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Overview: Looking for a simple but effective and secure ways to recover deleted and lost files including photos, documents, emails, audio, videos and more from your Huawei MateBook 16/14/13, as well as any other Huawei MateBook laptop? After reading this article, you will get a satisfactory answer.

Huawei recently expanded its MateBook product line again and launched a new 16-inch notebook, namely Huawei MateBook 16, as well as Huawei MateBook 14 and Huawei MateBook 13 that have been listed previously.

Huawei MateBook 16 uses a 16-inch large screen with 2.5K resolution and 100% sRGB color gamut. Huawei MateBook 16 locates content creation business books, and supports Huawei sharing technology, which can break the physical barriers between mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks, realize multi-screen linkage, and unlock a new interconnected experience. Huawei MateBook 16 is also equipped with AMD Ryzen 7 5800H standard pressure processor, whether it is daily office, video content editing, audio and video games and entertainment, it can provide an excellent experience.

HUAWEI MateBook 14 has a 2K high-definition full screen with a 90% screen-to-body ratio and a 3:2 screen ratio. HUAWEI MateBook 14 uses a multi-touch screen, up to 100% sRGB wide color gamut screen, and a metal body design. The HUAWEI MateBook 14 series is equipped with up to the tenth generation Intel® Core™ i7-10510U processor, with a turbo frequency of up to 4.9 GHz9, and is equipped with NVIDIA® GeForce® MX350 discrete graphics.

HUAWEI MateBook 13 uses a 13-inch compact body, but it accommodates a 2K full screen, with a unique 3:2 screen ratio, with a screen-to-body ratio as high as 88%. The HUAWEI MateBook 13 series has a colorful metal body, up to the new 11th generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor 8, and uses an advanced 10nm SuperFin process to significantly increase multi-core performance by 35%.

Regardless of the appearance design, performance configuration or user experience, the Huawei MateBook series has achieved the ultimate. However, even the best laptop cannot avoid data loss. Mistakenly deleted important files? Lost data due to crashed computer/virus attack/unexpectedly crashed software/disk formatting? So, can the deleted and lost files being restored? How to recover and what is the best recovery method? Please don't worry, next, we will introduce you some simple ways to recover the deleted and lost files on your Huawei MateBook 16/14/13.

Part 1 Restore Deleted Data from Recycle Bin

When some files or folders on the computer are deleted by us, they are usually temporarily stored in the Recycle Bin. Recycle Bin is an important hidden file in the system, to put it bluntly, the Recycle Bin is a regret medicine. When we need to recover files or folders that were accidentally deleted to the recycle bin, this is the easiest and simplest data recovery process, as long as these files and folders in the Recycle Bin are not emptied.

Step 1. Open the Recycle Bin by double-clicking on its icon on the Huawei MateBook 16/14/13.

Step 2. Locate and select the deleted file(s) or folder(s) that you need to restore.

Step 3. Right-click the selected item and choose "Restore", then the selected file(s) or folder(s) will be automatically restored to their original path.

Part 2 Restore Deleted Data from Windows Backup

We don't know when the accident will happen, so if we can regularly back up our computer data, then we can easily restore them at any time when data loss occurs. Now, please follow the below steps to learn returning files from a system backup.

For Windows 7 Users:

For Windows 8 Users:

For Windows 10 Users:

Part 3 Restore Deleted and Lost Data without Backup

The easiest and the most accessible mothod to get back your deleted and lost files back is through a third party data recovery software, and the Best Data Recovery is what we strongly recommended to use.

Best Data Recovery is your reliable solution to recover deleted and lost files including photos, documents, emails, audio, videos and more from computer, hard drive, flash drive, memory card, digital camera, etc., no matter your files lost due to accidentally deletion, hard drive problem, RAW hard drive, crashed computer and so on.

Best Data Recovery can assist you in recovering 550+ files types on your Huawei MateBook 16/14/13.

Step 1. Download, install and run this data recovery software on your computer.

Step 2. Once you enter the primary interface of the software, you should choose the file type(s) you want to recover first. Then choose disk drive(s) where you may find the lost and deleted files.

Step 3. After confirming, tap on "Scan" button to begin scanning your lost files under the "Quick Scan" mode.

Step 4. Wait for the scan to complete, all the scan result will be displayed. You will be abled to preview all of them one by one, after selecting the files you need, click on "Recover" to save them all back.

Tip: You can direct use "Filter" feature to quickly locate the files you want to recover. If you can't find the data you need, you can click on "Deep Scan" to try again.

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