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Overview: Nowadays, more and more people want to use Laptop to store pictures or files, because computers have more capacity than mobile phones, but this does not mean that pictures and files in computers are safe and will never be lost. Don't worry when you accidentally experience the loss of laptop files. This is a guide to HP Laptop recover the deleted files/pictures.

Reasons that cause deleted files/photos/pictures on HP Laptop:

1.Delete large size pictures or files. when the deleted pictures or files are larger than the capacity of the recycling bin, the recycling bin does not have the ability to store them. the information will be lost.

2. Images or files deleted in antivirus software can prevent computer poisoning to some extent, but once pictures or files are infected with computer viruses, the virus software will delete them without warning.

3. Accidental formatting of laptop or accidental recovery of factory settings.

4. Old data will lost when re-updated and installed.

5. Use the short-cut Shift+ delete to delete files from your computer permanently.

Your HP Laptop stores a lot of photos/files/videos/ audio and so on. When you start working, you find that the desktop is very chaotic, which exist many unnecessary things, and you use the short-cut shift+delete accidentally delete your important working files. At that time your mind flashes by “How to Recover Deleted Files/Photos/Pictures on HP Laptop”.

Methods Outline:

Method 1: Recover Deleted Files/Photos/Pictures on HP Laptop from Recycle Bin ((70% Guaranteed))

Method 2: Recover Deleted Files/Photos/Photos on HP Laptop through HP Recovery Manager (65% Guaranteed)

Method 3: Recover Deleted Files/Photos/Pictures on HP Laptop with Date Recovery (100% Guaranteed)

Method 4: Apply Date Recovery to recover deleted Files/Photos/Pictures on HP Laptop ((60% Guaranteed))

Method 1: Recover Deleted Files/Photos/Pictures on HP Laptop from Recycle Bin

When you can't find files on the desktop, go to the recycling bin on the computer first. Sometimes when you first mistakenly delete a file and drag it to the trash can on the desktop, the so called recycling bin. This is not a permanent deletion of your file. Before you regularly clean up the recycling bin, the files you mistakenly delete may still be on your computer. So check your recycling bin according to the steps.

Step 1: Find the recycle bin on your desktop and double-click.

Step 2: Find files based on the name or date of the file. You can also search directly on the search box in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Then click on the file, and on the toolbar, select the restore selected file column.

Method 2: Recover Deleted Files/Photos/Pictures on HP Laptop through HP Recovery Manager

HP Recovery Manager is a free app that comes from HP laptops, allowing HP users to backup and restore files. Please note that the prerequisite for using this software to restore data is that you have backed up your laptop data in advance. When you backup your computer files, you can use the file/photos recovery function that comes with the HP computer to restore your files. Follow the steps.

Step 1:Find and open the backup files on your HP laptop, then double-click the Restore.exe.

Step 2:Click Yes "to allow the system program to change, and when the program opens, click Next".

Step 3:Choose the files you want to restore and click Next".
The computer will be prompted to restore the file storage location for the C:\System recovery file, click "Next" to continue.

Step 4:After waiting for the recovery progress to be completed, click Finish" exit program to restore the data process. And then you can find Deleted Files/Photos/Pictures on your Laptop.

Method 3:Recover Deleted Files/Photos/Pictures on HP Laptop with Date Recovery (100% Guaranteed)

But not everyone has backed up important files or pictures of the computer. If the files are not backed up, HP Recovery Manager will be useless. At this moment, Software Date Recovery can help you, they are used to quickly restore data, which is the most recommended way to restore computer data.

Something about Date Recovery:

Data Recovery is a safe and convenient tool to recover deleted or lost data (like photos, documents, emails, videos, etc.) on windows/mac, hard drive, flash drive, memory card, digital camera and more.
The advantages of Data Recovery include Using filter to search certain file; Non-destructive to the original data; Previewing data before recovery and supporting photos, document, email, video, and different recoverable data and format types.etc. Both Quick Scan and Deep Scan are available. It can also get rid of various recoverable scenarios such as accidental deletion, computer virus, unexpected power off, unwanted formatted, etc.

These are three simple steps to recover deleted Files/Photos/Pictures on HP Laptop.

Step 1: Install and run the program on Windows computer.

Step 2: Choose data type and location of lost data to scan.

Step 3: Select data and click Recover button.

Method 4: Apply PC Date Recovery to recover deleted Files/Photos/Pictures on HP Laptop

PC Date Recovery is also recommended to use concerning recover deleted Files/Photos/Pictures on HP Laptop. It is more and more popular with the advantages of simple operation, safety and efficiency. And it can directly recover deleted files or picture to HP Laptop without other cumbersome steps, so do not worry about your lost files or photos.

Step 1:Download and open the software on your computer

Step 2:Scan lost Files/Photos/Pictures
Choose the files option and select where the missing Files/Photos/Pictures is located, click the scan" button”.

Step 3:Choose the lost Files/Photos/Pictures
At the end of the scan, open the page to display all the files, the filtering function can quickly find the lost Files/Photos/Pictures you want to recover.

Step 4: Restore lost Files/Photos/Pictures
First preview the relevant information, then select the Files/Photos/Pictures
you want to recover, and then click “recover", these lost Files/Photos/Pictures will be saved in the computer.

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