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Overview: Summary:How to Recover Deleted Files On Lenovo Laptop? You may wonder and eager to find the most safety and most effective method for you. From various methods the article here is the most suitable one for you. Go ahead!

Problem analysis:


When you are finding way to recover your Deleted Files On Lenovo Laptop. I think you may also wonder why your files on your Lenovo Laptop can be deleted. And here I will tell you the reasons and then we will go ahead for the recovery process.

What cause data loss in your computer? First go for the windows in your computer and check have your computer been upgrade to the new version. If it is then that it accounts for the data loss. Because when your system update some Data will change its position so you can’t find them in the original files or it has been removed to the Recycle bin, which is calls for your recovery. Next it is when your computer has been invaded by the virus then the system will deleted your files for the protection of your other files. If not for the above two reasons then you can think about have you ever operate incorrectly so your Data be deleted?

When you has known the reasons then most importantly is recover your data as soon as possible and that is always the best.


Method outline


Method 1: Recover Deleted Files On Lenovo Laptop from PC Data Retriever.

Method 2: Recover Deleted Files On Lenovo Laptop from Recycle Bin.

Method 3: Recover Deleted Files On Lenovo Laptop via previous version.



Method 1: Recover Deleted Files On Lenovo Laptop from PC Data Retriever.


PC Data Retriever is a powerful helper for recovering computer data. Leveraging Date Retriever to recover your Lenovo Laptop deleted files is really a good choice for you and for your deleted files.?Data Retriever which helps you recover deleted or lost data from computer (Windows and mac OS), hard drive, flash drive, memory card, digital camera and more is an official and recommended methods. 

You may wonder why choose it? Or does it has a strong advantage to persuade you to choose it to recover your Deleted Lenovo Laptop Files.

1.Enjoy Free Updating Service

2.30-day Money Back Guarantee

3.Ordering Online is 100% Secure

4.All Privacy Information Protected

Step 1: Open the application on your Lenovo Laptop. (If not, download one on the internet)

Step 2: When you enter the system choose the files option and then click “scan” button. Next the system will scan your Data. It will spend you few minutes so be patient. (fast scan mode is serviced but if you want to deep scan mode then you can feel free to click in advance.)

Step 3: Finally, select the deleted files in your screen and click “Recover” button to start recovery process. When the process bar finish your lost data can be backed.



Method 2: Recover Deleted Files On Lenovo Laptop from Recycle Bin.


Whether your deleted files by yourselves or by compulsory you both can found at your Recycle bin in computer. As long as you make sure that your deleted files are deleted not longer than 30 days, and that your Lenovo Laptop is also not deeply cleaned up, it's very likely that your deleted files are still stored inside it. Click on the Recycle bin on your laptop desktop to restore it right now.

Note: If you can’t find your files in the Recycle Bin which indicates that your files hasn’t been deleted so you can open “File Explorer” in /C:drive/ or any other local drive and type in the file name. Then you can search your files in the Laptop.


Step 1: Click the Recycle Bin icon on your Lenovo Laptop desktop.

Step 2: Use the "Search box" at the right corner of the Recycle Bin to search according to your files name. And then click "Search Recycle Bin" and wait for the page to search for the file.

Step 3: If your deleted files is still stored in your Recycle Bin, it will show up to you. Simply click on the files and click "Restore this item" at the top of the page. 

After your click your files will restore back to its original location.


Method 3: Recover Deleted Files On Lenovo Laptop via previous version.


As mention above, why your files can be deleted in your Laptop. One of the reason is that your computer updating will cause data deletion. so under this circumstance some of the files you can restore it from the previous version. If you are make sure your deleted files are cause by your upgrading then you can begin tho operate this method.


Step 1: Open the files that contains your deleted files previously.

Step2: Right-click on the folder and select "Properties". Time to tap "Previous Versions" tab.

Step 3: preview your available options and select from the listed. Then check your files name and the location you found it. Finally click “restore”.

That is all the steps recover from your previous version.



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