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Overview: IPhone's visual voice mail contains a fast and efficient method of listening to information search for text converted voice information. Have you lost or deleted any voicemail that needs to be saved? And if you finding the method to restore those deleted or lost voicemails from your iPhone 8/iPhone X/iPhone XR/iPhone 11/iPhone 12/iPhone XS? Next are the useful ways to help you retrieve deleted voicemail on your iPhone X/XR/XS/11/12/8/SE.


"What do I do to search for voicemail that my iPhone 11 has permanently deleted?" The voicemail deleted from iPhone 11 seems to have disappeared. Who can help iPhone 11 recover voicemail? "

iPhone x accidentally deleted voicemail last night. There is no backup of deleted voicemail files. Can you search for deleted voicemail?

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-How to Set up your iPhone visual voicemail
-View voicemail
-Existing voicemail transmission
-Methods to Recover Deleted/Lost Voicemail from iPhone X/XR/XS/11/12/SE/8/7/6/SE
-If You Can't Undelete Voicemail from iPhone
-How to permanently delete iPhone voice mail
-How to Sync iPhone Voicemail to Your Computer

Looking for ways to search for deleted voicemails using iPhone 11. I know that deleting voicemails that are still needed or wanted is not pleasant. I'm happy to offer several helpful methods.

According to the voicemail processing method deleted by the Phone App, it can be directly recover in the voicemail part of the phone application.

The above situation is not a rare problem. In fact, in addition to error deletion, there are many reasons for iPhone loss/damage/IOS upgrade failure/recovery/sync error and so on. How can this be recoverred? Are you sure you want to recover deleted voicemail?

Voicemail is a good function for users to contact each other. It's not only about what you say, but also about your feelings. People don't read text messages very clearly, but they are clearer through voice and emotion. But there are still shortcomings. That is, it's very easy to remove voicemail from your iPhone. If it's a text message, you can see the content at a glance, but it doesn't happen in voicemail. The good news is that you don't worry about permanently losing voicemail deleted from your iPhone. Choose the right method from the list below to easily restore voicemail permanently deleted by iPhone and other IOS devices.

How to Set up your iPhone visual voicemail?

If you buy a new iPhone, it's best to set the voice mail option as soon as possible to search for voice messages. Click the "phone" icon on the iPhone and click on the "voicemail" symbol. Click "Set Up Now" to display. Input the voicemail password, click "Done" and then enter, confirm the code, and then click "Done". To record a personal greeting, select "Custom", save the greeting, and click finish.

View voicemail

When the sender leaves a voicemail, the iPhone automatically sorts it in the order it is received, with the most recent items at the top of the list and the old items moving down. The sender's name, date and message length are displayed on the iPhone. The sender's name information is automatically obtained from the contact application. If you want to find your iPhone voicemail, scan the list up and down. If you switch the information to the left, the delete button is displayed.

Existing voicemail transmission

To transfer an existing voicemail, press next:

  1. Move to the phone app and open it in the voicemail tab.
  2. Tap Set Up Now.
  3. Enter the password * tag to done.
  4. Please record in your custom greeting or use the default greeting before saving.

*If you forget your voicemail password, iPhone can't reset it. To reset the password, you need to consult the mobile communication company. Inserting a new SIM card may result in loss of voice mail stored in iPhone.

Methods to Recover Deleted/Lost Voicemail from iPhone X/XR/XS/11/12/SE/8/7/6/SE:

Method 1: Recover iPhone/iPad/iPod Voicemail with third-party iOS Data Recovery Tool (100% Guaranteed)
Method 2: Recover Deleted Voicemail from iPhone/iPad/iPod for free
(75% Guaranteed)

Method 1: Recover iPhone/iPad/iPod Voicemail with third-party iOS Data Recovery Tool (100% Guaranteed)

Voiceemail information is stored in the phone computer and stored on the server. The information will end within a certain period of time and will be removed from the company server. In this case, the lost voicemail cannot be repaired.

Other conditions can be restored. Pay for visual voice mail. When downloading iPhone from the server, if you accidentally delete it from iPhone, you can import it again.

To recover a lost iPhone voicemail, follow these simple methods: With the iPhone Data Recovery tool, if the iPhone data has been synchronized, you can scan iPhone directly, retrieve lost voicemail, or recover from an itunesgcloud backup.

iPhone Data Recovery Tool Features:

Recovery files Supported: Photos, videos, text messages, iMessages, MMS, contacts, notes, call history, safari bookmarks, voicemail, voice memos, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Kik, Skype etc.

Mistaken deletion supported: Device stuck, smashed, water damaged, broken, system crash, forgotten password, jailbreak, iOS upgrade etc.

Model supported: iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Mac, iPhone SE, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Mac, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Mac, iPhone 12 Mini and more new iPhone devices; iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad touch series

Part 1. Direct Recover Lost voicemail from iPhone

Step 1: Connect the iPhone to the computer using the USB cable of the machine, and then run the iPhone data recovery on the computer to let the iPhone data automatically sense the iPhone. The IOS device displays the recovery window.

Step 2: If the program recognizes your iPhone, you can select the file type to recover and click the "Start Scan" button in the window. The program can scan iPhone directly for your lost voicemail.

Step 3: After the scan is completed, the scan results are displayed. Both the lost data in iPhone and the existing voicemail should be displayed in other categories. Only activate the display option of deleted items, filter the deleted data, and click the voicemail on the left to view all the data found in advance. In addition, there is a search window in the upper right corner where you can search for specific files.

Part 2. Recover iPhone voicemail from iTunes Backup

Step 1: Start the iPhone Data Recovery tool and click "Recover from iTunes Backup File".

Step 2: Select the iTunes backup file for the data you want to recover, click Start Scan, and then import voicemail from the iTunes backup file.

Step 3: Later, all the data of the backup file will be marked as a category. Before recovery, you can recover voicemail individually in advance.

Part 3. Recover iPhone voicemail from iCloud Backup

Step 1. Start iPhone data recovery, select "Recover from iCloud Backup File", and enter icloud account qualification certificate in the following window. IOS data recovery does not save Apple accounts.

Step 2: After logging in icloud, iPhone data recovery can find all icloud backup files on your account. Select the voicemail required for data recovery and click the download button.

Step 3: If the scanning stops, please check the data of icloud backup files in advance, and then confirm them individually, and click on the Recover to Computer or Recover to Your Device button to save them on your computer or your iPhone.

Method 2: Recover Deleted Voicemail from iPhone/iPad/iPod for free (75% Guaranteed)

Recover Deleted/Lost Voicemail on iPhone from Deleted Messages List

If the iPhone recently deleted the voicemail, it will be reorganized into the deleted information part. In fact, the iPhone has not been deleted, so iPhone can bring back the recently deleted voicemail. Please press next.

Step 1: Open the phone app on iPhone and look for "Voicemail" on the right.

Step 2: Scroll down to confirm the "Deleted Messages" option. Click open to find the deleted voicemail.

Step 3: Select the voicemail you want to recover and press the "Undelete" button to restore voicemail from your iPhone.

If You Can't Undelete Voicemail from iPhone

It's easy to delete voicemail on iPhone, but there are also cases where previous voicemail can't be saved.

The information partition deleted by the phone application is trash or recycle bin on a desktop computer. The file remains empty. Although there is no "empty" button in the iPhone, if you sync your iPhone with the computer, it will be deleted from the deleted voicemail memory. And it can be permanently deleted (confirm the next part), and the phone company can automatically delete the frequently deleted information.

Finally, after deleting the voicemail, as long as the phone is not synchronized, it can be retrieved. However, if it is not displayed in the message section of the deleted voicemail, it is easy to disappear.

How to permanently delete iPhone voice mail

To permanently clear deleted voicemails, follow these steps to delete it.

Step 1: Open the phone application.

Step 2: Open voicemail.

Step 3: Label deleted messages.

Step 4: Clear all in the upper right corner.

Step 5: Clear all in the pop-up confirmation screen.

Step 6: The deleted voicemails folder is empty and the contained items cannot be recovered.

How to Sync iPhone Voicemail to Your Computer?

Backup iPhone voicemail to computer/mac:

Step 1: Download and run the Mobile Transfer Tool on your computer and select "Back Up Your Phone"

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable

Step 3. Select the voicemail that you want to backup, click “Start Transfer” to sync them to your computer.

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