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Overview: If you find that some important data stored in Lenovo X Series Laptops is lost, we recommend that you use Best Data Recovery, with which you can easily recover lost files, photos, videos and other data.

Lenovo has many series of computers, and the ThinkPad X series is one of the high-end products. At present, the product range of ThinkPad on sale is also quite rich. X series is the ThinkPad Laptops' lightest product series, with the characteristics of ultra light, ultra portable and safe mobile. X series is mainly positioned as light and long endurance, aiming to provide a mobile computing experience combining light and performance. Ultra long battery life can serve mobile business people well. This series is mainly composed of 12 inch screen models. There are also x100e and X300 non 12 inch screen models. The X series includes ThinkPad x390, ThinkPad x280, ThinkPad x270, ThinkPad x260, ThinkPad X1 carbon and other models, while X1 carbon 2019 and x390 are new models released this year.

Have you ever experienced a loss of data stored on Lenovo X Series Laptops that you couldn't find in the recycle bin? Have you ever experienced when writing a document, the computer suddenly appears a white screen, no response, flash back, when it is restarted, all the data has not been saved? Have you ever encountered that when using some software to clean up the data, you accidentally cleaned up some important data? In fact, there are many reasons for data loss, and the phenomenon of data loss also occurs from time to time. However, in the event of data loss, many people can only worry for nothing, but can not find any effective solution. Maybe you always have the question: these lost data disappeared from our eyes, are they still on Lenovo X Series Laptops? Is it possible to recover? If so, is the process of recovering data complex? In fact, the lost data has not been completely removed from your computer. It is very easy to recover the data, but you need to use Best Data Recovery, a professional data recovery software.

Best Method: Recover your lost data from Lenovo X Series Laptops with Best Data Recovery.

Best Data Recovery can recover lost data quickly, and the operation process is simple, efficient and secure. First of all, it is convenient and fast. In a few simple steps, it can scan your Lenovo X Series Laptops device quickly and comprehensively, and find all the data in your device. You can select the data according to your needs for quick recovery. Second, Best Data Recovery provides you with a variety of data types to choose from, such as photos, audio, videos, e-mail, audio, documents, and other data, which means you can use it to recover almost all of the data stored on Lenovo X Series laptops. Whatever the reason for your loss of data, you just need to follow the same simple steps to achieve fast recovery. Data Recovery can also recover lost data from hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, mobile phone, cameras, camcorders ot other removable drives. It is worth noting that Best Data Recovery also supports other devices besides Lenovo X Series laptops, which can be perfectly compatible with data recovery of windows/Mac devices, hard disks, flash memory, memory cards, digital cameras and other devices. Best Data Recovery has high security. It can scan and recover data directly from your computer without saving any data. You can use it at ease.

Models Included: ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2, X1 Carbon Gen 7, X1 Yoga Gen 4, X1 Carbon Gen 6, X1 Yoga Gen 3, X390 Yoga, X390, X395,etc.
Data Included: documents, photos, audio, videos, music, e-mail and more.

Here are the detailed steps to lost data from Lenovo X Series Laptops.

Step 1: Install Best Data Recovery

After downloading and installing the Best Data Recovery software on your computer,you can enter the home page to start recovering data.

Step 2: Select the data type and disk drive

On the home page, select the data type based on the data you need to recover, and then select the hard drive where you lost the data. If you forget where the data was lost, you can choose "Recycle Bin" to recover the data from the recycle bin.

Step 3: Scan the hard drive

Now,you can click the "Scan" button to start quickly scanning the data on Lenovo X Series Laptops and when the scan is complete, all the data will be displayed in the left sidebar. If you need more data, you can also click "Deep Scan" in the upper right corner to get more scanning results.

Step 4: Select and recover the data

You can find and select the data you need from the classification data in the left column, and then click the "Recover" button ,the selected data will be saved back to you Lenovo X Series Laptops soon.

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