will not be leaked, and your phone will not be compromised.

Step 1: Select the mode machine

First download, install and run Mobile Transfer on your computer. Now, there are four modes in the main interface, please click on the "Back Up your Phone" option among them.

Note: If you want to customize the location of the backup folder, just click the menu at the top right of the window and select "Settings". Click Browse to select the folder, and then click "OK".

Step 2: Connect OPPO phone to computer

Use a USB cable to connect the OPPO Phone to the computer. The software will automatically detect and browse the phone, and then you can see the phone displayed in the window.

Step 3: Select the file types to backup

After the program detects your mobile phone, the data directory that can be backed up will be displayed in the middle of the interface. Please select the items you need to back up, and then click "Start Transfer" to start the backup. A progress bar will appear on the interface. Please be patient, the length of time is related to the number of files. Throughout the process, please keep the phone and computer connected.

Next, I will introduce you another method to easily backup your OPPO data.

Part 2 Transfer Data from OPPO Phone to Computer with Android Data Backup & Restore

As the name suggests, Android Data Backup & Restore is a software to restore data, but it can also backup data, and the method is very simple. First of all, it has many types of backup data, such as contacts, call logs, text messages, pictures, audio, videos, Apps, app data and other mobile data. Secondly, it has a very high data transfer speed, simple operation, just a few clicks, your data will be transferred to the computer. Don't worry about whether your information will be leaked, because it will only read your Android data, and you are the only one who can access it. Last but not least, it supports almost all Android devices.

Step 1: Select the mode

The first step is to download, install and run Android Data Recovery on the computer. At this time, the main interface has four modes, please select "Android Data Backup & Restroe".

Step 2: Connect your OPPO phone to the computer

Use a USB cable to connect your OPPO phone to the computer. After the program recognizes the phone, click "Device Data Backup" or "One-click Backup" on the left side of the panel.

If you choose "Device Data Backup", you will be asked to select the files that you want to backup, just do it. If done, please click the "Start" button to back up the data from your OPPO phone to the computer.

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