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Overview: Have you ever accidentally deleted some important documents on your HP Laptop, or lost some documents. You are in a hurry, but there is no way to recover them? Don't worry, this article will show you how to quickly recover deleted / lost documents from HP laptop through simple steps.

HP notebook is divided into two major product lines for home use and business use, and in these two major product lines, there are their own high-end and low-end models. The high-end model of the household product line is the HP Pavilion series, and the low-end model is the HP Compaq Presario series. Recently, HDX, which originally belonged to the pavilion series, has been independent, becoming the third largest series of household product lines, positioning the high-end market. As for the commercial product line, the high-end model is HP EliteBook series, and the low-end model is HP Compaq series. HP's consistent practical concept and delicate design are embodied in PN878PA series notebook computers. It can be said that the PN878PA series of HPCompaqnx9040 laptor is a multi-faceted fusion of solid and practical, artistic aesthetics and unique personality, and it is also sufficient to compete with the same grade models in various brands on the market.

Storing and processing documents with computers has almost become a part of our daily life and work. For HP laptop users, processing documents is also essential. But in the process of processing documents, many people will inevitably encounter such problems occasionally. Sometimes when we accidentally press the delete/don't save key during operation, some data will be cleaned up accidentally; When writing a document, the computer will suddenly white screen, no response, flash back, after restarting, all the file data will be lost; Or when processing some documents, the document will suddenly fold, flash, force exit, after reopening, the documents is not saved and empty. Another some more serious cases, system crash or virus attack,can also cause a large number of file loss. When these complex problems arise, it is difficult for us to deal with them effectively, but some important data and files are lost, which is very urgent. We may have the question, are these documents still on HP laptop? Is there any chance of recovery? If so, is the recovery process complex? To solve these problems, next, we will show you the best way to restore documents from an HP laptop.

Best Method: Recover your deleted/lost documents from HP laptop with Best Data Recovery.

Best Data Recovery is a convenient, fast, powerful and secure data recovery tool, which can effectively deal with the problem of document deletion/loss, and can help you recover lost/deleted documents from your HP laptop at any time. First of all, it provides two scanning modes: fast scanning and deep scanning, which can help you scan the required data comprehensively. Best Data Recovery also provides you with a variety of data types to choose from, such as photos, audio, video, e-mail, documents, and other data, which means you can use it to recover almost all data stored on your HP laptop, not just documents. Then, it has a high recovery efficiency, which can help you quickly recover the required documents. No matter what reason you lose the documents, you only need to follow the same simple steps to achieve quick recovery. It is worth noting that Best Data Recovery also supports other devices besides HP notebook, and supports data recovery of windows/Mac, hard disk, flash memory, memory card, digital camera and other devices. Best Data Recovery has high security. It can scan and restore data directly from your computer without stealing any data files. You can use it at ease. With the help of this optimal data recovery, you can easily deal with data loss/deletion, which is a really practical software.

Models Included: HP Pavilion series/HP Compaq Presario series/HP EliteBook series/HP Compaq series,etc.
Data Included: documents, photos, audio, video, music, e-mail and more.

Here are the detailed steps to recover deleted/lost documents from Lenovo labtop.

Step 1:Launch Best Data Recovery

Step 1: you should download and install the Best Data Recovery software on your computer.Then, you can launch it to enter the home page.

Step 2: Select the data type and disk drive

On the home page, you should choose the data types to recover. Here you should choose "Document". Then select the location where you lost/delete the files. If you forget where the documents was lost/deleted, you can choose "Recycle Bin" to recover documents from Recycle Bin.

Step 3: Scan all the lost/deleted data

Click the "Scan" button to quickly scan the data on HP laptop. When the scan is complete, all the data will be displayed in the left sidebar. You can also click "Deep Scan" to get more scanning results If you need more data.

Step 4: Select and recover the documents

You can find the documents you need from the classification data in the left column. Then select them and click "Recovery".Soon, the selected documents will be saved back to your HP laptop.

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