How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone XR

Summary: Want to upgrade your iPhone to a higher configuration of the iPhone XR? This article will teach you a simple way to quickly and easily transfer all photos from the iPhone to the iPhone XR.

The iPhone XR is a mobile phone that Apple officially released at Apple’s Autumn New Product Conference in 2018. It features a full-screen glass with an aluminum metal border and a 6.1-inch Liquid retina display, the most advanced L CD screen the iPhone has ever had. The iPhone XR offers six elegant looks. The iPhone XR carries a powerful bionic chip A12, a new generation of neural network engines. In terms of camera, the iPhone XR uses an advanced camera system. Front-end cameras support TrueDepth depth sensing technology, 7 megapixel sensors, Face ID and self-timer in portrait mode, while supporting Animoji and Momoji, and 12 megapixel single camera on the back.

Since Apple Inc. released the new product of the iPhone XR last year, many “Apple Fans” have upgraded the higher configuration of the iPhone XR to replace the old one, but in the process of replacing the phone, there is a problem. There is a lot of data left on the old iPhone such as photos, because of the smartphone camera with more and more powerful functions, we often use mobile phone cameras to take photos, record beautiful scenes and some important information, and store these photos on mobile phones so that they can be found whenever we need to view or share them.

However, once new phones are replaced, we will need to spend a lot of time and energy to transfer them to the new iPhone XR. Yes, data transfer is really troublesome, because no one in life can provide more effective data transfer tools, and some people even give up changing new mobile phones because data transfer is too troublesome. If you are planning to replace the iPhone XR as a new phone, and if you are worried about data transfer, this article may provide you with a perfect solution. What you need is a tool called Phone To Phone Transfer.

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Best Method: Transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone XR with Phone To Phone Transfer.

If you need to transfer data, Phone To Phone Transfer is undoubtedly the best way. It is a professional data transmission tool designed to solve data transfer problems for all smartphone users. It has practical function, simple operation and strong compatibility. With just a few simple steps, it can help you scan data quickly, copy and transfer data quickly, and easily solve the data transfer problem between all the iPhones. It can help you transmit contacts, documents, music, photos, etc.

When you need to share a lot of documents and pictures, and when you need to replace a new mobile phone, the Phone To Phone Transfer can help you quickly complete the transfer of data. It is worth mentioning that it supports data transmission between almost all the iPhones and is more compatible with almost all Android phones, including Huawei, Samsung, oppo and so on.So try to understand and use Phone To Phone Transfer,and you’ll find that it’s a trustworthy gadget.

Models Included: iPhone XR/iPhone XS/iPhone XS max/iPhone 8,etc.

Data Included: photos,music,text messages, call history, contacts, videos,files and more.

Following are detailed steps to transfer photos from the iPhone 5/6/6 Plus/7/7 Plus/8/8 Plus/X to the iPhone XR.

Step 1: Download, install and start the software.

After downloading and installing the Phone To Phone Transfer program on your computer, double-click to enter the main interface of the software.

Step 2: Connect iPhone and iPhone XR to your computer.

Now you can connect the old iPhone and the new iPhone XR to your computer using two USB cables. Then waiting the program detects them and two devices are displayed as “source” and “destination”. You can click the “flip” button between mobile phones to ensure that the iPhone is set to “source” and the iPhone XR is set to “destination”. Data will be transferred from the source (iPhone) to the destination (iPhone XR), and then click the “Start”button.

Step 3: Copy and transfer photos

At this point, the data on the phone will be scanned into the interface. Select the photos you want to transmit, then click “Transfer”, and the photos will be quickly copied to your iPhone XR, waiting for the transmission progress to complete, and click the OK button.

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