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Overview: This article will tells the most simple and safe way to recover the deleted and lost data from your Mac Pro even if without backup, as well as backing up data from your Mac Pro with Time Machine.

The new Mac Pro is equipped with six-channel high-speed ECC memory and 12 entity DIMM slots. The memory can be expanded to 1.5TB, so professional users can quickly and smoothly perform various tasks, such as processing large projects, analyzing large data sets or running multiple professional applications. Mac Pro uses a two-sided motherboard that makes contact and operation very easy.

However, even if Mac Pro has such a high memory configuration, we still need to periodically delete the useless data in Mac Pro. But lots of users had a problem because they accidentally deleted some important files on theirs Mac Pro. So, if we really need to restore the deleted data. What should we do?

In this case, you need to use Best Data Recovery to recover the deleted data. This software can help you recover deleted or lost data including documents, images, videos, audio, email and other useful files such as ZIP, RAR, SIT, etc.. In addition to recovering deleted data, it can also recover data lost due to some circumstances, such as unexpectedly crashed software, computer crashed, wrong formatted drives, unexpectedly operations, partition deleted, virus attack, etc. It can recover data from various computers, hard drive, flash drive. What's more, it's easy to operate, safe to restore, and the amount of retrieved data will not be stored on other servers.

Part 1 Directly Restore Deleted and Lost on Mac Pro without Backup

Step 1. After download and install the Best Data Recovery on Mac Pro, run it. Then you need to disable system integrity protection.

For Mac running Mac OS X El Capitan or later, you need to disable System Integrity Protection firstly for using Data Recovery on your Mac. After that, you can operate Mac Data Recovery on your Mac Pro normally.

Step 2. Next, click "Mac Data Recovery" and select the data type and disk drive to scan. Here you can scan images, audio, video, email, documents and other data. After checking, click "Scan".

Step 3. When the program completes the scanning task, the scanning results are listed in the left pane. Click on them to view the detailed information as you like.

You are allowed to click on the "Path List" to locate exactly what you want to see the scan results.

In the upper right corner, there's a "Deep Scan" button. When you don't find the file you need to restore, click on it to scan further. Finally, check the data you need to recover and click "Recover" to save them back.

Part 2 Backup Data from Mac Pro to External Hard Drive with Time Machine

Even the best data recovery software does not guarantee that all data will be restored every time. Taking precautions and regularly backing up your Mac Pro data can effectively reduce the risk of data loss. Why not? Next, let's show you how to do.

Step 1. Connect a external hard drive to your Mac Pro via a data cable (usually a USB, Thunderbolt, FireWire drive or eSATA cable, etc.).

Step 2. When your external hard drive is detected, by defult, a dialog will pop up automatically and ask you whether want to use this external hard drive to back up with Time Machine. Now, please click on "Use as Backup Disk" to go on.

If Time Machine doesn't ask to use your drive, please go to Apple menu > System Preferences…, then click on "Time Machine".

Tips: For older versions of the macOS system and Time Machine, please make sure the "Time Machine" button is enable.

Step 3. Skip to next screen, please click "Select Backup Disk…" (or Select Disk, or Add or Remove Backup Disk).

Step 4. Select a available external hard drive as you like. Then tick the "Encrypt backups" box according to your need and click on "Use Disk".

Note: You will be asked to erase the disk first if the selected disk is not formatted as required by Time Machine, just click "Erase" to proceed. If done, the program will automatically back up your Mac Pro, the time it takes to back up will depend on the amount of data you have, please wait patiently until the backup is complete.

Besides, you can click "Back up automatically" in the main window of Time Machine to activate automatic backup option, and click "Options…" > click "Back up while on battery power" > click "Notify after old backups are deleted" > click "Save".

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