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Overview: Do you accidentally delete data in Huawei Matebook D 16/15/14? Even can't empty the recycle bin? Don't worry, this article introduces you three ways to help you recover the data already deleted in your computer.

Huawei MateBook D 16 Notebook uses 2.5K resolution, supports 16-inch large screens of 100% SRGB color gamut, positioning content creation business book, support Huawei sharing technology, able to break the physical barrier between mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, to achieve multi-screen linkage , Unlock the new interconnection experience.Huawei MateBook D 16 is also equipped with AMD Ruilong 7 5800H standard pressure processor, whether it is daily office, video content editing, audio and video game entertainment, can provide excellent experience. MateBook D 15 is 87% on the screen and is wide as the microbide frame design is wide, and DC dimming techniques are added, which prevents flashing of the screen, thereby achieving the eye of the eye. The screen size of Matebook D 15 is 15.6 inches, with 1920 × 1080 resolution, has a very delicate display effect. In terms of performance, Huawei Matebook D 15 is used by the 11th GeneTre Core i7 processor, which is also equipped with independent GPU Yingda MX450, so this product is equipped with very good hardware in terms of processor and graphics card. Huawei Matebook D 14 is a 14-inch laptop, with a three-sided frame, only 4.8mm, and the overall body is exquisite, but there is a larger display area. In terms of interface, Huawei provides 1 USB-C interface, 1 USB3.2 GEN1 interface, 1 USB2.0 interface, 1 HDMI interface, 1 3.5mm earphone port. These can meet the daily needs of users. Huawei Matebook D 14 is used by a 1080P full HD IPS anti-glare screen and has 100SRGB% high-color gamut. Huawei Matebook D 14 adopts a new 11th generation Intel Core processor, up to I7-1165G7.

In the process of using a computer or laptop, we will always store many important information in your computer. But when you use Huawei Matebook D 16/15/14, what should I do if I accidentally delete important data in a computer or laptop? The easiest way is of course, directly restores data from the recycle bin to Original Location. However, if you have already emptied data in the recycle bin, how should you restore these important data? This article introduces you how to recover deleted data from the recycle bin, recover backup data, and restore data without backed up.

Part 1 Restore Deleted Files from Recycle Bin

If you don't have a clear recovery station, the simplest data recovery method is to restore the data in the recycle bin to Huawei MateBook D 16/15/14.

Step 1: Find the recycle station icon in the desktop of Huawei Matebook D 16/15/14, double-click to open the recycle bin.

Step 2: In the recycle bin, you can check all the data you have deleted and not emptied. Choose the data you need to return to Huawei Matebook D 16/15/14, then click the right mouse button, select "Restore" to restore the deleted data to the original path.

Part 2 Restore Deleted Files with File History

If you have already turned on Microsoft's own file history feature and back up the required recovery data, you can select this method to restore the HUAWEI Matebook D 16/15/14 deleted data.

For Win7 User:

Step 1: Click on the icon in the lower left corner of the screen to open the menu, select the Control Panel button on the page.

Step 2: After entering the control panel, click "System and Security" on the page. Then click on the "Backup and Restore" button on the right side of the page.

Step 3: Find and click "Restore My Folder" option on the page. Click "Browse File" or "Browse Folder" in the new window to find the file.

Step 4: After selecting the recovery file on the page, click "Next" to select the location of the recovery file. After selecting the location where the file needs to be recovered, click "Restore" to restore the data in the backup to your Huawei MateBook D 16/15/14.

For Win8 User:

Step 1: Using the mouse Point to the Upper-Right Corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, and then click "Search" on your huawei Matebook D 16/15/14. Enter "Restore Your Files" in The Search Box, And The Select "Restore Your Files with File History".

Step 2: Enter the name of the file you need to find in Search Box, or Use the Left and Right Arrows to Browse Through Different Versions of Your Folders and Files.

Step 3: Select what you want to restore to its original location, and then select the "Restore" button.If you want to restore your files to a different location than the original, press and hold or right-click the "Restore" button , SELECT "restore to" and then chooset a new location.

For Win10 User:

Step 1: Press the WIN + Q key key to enter "Restore" in the Search Box appearing, click "Restore Your Files With File History" in the options appear.

Step 2: In the HOME-File History that appears, click "libraries" that we need to recover, then click the "RESTORE" button to restore your data to Huawei Matebook D 16/15/14.

Part 3 Restore Deleted and Lost Files Without Backup

Of course, many times the data we lost does not have a backup file. If your lost data happens to have no backup file, you can choose this method. This method will show you how to restore the data deleted in Huawei Matebook D 16/15/14 without backup. Using this method, you need HUAWEI LAPTOP Recovery. With the help of Huawei Laptop Recovery, you can easily restore the data that is emptied in the recycle bin to Huawei MateBook D 16/15/14, even if you don't have a backup file.

Huawei Laptop Recovery is an efficient and convenient Windows Data Recovery Software. You can use it to Repair Office Files, Photos, Pictures, Videos, Movies, Images, Audios, Music, Songs Emails, Archive and Others. It can support the equipment, Huawei, Dell, Lenovo, ASUS, etc. It is worth mentioning that its operation is also very simple. It only needs a simple three, you can easily return the data to your Huawei MateBook D 16/15/14.

Step 1: After installing the Huawei Laptop Recovery software, run it on your computer.

Step 2: To restore your deleted and lost files, you need to select the file type(s) and the disk(s) to scan, and tap on "Scan" to begin the scan process under the "Quick Scan" mode.

Tip: The time required for scanning depends on the amount of data you need to be scanned. Please wait patiently.

Step 3: Once the scan is complete, all the found result will be displayed by categories. You are allowed to preview them one by one, or use "Filter" feature to quickly locate the files you want to recover. After that, click on "Recover" to restore the selected data back to your computer.

Part 4 Backup Files with File History

With backup, we can better restore the data lost on Huawei Matebook D 16/15/14. Now I will introduce you how to back up the files on your Huawei MateBook D 16/15/14 with File History.

For Win7 User:

Step 1: Click on the icon in the lower left corner of the screen to open the menu, select the Control Panel button on the page.

Step 2: After entering the control panel, click "System & Safe" on the page.

Step 3: Click the "Backup and Restore" button on the right side of the page and click "Setting Backup" and wait for the computer to boot Windows backup.

Step 4: Now you can choose the location you want to back up, you can also save the backup to the external hard drive. Click "Next" to select the backup content. In the new dialog, you can choose what you need to back up.

Step 5: After selecting the content you need to back up, click "Next" to view the backup setting. After confirming, click the "Save Setup and Run Backup" button to start the backup required content to the specified location.

For Win8 User:

Step 1: Turn on the computer's control panel, select System and Security.

Step 2: Click File History, select the location of the backup file, you can select the external (U disk, mobile hard disk), network location, etc. Then enable this feature on the right side of the page.

Tip: The file history is closed by default, and the drive is selected for the first time.

Step 3: Now you can see the files it backed up on the page: libraries, desktops, contacts, and favorites. Create a new folder, then select Right-click to include in the library, such a library, desktop, contacts, and favorites are saved. Finally, click "Backup Now" to back up the data of the Huawei Matebook D 16/15/14.

For Win10 User:

Step 1: Click the set icon after clicking the start menu.

Step 2: After entering Windows Settings, select the "Update & Security" option on the page.

Step 3: Select "Backup" on the left side of the page. In the right side point "Add A Drive", select the media you want to use the file history function.

Step 4: After clicking the name of the storage medium, the file history will start saving the data on the hard disk.

Step 5: You can click "More Options" to view the Backup Options screen, which lists the folders that are eligible for backup. You can add a folder you want to back up by clicking on "Add A Folder". Now, click "Backup Now" to back up the data in your computer.

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