Best method of transfer Data from Samsung phone to new Samsung Note 20

Summary: The upcoming Samsung Note 20 is very attractive.Do you want to change it for a new Samsung phone?So, this article will introduce how to transfer the data from Samsung to Samsung Note 20.

Have you heard about the Samsung Note 20 series? According to the relevant news, Samsung will release the Samsung Note 20 series in August this year, which will make a model with high configuration and excellent performance. Compared with the S20 series released in the first half of this year, Note 20 series will be upgraded and improved as a whole. First of all, in terms of core configuration, Samsung Note20 series will be equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 865 processor to support 5G network function. At the same time, Note20 series will also be equipped with at least 12GB + 128GB memory combination, which is quite a good configuration combination. Secondly, in terms of camera, Samsung Note20 series will be equipped with four rear cameras and one front camera, respectively rear cameras of 100 million pixels + 12 million pixels + 12 million pixels TOF + 8 million pixels and a front camera of 40 million pixels. The camera combination is very high-level.

Samsung Note 20

In terms of appearance, the back of Samsung Note 20 series adopts glass panel. In the front, It may adopt a high refresh rate screen of 2K 120HZ with a very high screen occupation ratio, which is believed to bring users a good experience. Samsung Note 20 series also supports NFC, face recognition and many other additional functions.

In terms of appearance, performance, camera, etc., Samsung Note 20 series is worth a try, whether it is Samsung fans or ordinary mobile users. However, when replacing new mobile phones, the first problem many people face is the data transmission of old mobile phones. Although there are a lot of data transmission software in the market, these software often have the disadvantages of complex operation, low transmission efficiency, poor compatibility, etc., the effect is not ideal and can not be satisfied. But there are a lot of important and precious data left on the mobile phone, such as photos, videos, music, contacts, text messages,files, etc. if you replace the new Samsung Note 20,I’m sure you would like to transfer it quickly and easily so that you can use the new mobile phone faster and easily. Therefore, here we recommend you software with more comprehensive functions, simpler operation and higher transmission efficiency, this is Mobile Transfer.

Best Method: Transfer data from Samsung to Samsung Note 20 with Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer is a very powerful data transmission software. With it, you can easily transfer all the data of the original Samsung phone to the new Samsung Note 20, such as contacts, call records, music, pictures, audio, video, text messages,calendar, applications, etc. It has good compatibility. It not only supports the data transmission between Samsung phones, but also supports almost all Android phones and iPhone phones. For example, Huawei, LG, oneplus, HTC, vivo, Xiaomi, etc. such strong compatibility makes this software very practical. Because in the future, if you encounter any problem of replacing a new phone or sharing a large amount of data, you can solve it, Mobile Transfer can provide you with the most timely and effective help. Moreover, because of its high security level, Mobile Transfer will not cause any damage to your mobile phone, of course, it will not damage or lose data, and you can use it at ease.

Models Included: Samsung Note 20/Note 10/Note 9/Note 8/Note 7/Note 6,etc.

Data Included: contacts, call history, photos, videos, files and more.

Part 1 Directly Transfer Data from Samsung to Samsung Note 20

Step 1.After downloading and installing the Mobile Transfer to your computer. Run it and select“Phone To Phone Transfer” from the four options on the home page .Then click “Start” to go on.

Step 2. Then,use two USB cables to connect both of your old Samsung phone and the new Samsung Note 20 phone to the computer.And then they will be recognized.

Note: When your two devices are recognized by the program, they will be displayed in the window. The old Samsung phone will be displayed on the left (Source), and Samsung Note 20 phone will be displayed on the right (Destination). If the positions of the two phones are reversed, you can click “Flip” to switch.Then just click “Start” to go on.

Step 3. The data on olad Samsung will be scanned and then displayed on the page.You can preview and select the data you need,then click “Transfer” to transfer them directly to Samsung Note 20.When the transfer is complete, click “OK” to finish.

Note: In the process of transferring data, please keep two phones connected to your computer.

Part 2 Transfer Data from Backup to Samsung Note 20

Step 1. Launch Mobile Transfer on your computer,select“Restore From Backups”mode to choose“MobileTrans”.

Step 2. Choose the appropriate backup from the backup list on the left panel, and select the data to be transferred then click “Start Transfer” to transfer thenm from backup to Samsung Note 20.

Note: Please disconnect the connection between the phone and the computer during the whole data transfer process.

Part 3 Transfer Data from Samsung Note 20 to Computer for Backup

Step 1. Return to the home page of Mobile Transfer,then select the “Back Up Your Phone” option.

Step 2. You also need to connect your Samsung Note 20 to computer via USB cable.When it’s detected, you can see it display on the left panel and the transferable files on it will be listed on the middle panel.

Step 3. Please check the all data and select the files you need, and then click “Start transfer” to sync them to your computer.

Note: After the backup is complete, you can click the pop-up window or go to settings to find the backup file, or you can change the path of the backup file there.

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