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Overview: Have you ever suffered or are suffering from the trouble of restoring your Mac Data. But you have no relevant experience before you have no way to solve this trouble. The article shares key insights into the need to delete data when deciding to sell, exchange, donate, or discard a Mac. Formatting the MAC is not the right way to delete data to protect data from disclosure or unwanted exposure, but to use the MAC data recovery tool to explain how to easily recover data.

An attempt to update Mac OS X failed Has paused for a long time on the installation screen. Therefore, everything was updated to time MacBook, so the MacBook was restored to the factory settings. But time machine doesn't seem to have a complete backup. Now some of my files are not displayed. Is there any way to recover data after MAC factory reset? If Necessary: Enable/Disable System Integrity Protection on Mac

We usually perform factory reset in the MAC system when the system runs very slowly and the system is sold to others. When resetting a Mac using factory reset, some low-level formatting is usually performed on the MAC hard drive. The two main tasks that occur after resetting the Mac are removing the hard drive and completely reinstalling the Mac OS.

If you plan to sell a Mac or fix a problem with a previous Mac, you can reset the Mac to factory status. But if you forget to back up your data, you will have big problems. If you reset the Mac to factory settings, all data on the Mac will be deleted. Is there any way to restore the Mac to the factory settings and recover the lost data? of course! This article shows a simple solution to completely recover all lost data on a factory reset Mac.

If you reset the Mac to factory settings, it will run like the new one. However, if the execution is wrong, all data will be lost during factory reset. There are methods to repair and delete files after factory reset. Please don't worry.

However, before learning the data search method, you must reset the MAC as the reason for factory setting. In order to avoid what happens in factory resetting and permanently lose valuable files, you should set the MAC correctly.

How to factory Reset the MAC Correctly?

First, in the factory reset of formatting the MAC hard drive and making it inaccessible to all files, in order to prevent data loss, use time machine (or non boot volume manually) to back up all important files to the external backup drive.

Second, log off or cancel permissions in all applications that provide limited permissions. This is because some applications (such as iTunes or icloud accounts) use an authentication system that limits the maximum number of connected devices, resulting in future login problems. If Necessary: Recover Data from iMac

Third, confirm whether the Mac can access the active network connection. Because when the MAC hard drive cannot access the Mac OS repair drive, the Mac can start the Mac OS repair mode from the apple server and use the Mac OS installation files there. If there is no active network connection, the MAC may not complete factory reset normally and cannot be used temporarily.

Reset the Mac to the initial setup phase:

Can you recover files after factory reset the MAC or reinstalling the Mac OS? Yes.

In general, after MacOS or Mac OS X is reinstalled, the MAC may lose some files. When you encounter a data loss problem, you may want to know whether the reinstallation of Mac OS or Mac OS X can repair the missing files. The answer is yes!

Mac OS reinstallation or factory reset Mac only runs quick removal of volumes. As a result, the file directory is deleted, but the drive does not use data, so the original data will not be overwritten.

If Necessary: Recover Lenovo Laptop Data

As long as you take quick action because of this fact, you can reinstall the Mac operating system and recover the files.
When overwriting data, stop using the computer if the data is lost. Please reinstall Mac OS/Mac OS X directly and learn how to retrieve the missing MAC files.

What is the reason for the Mac to factory settings?

If your Mac has been reset to factory settings because of your wrong operation you don't have to panic. There are still many ways to help you restore your Mac Data from worst situation. Believe you after reading this article you will definitely find the best recovery method. We will provide you with the four best ways to recover Mac Data after Factory Settings.

In addition to Factory Settings can your Mac easily lose your important data. Here are some common situations.

1.Tap “Shift + Del” has no backup.
2.Empty your recycle bin has no backup.
3.Hard drive accidental formatting.
4.Incorrect partition or partition error
5.Shut down your computer before the file is saved successfully.
6.Virus attack
7.Sudden power outage

Method Outline

Method 1: Recover Mac Data after Factory Settings using PC/Mac Date Recovery.

Finally this is the most effective way since the scenarios that PC/Mac Date Recovery uses can not only help you Recover Mac Data after Factory Settings. Other situations can also be handled such as Hard drive accidental formatting or Empty the recycle bin has no backup and so on.

Meanwhile, its simple operation is its outstanding advantage. One-click scanning, one-click recovery, simpler threshold-free operation, fast scanning in a few seconds, high efficiency, deep scanning for higher recovery rate and higher data restitution degree.

Step 1: Download, install and launch application on your Mac.

Step 2:When you select the the position of deleted Data and click the scan". And them the program will scan your lost Data.

Step 3: When the scan process finish you are allow to browse all the displayed Data on the screen.

Step 4: Choose Data that you want to recover next step to click “recover" button. Few minutes later the Data you recover will save on your Mac.

Method 2: Recover Mac Data after Factory Settings from iCloud Backup.

If you have already set up a iCloud backup account before then using it will be the best way to restore your Apple laptop.
Note: But there is a disadvantage to using this approach, and sometimes some applications in your Mac may need to reinstall which will take you more time.

Now here are Steps to Recover Files due to Factory Reset on Mac

Step 1: Visit and log into your iCloud account which is the same one with backup one.

Step 2: Now tap “settings” options and scroll down a little bit. Click the recover files which is show in the advanced section.

Step 3: Finally, restore the your backup files and save them on your Mac.

Method 3: Recover Mac Data after Factory Settings with Google Drive.

Google Drive is also a common method for Mac to backup data. At the same time its most prominent advantage is that it is a way to recover Mac Data after Factory Settings for free. But it has a prerequisite that you need to turn on its sync data functionality.

Step 1: Launch Google Drive application in your Mac browser.

Step 2: Log into your backup account and passwords.

Step 3:After you are fully log into the program, preview all your backup Data in it.

Step 4:Finally, select Date that you want to recover and click on “download" button to save them.

Method 4: Recover Mac Data after Factory Settings from Time Machine.

Another practical way to restore your deleted Data through Time Machine on the external disk. Moreover, if you already create a time machine on the external hard disk this method is perfect for you. Because this is by restoring your Apple laptop data and then opening your Finder to access your Mac data.

Step 1: Locate the Time Machine and turn it on.
Note:please Make sure your Time Machine backs up external disks connected to Mac and turn on it.

Step 2: Scroll over your mouse to browse through your lost backup folder. Then find the Data you want to recover. Of course you can find it based on date and time.

Step 3: Finally click "restore" to confirm the restore process of your selected data.

Video Guide to Recover Data/Files on Mac

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