How to Retore Deleted/Lost Contacts from iPhone XR

Summary: Accidentally deleted some important contacts on the iPhone XR? Don’t worry, this article will show you a simple and fast way to restore contacts that have been deleted from the iPhone XR.

The iPhone XR is a product released by Apple in the United States at Apple’s Autumn New Product Release in 2018. In appearance, the body of the iPhone XR is made of aviation aluminium, with aluminium alloy frame, providing six colors: black, white, coral, yellow, blue and red. Meanwhile, the iPhone XR carries a 6.1-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1792 x 828 pixels and 326 PPi, which Apple named Liquid Retina. However, compared with the iPhone XS, this phone does not support 3D Touch, but supports click wake-up. In the core configuration, the iPhone XR carries a 7-nm A12 bionic chip, in addition, the iPhone XR carries the “nerve engine” AI processing. The iPhone XR will be equipped with a rear single camera, similar to the iPhone 8, which supports TrueDepth depth sensing technology, a 7-megapixel sensor, Face ID and self-timer in portrait mode, as well as Animoji and Mooji. The iPhone XR has three storage capacity, 64G/128G/256G.

iPhone XR

When you want to call a friend/family/colleague in an urgent matter, you find that the contact stored in your mobile phone was accidentally deleted by yourself when cleaning up the data not long ago, which is a problem many smartphone users have encountered. In this case, many people’s solution is to ask others, sometimes spend a lot of time, asked many people can not find the contact information again, and ultimately did not solve the problem.

Although we all wonder whether we can restore these deleted contacts directly from mobile phones, after all, the data is deleted from mobile phones, but because almost all smartphones do not have a good data restore mechanism, and we rarely contact some practical data recovery tools, so we often do not know what we should do. If you’re an iPhone XR user, you’re going to be upset. However, as long as you read this article carefully, you will have a simple and efficient data restore tool. Whether you want to restore contacts or other data from the iPhone XR, you can easily achieve it without wasting a lot of time to ask others.

Best Method: Restore deleted contacts from the iPhone XR with iPhone Data Recovery.

iPhone data recovery is a new kind of data recovery software, which is easy to use, powerful and compatible. It aims to provide fast and efficient data recovery method for all iPhone users. It makes data restore easy, allows you to quickly scan the data on the iPhone XR and quickly restore the deleted data you need. You can restore contacts, text messages, call records, photos, audio, video, files and other data stored on your phone. No matter what causes the data to be lost or deleted, such as misoperation, accidental deletion of data, such as mobile phone failure, automatic data cleaning and so on.

With just a few simple steps, you can easily solve the problem of data loss that has plagued you for a long time, so that you can use your mobile phone freely without backing up your data. It is worth mentioning that the data recovery of the iPhone is highly compatible and can be applied to almost all models of the iPhone. The iPhone Data Recovery software is very useful. You don’t have to worry about data loss, because once data is lost/deleted, you can always restore data for yourself.

Models Included: iPhone XR/iPhone XS/iPhone XS max/iPhone 8,etc.
Data Included: photos , videos, music, contacts ,text messages, call history, files and more.

Here are the detailed steps to restore the deleted contacts from iPhone XR.

Step 1: Download iPhone Data Recovery

After downloading and installing iPhone Data Recovery on your computer, you can start the program by double-clicking.

Step 2: Connect iPhone XR to PC

You can connect iPhone XR to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 3: Enable USB debugging

When USB debugging is enabled on iPhone XR, the program will detect your phone. By clicking the Start button on the main page of the program, iPhone Data Recovery will scan the deleted/lost data on iPhone XR completely.

Step 4: Restore deleted contacts

You can now preview e-mail, contacts and photos on the screen. You can select the contacts you want to restore, and then click the Recovery button to save it to your computer.

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