Recover iPad Data|Air/Mini/Pro|Restore iPad Tool[OFFICIAL]

Summary: Are you looking for a solution to recover deleted/lost data in iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad Mini? Here are the files deleted from the iPad air and six secure iPad data repair solutions that help recover lost data. I hope the iOS Data Recovery help you a lot.

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Method 1: Recover Deleted/Lost Data from iCloud back up (For Free but 80% Guaranteed)

On your IOS or iPad OS device, go to Settings > General > software update. If a newer version of IOS or ipad os is available, follow the instructions on the screen to download and install.

Make sure you have the latest backup available for recovery. Go to Settings > your name > icloud > manage storage > backup. Then, tap the devices listed under backup to see the date and size of the latest backup.

For information about backing up manually now, see backing up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to icloud. If you do not see the expected backup, refer to the apple support article “if you cannot back up to icloud or restore from icloud cloud backup fails.”.

Go to Settings > General > restore, and then tap erase all contents and settings.

On the apps and data screen, tap restore from icloud backup and log in with your apple ID.

Go to select backup and select from the list of available backups in icloud.

For help on how to choose a backup to use for recovery, including information about using a backup from another device, see the apple support article, “if you cannot back up to icloud or restore from an icloud cloud backup fails.”.

Method 2: Recover Lost/Deleted iPad Data from Computer Backup (For Free & 75% Guaranteed)

Use USB to connect a new iPad or a newly erased iPad to the computer that contains a backup.

Do one of the following:

On the Mac, select your iPad and click trust.

Note: To restore your iPad from a backup using access, you need to use Mac OS 10.15 or later. If you are running an earlier version of Mac OS, use iTunes to restore from a backup.

In the iTunes app on a Windows PC: if your PC has more than one device connected, click the device icon near the top left of the iTunes window, and then select a new iPad or a newly erased iPad from the list.

On the welcome screen, click restore from this backup, select a backup from the list, and then click continue.

If the backup is encrypted, you must enter a password to restore your files and settings.

Method 3: Recover Data from iPad with iOS Data Recovery Tool without backup (100% Guaranteed)

The easiest and easiest way to recover iPad data is iOS Data Recovery. The program is designed to quickly and easily repair the lost files in IOS devices. Some of the main features are as follows. :

You can use it to restore all types of data, including photos, videos, contacts, calednar, voicemail, notes, whatsapp messages, reminders, safari bookmarks, messages, call logs, memos, etc.
There are three ways to repair the data, which can be repaired directly on the itunesbackup, icloud backup or device.
Compatible with all IOS device models and all IOS versions.
It can be used to recover data lost in all cases due to factory initialization, error deletion, system conflict or unplanned prison break.
Easy to use, data recovery in a few simple stages and in a very short time.
You can select a specific file before recovery to view and recover device data in advance.

Model Supported:

iPad 2 series, iPad 3G series, iPad 4 series, iPad 2019 series, iPad 2020 series, iPad air 2 series, iPad air series, iPad Pro 2020 series, ipad Mini 2 series, ipad Mini 3 Series, ipad Mini 4 series, ipad Mini Series, iPad series, iPod touch 5 Series, iPod touch 2019 series, iPod Touch 4 series, iPad 2020 series, iPad air 2020 series, iPad Pro 2020 series, iPad 2019 series, new ipad Mini

Files Supported:

Contacts, messages, photos, videos, app pohtos, app videos, app audio, call history, vociemail, calendar, whatsapp messages, notes, reminders, voice memos, safari bookmark, safari history, app documents

With iOS Data Recovery Tool, you can select 3 models: “Recover from iOS Devices”, “Recover from itunes Backup file”, and “Recover from icloud backup file”

Steps to recover iPad Lost Data select “Recover from iOS Devices”

Step 1: Start iOS Data Recovery application

After setting, please start the program on the computer. The interface is intuitive, user friendly and easy to understand the recovery process.
Select “Reocver from iOS Device” in three modes. Then connect the iPad to the computer with a USB cable.

Step 2: Scanning the iPad for lost data

Select the type of data file you want to continue to recover, click the scan button, and let the iPad data recovery software perform a precise scan in the internal memory of the iPad.
After the scan is completed, all files found in the device are classified into the same category and displayed on the screen.

Step 3: Preview of lost iPad data

At this stage, you can click category in the left sidebar of the window to view items related to various file types such as camera lol, contact information, memo, call content, information, etc.
One of the useful features here is ” Only display the deleted item(s) ” in the top center of the screen. You can activate file filtering.

Step 4: Recover the data on the iPad and save it to the computer

Please select the file to recover. To restore everything, just put a mark in front of the categories in the left sidebar. To restore individual files, select the confirmation bar next to each file from the right window.

Recover iPad Data from iTunes Backup

Step 1: Backup file detect of iTunes

Please run the program on your computer. selected in the”Recover from iTunes backup file” , the tool will immediately perceive the iPad backup file created through ituneson the computer and display it in the list together with the details.

Step 2: Select a backup file to scan

Select a backup file to restore data from the list, and then click the scan start button.
Please wait for the scan to finish. Then confirm the summary of all the files.

Step 3: Start data search in the iTunes backup and save it to your computer

Before restoring, it is better to click a category in the left column to preview all individual files.
Select an item to recover, and then select a box next to the file name.

Now click the recover button at the bottom right of the window. A dialog box opens asking to save the exported data. After pressing the iPad’s local search button, restart the search for the missing folder.

Recover Deleted iPad Data from iCloud Backup File

Step 1: Log in icloud
Select the “Recover from icloud backup file” mode and enter Apple ID and password to log in to icloud.

Step 2: Select an icloud backup

After logging in, the software will perceive all backup files generated by the account and display them in the window arranged by backup date. Select the containing the stolen iPad data. Press the download button.

Step 3: Display all recoverable items after download. But there are basically choices, so select the necessary data and click “next”.

Step 4: Start searching backup data with icloud

The tool quickly downloads all available icloud content and displays it on the left sidebar in an organized manner, and all categories can visually confirm relevant information.
Click the file type to recover on the left and select the file.

What to do if your iPad Data Lost

Don’t worry if you mistakenly delete important files from your iPad. I’ll show you some easy ways to recover later During this period, when it is found that important data is missing from the device, there are several matters needing attention.

Please stop using iPad immediately. This is because the more new files are stored on the device, the more difficult it is to cover the missing data and recover the data. It is best to use the data recover tool to repair the data as soon as possible. In this way, it is likely that the data will be restore soon.

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