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Overview: This article will tells the most simple and safe way to sync your personal data from an old Galaxy device to Samsung Galaxy Note 10, as well as restoring data from backup to Samsung Galaxy Note 10, and backing up data on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

According to official news, Samsung will hold a new product launch on August 7th (Beijing time on August 8th), officially launching the new Galaxy Note 10 series flagship. Galaxy Note 10 series flagship will still provide two models, Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10 +, respectively. The two will use 6.3/6.8-inch Infinity-OAMOLED open-hole full screen, continue to provide Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and Samsung's own Exynos 9825 two processor versions, standard UFS3.0 flash memory, the former built a 3600mAh battery, while the latter built a 4300mAh battery, both support 45W fast charge and 15W reverse charge, standard 25W charging head.

I was attracted to the device and now I also intend to get started with a Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Before using the phone, I hope all my files(Contacts, Messages, Gallery, Videos, Music, Apps and more) in my old Samsung Galaxy can be transferred to Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Do you know how to do it?

After my search, I found its solution. You can read this guide and follow my detailed steps helping you selectively copy the needed data from Samsung Galaxy phone/Tab to Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Compared to Bluetooth or others, Mobile Transfer is highly recommended for phone users as it makes it extremely easy to transfer all data and files from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy Note 10 without loss of quality, such as contacts, photos, videos, text messages, audio files, documents, applications, app data, calendar, music and so on. More important, in addition to Samsung, Mobile Transfer supports almost all popular smartphone and tablet on the marker, including iPhone, iPad, Huawei, vivo, OPPO, Google, Nokia, Xiaomi, ZTE, HTC, LG, Sony, and so on. Just 3 steps and the transmission is done. Besides, the program also allows you to backup and restore your phone data with a click.

Part 1 Directly Transfer Data from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Step 1. Download, install and launch the Mobile Transfer on your computer. When its primary window appears, please choose the "Phone to Phone Transfer" option and click on "Start" to go on.

Step 2. Next, connect both of your old Galaxy phone and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to the computer via two USB cables, and the tool will automatically detects the two connected phones. Make sure your old Samsung phone as the source phone is displayed on the left, and if not, click "Flip".

Step 3. When your phone are displayed on the right place, all the transferable files on the old Samsung phone are displayed in the middle of the window. Select the data types you’d like to transfer from the old Samsung phone, then click "Start Transfer" to the selected data to Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Tips: You can check the "Clear Data before Copy" box if you want to erase data on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 before copying the new data.

Part 2 Restore Data from Backup to Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Step 1. Return to the homepage of Mobile Transfer, select "Restore From Backups" and press "Kies" from the main interface.

Note: Kies bakcup is just one of the supported backup file types of Mobile Transfer, if you get other backup files like MobileTrans backup, iTunes backup, iCloud backup and so on, then you can also choose it.

Step 2. Since you've choose "Kies", then you need to select a Kies backup from the left panel, if done, the program will automatically extract all the transferable data from the selected backup and list them in the middle panel.

Step 3. Make sure your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has connected well to computer, now please check the item that you need and click on "Start Transfer" to sync the selected data to your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Tips: Similarly, if you want to replace your device's data, you can use the "Clear data before copy" feature.

Part 3 Back Up Data on Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Step 1. Choose "Back Up Your Phone" from the primary window of Mobile Transfer.

Step 2. Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to computer via its USB cable, the program will detects your device soon.

Step 3. When your phone is recognized, the file types that you can backup to your computer are displayed in the middle of the window. Choose the items you needed and then click "Start Transfer" to export them to your computer.

Tips: The time it takes to complete the backup depends on the amount of data you choose. Please be patient until the backup is complete. If done, you can view the backup file via the pop-up window. Of course, you can go to the settings to find the save path of backup file.


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