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Overview: Accidentally deleting or losing data on your Lenovo Yoga laptop? Don't worry, you can use the following solutions to quickly recover any datayou want (including files, photos, audio, music, e-mail, etc) from Lenovo Yoga laptop.

Lenovo, as China's best-selling computer brand, also has a strong brand appeal in the world, and YOGA series as Lenovo's main series, is also very popular. For the YOGA laptop series, it pioneered to expand the use of notebooks through special design. The notebook mode, standing mode, flat mode and tent mode are the four classic use modes of YOGA series. In this series, Lenovo has launched a number of computers with its own characteristics, such as two new YOGA laptop series products officially released by Lenovo this year.One is YOGA S940, which is the world's first three-dimensional glass-screen smart notebook computer. It also has AI function. The other is Lenovo YOGA A940, which Lenovo calls intelligent workstation computer. There is also a light YOGA 3 PRO, which has become the thinnest notebook in the Yoga series. It is a product that can be used as both a tablet and a notebook. YOGA series products have their own characteristics.

Ten Causes of Lenovo Yoga laptop Data Loss

A: Is the file permanently deleted?

1 Start the recycle bin from the desktop or search for the recycle bin from the search.
2 Search for the Recycle Bin using the Search box in the upper right corner of the window.

3 If the file has not been deleted, try searching for the file using Windows Explorer in the C: drive or other local drive.

B: Check the backup

1 Navigate to the folder that contains the file.
2 Right click on the folder and select Properties.
3 Click the "Previous Version" tab

4 Choose from the available dates listed in AutoRecover.
5 Once you have found the file, click Restore.

Note: If you cannot restore from a backup because there is no display file, you can choose to use third-party software for recovery.

Lenovo Yoga laptop series has become the preferred tool for many learners and workers because of its flexible, portable and cost-effective features. We often use it to process various complex files, pictures, videos and store various important data. But almost all users who have used computers have experienced this kind of experience. When processing files, the files suddenly collapse and flicker. When reopening, the files are empty and the data are not saved. For example, when editing videos, the computer suddenly shuts down and restarts, the video data is lost. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to process the data. Sometimes it stores some important data on the computer.

It is desperate to lose, format, damage or cover all the data due to some minor failures in the middle. In these cases, many users are very anxious to retrieve the data, but do not know where to start solving the problem. In fact, these glitches are common in computers, because there are many uncertainties between users and computers. Lenovo Yoga laptop is no exception. Imagine if you encounter such a problem, can you deal with it calmly and recover data easily? Anyway, this article will solve this problem perfectly for you.

Best Method: Recover your lost data from Lenovo Yoga laptop with Best Data Recovery.

Best Data Recovery is a simple, easy-to-use, high security, powerful data recovery software, which can be well applied to different environments. It can effectively deal with data loss caused by deletion, unsaved, or computer formatted partition, no response, RAW hard disk or other crash problems. It provides two scanning modes, fast scan and deep scan, which can help you to scan the required data in an all-round way. At the same time, it has a high recovery efficiency and can help you quickly recover the data you need from Lenovo Yoga loptop.

To meet the actual needs of users, Data Recovery supports a variety of recoverable data types, such as photos, documents, audio, video, e-mail, etc. In addition, it supports data recovery from Windows/Mac, hard disk drive, flash drive, memory card, digital camera and other devices. With the help of Data Recovery, even without backup data, you can deal with all kinds of data loss problems and easily retrieve the data you need. If your Lenovo Yoga laptop computer or other storage device has lost data, try using Data Recovery, and you will find that it is a reliable data recovery tool.

Models Included: Lenovo yoga laptop 300/510/520/730/Tab 3/3 11/c930/s940,etc.
Data Included: documents, photos, audio, video, music, e-mail and more.

Here are the detailed steps to recover lost data from Lenovo Yoga laptop.

Step 1: Run Data Recovery

Download the Data Recovery software to your computer. After installation, the software will start automatically.

Step 2: Select the data type and disk drive

On the home page, first select the data type to be restored. You can choose more. Then select the HardDisk location where the missing data is located. If you forget the location of the lost data, you can choose "Recycle Bin" to recover files from the Recycle Bin.

Step 3: Scan data

Click Scan to start the fast scanning process. After the scanning process is completed, all data will be listed in the left sidebar. If you want more data, you can also click "Deep Scan" in the upper right corner of this page to get more scanning results.

Step 4: Select data

You can find the data you need from the classification data in the left column, and you can quickly find the data you want to recover by using the filtering function. Then check the data.

Step 5: Restore data

After selecting the data to be restored, click "Recovery",and the selected data will be saved back to your Lenovo Yoga laptop.

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