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Overview: You have been looking for ways to recover since your last Samsung Laptop/Computer Windows 10 data was lost. How to recover Samsung Laptop/Computer Windows 10 Data? But the aimlessly search on the Internet has taken you a lot of time, you feel more and more anxious. Is really your Samsung Laptop/Computer Windows 10 Data has no way to recover? You want to have an answer.

The Samsung ativ laptop running Windows 10, 8, windows RT and windows phone 8 operating systems is a popular personal computer and mobile computing device. But people often delete photos, videos, music files and file data from Samsung laptops because of mistakes. Samsung laptop and ultra book may delete files due to error or damage of Samsung hard disk drive. The virus may infect Samsung computers and cause file loss. If you reformat the Samsung computer hard drive, files may be lost. On Samsung windows computers, including laptops and desktops, can you repair damaged forms of movie songs, other media files and document data? If necessary: How to Enable/Disable System Integrity Protection on Mac

Causes of data deletion of Samsung laptop/Computer

Losing files from laptops or personal computers, usually photos, documents, videos and other data, is very painful. Our computers have some of the most important documents, including office documents, personal data and many things we can never lose. There are many reasons why files on laptops or personal computers are deleted. If necessary: Recover Deleted Files/Photos from Acer Laptop

Hardware failure
Hardware failure is one of the most common causes of deleted files / data loss.
Human error
Errors caused by inexperience or inattention of users or operators are ranked after hardware failures.
Physical injury
A disk storage failure that physically stores data may result in data loss.
Accidental deletion
When working on a PC or laptop, users may accidentally delete some useful data. Of course, the operating system will warn the user of possible wrong operations, but the user does not pay attention to the warning message.
Disk partition
When users decide to reinstall the operating system, they may accidentally select the wrong partition, resulting in data loss.
Users must know that computer viruses may damage or delete any data on the PC without the user's consent, and they can spread and infect other devices.
Eliminate data theft when physical equipment is stolen, so as to make full use of users' financial and confidential information.

One of the biggest nightmares of many of us is the loss of important data (photos, videos, files). There are many cases of losing valuable data.
Laptop or computer deleted due to hard drive conflict or PC operating system conflict.

The following is an immediate guide to how to recover/restore deleted/lost data from your PC/laptop.
There are several things to consider before talking about tips.

  1. It is almost impossible to recover all the lost data, but most of them can be repaired.
  2. Recently deleted data is easy to recover because the deleted data in the hard disk drive is empty and fresh sectors.

If you know the file extension or format, it is easier to search for data. This includes the following.

Similarly, remember the location of the deleted data and the process will be faster.

In fact, it is not so. Computer data loss is not a strange thing. In fact, it happens is very common. You don't have to feel regret, because all the lost data still has a way to recover. This article gives you several ways to recover data and you can choose the best method according to the guidelines in the article.

Next it is time to know the method to Recover Samsung Laptop/Computer Windows 10 data.

If you have all the information you need, follow these steps.

Method 1: Use windows built-in feature.

The windows operating system has built-in "restore the previous version" function. This feature searches for specific folders or drives so that users can select and restore them in the change list.

Steps of recovering data using this feature:

Step 1: click the start button to open the PC and then click the PC.

Step 2: move to the folder where the file is located.
Step 3: right click the file or folder and click the previous version recovery option.

Step 4: display the list of available versions of files or folders.

Step 5: select the version and click the restore button at the lower end to restore.

Method 2: Recover Samsung Laptop/Computer Windows 10 data with Data Recovery. (Recommend)

The simplest straightforward Samsung Laptop/Computer Windows 10 data recovery method-using PC Data Recovery to recover data can solve all your troubles. If necessary: Recover Deleted and Lost Data from MacBook Air

Samsung Group is developing a variety of products, and Samsung computer is one of the products produced by Samsung. Samsung has popular desktop and notebook computers all over the world. Everyone has different experience of Samsung computer. Maybe some people think that Samsung computers are good machines with high performance, and some people don't like to use Samsung computers. No matter whether the performance of Samsung computer is good or not, Samsung computer may have the problem of data loss. This article tells you about the solution of repairing data from other storage media of Samsung desktop or laptop.

Data Recovery can solve data loss in a variety of situations, such as error operation leading to computer files being deleted, system failure leading to data deletion, computer hard disk failure, virus attacks, computer system formatting, etc. All common data loss cases PC/Mac Data Recovery can be handle.

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Beyond that its simple recovery steps should not be a burden on you and here is the steps it operates.

Step 1: Download, install and launch the PC Data Recovery on your Samsung Laptop/Computer Windows 10.

Step 2:And then the application will begin scanning your Data. Once finish, you are allow to preview the Data.

Step 3: Choose Data that you want to restore and click “restore” button. After that the Data will be saved on your computer.

Method 3: Recover Samsung Laptop/Computer Windows 10 data with Recycle Bin

Your Samsung Laptop/Computer Windows 10 Recycle Bin will hold your short-term files not deleted, but using this method is no doubt to recover your data as soon as possible. Because the file is permanently deleted after the bin is more than 30 days.

Step 1: Go to open recycle bin on your computer desktop and double-click it.

Step 2: You can search the files according to the name and date in the upper right corner.

Step 3: If you are sure you want to restore the data click right-click the folder and select the Recovery Data button.

Method 4: Recover Samsung Laptop/Computer Windows 10 data with Google Drive.

If you usually use Google Drive to backup on the cloud to store your data, then you can use Google Drive's cloud service to recover your data.

Step 1: Open Google Drive web page on your Samsung Laptop/Computer Windows 10.

Step 2: Log into your Google account on the same time click “next" to the next step.

Step 3: Preview and select Data that you want to restore.

Step 4:Finally,click “Download” to save them on your Samsung Laptop/Computer Windows 10. The data was saved successfully after the progress bar is downloaded.

Video Guide for Restore a Samsung laptop back to factory settings

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