How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone XR

Summary: If you are looking for an efficient way to transfer data from an Android phone to an iPhone XR phone, you can follow the following guidelines and try using Phone to Phone Transfer to complete the transmission.

On September 13, 2018, the iPhone XR was officially launched at Apple’s Autumn New Product Conference in 2018.The iPhone XR fuselage is made of aviation aluminium, LCD screen and 6.1 inch Liquid Retina , which is the most advanced LCD screen of the iPhone so far. The iPhone XR carries a 7-nm A12 bionic chip with TrueDepth camera to support Face ID. The back uses a 12-megapixel single camera. With the A12 chip, the iPhone XR supports portrait mode. In addition, the iPhone XR uses a glass backplane to support wireless charging, which is easy and convenient.

iPhone XR

The iPhone XR is one of the most popular mobile phones in Apple’s new products. If you are going to replace the Android phone you are using and experience the new configuration and functions brought about by the iPhone XR, you will have to consider the problem of data transfer. Android phones store a large number of important contacts, documents, photos and other information, which can be viewed whenever we need them. These data are closely related to our daily life and work. When changing a cell phone, we often need to export data from the old one and then import it into the new one. However, due to the complexity of data and the cumbersome steps, data transfer becomes very troublesome, which requires a lot of time and energy. So, is there a simple, efficient and fast third-party tool that can assist in transmission? In fact, all you need is a Phone To Phone Transfer software that can easily transfer data from Android to iPhone XR.

Best Method: Transfer data from Android to iPhone XR with Phone To Phone Transfer

Because data transmission is very common, in order to save valuable time, we must have a practical data transmission tool, which can help us solve problems efficiently when we need it. Phone To Phone Transfer is absolutely the best way. It is a professional data transmission tool with simple operation, practical function and strong compatibility. With it, you can easily transfer any data including contacts, messages, photos, videos, calendar, music from your Android phone to the iPhone XR. With just a few simple steps, Phone To Phone Transfer can help you quickly scan data and transfer data. Even if the amount of data is very large, it can complete the transmission quickly. It can help you transmit contacts, documents, music, photos, etc. Whether you want to transfer data from an Android phone to an iPhone or between Android phones ,or between iPhones, it’s perfectly compatible. It supports Android such as Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, ZTE, LG, Meiz, Samsung, Xiaomi and iPhone.It is a trustworthy assistant.

Models Included: iPhone XR/iPhone XS/iPhone XS max/iPhone 8,etc.
Data Included: text messages, contacts, photos, videos, calendar files.

Now, we’ll show you the detailed steps for transferring data from Android to the iPhone XR.

Step 1: Install the Phone to Phone Transfer.

After downloading and installing the Phone to Phone Transfer program on your computer, you can double-click the startup program.

Step 2: Connect Android and the iPhone XR to your computer.

Connect Android and the iPhone XR to your PC using two USB cables. The two devices will display as “source” and “destination”.You can click the “flip” button between mobile phones, set the Android phone to “source”, set the iPhone XR to “destination”, and the data will be transferred from “source” to “destination”. Then click the “Start” button,the programn will automatically scan the Android phone data and display it.

Step 3: Start transferring data from Android to the iPhone XR

Now you can get all the data from Android, such as contacts, text messages, files, videos, etc. You can preview them and select the data you need. Just click “Transfer”. Soon, your data will be transmitted directly to the iPhone XR.

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