1-Click to Sync All Data from Android Phone to iPhone 9

Summary: Users who have been using Android phones want to use the upcoming iPhone 9, so do you know how to safely transfer data from Android to iPhone 9? This article will provide users with two safe and efficient ways to help users easily transfer data from Android to iPhone 9.

A lot of news had previously revealed the configuration of the iPhone 9. In terms of appearance, the iPhone 9 will use a 4.7-inch screen. Unlike previous iPhones, the Apple LOGO on the back of the iPhone 9 uses a centered design. In terms of hardware, the iPhone 9 uses a single-shot solution, which will be equipped with an A13 processor, 3GB memory, 64/128GB storage, and Touch ID. Overall, the biggest advantage of iPhone 9 equipped with A13 is that it extends the life of this phone and greatly improves its performance.

There is no doubt that having an iPhone 9 with satisfactory performance and price will attract many customers to buy it. These customers certainly include users who have not used the iPhone. So when these users buy iPhone 9, they will think about how to transfer data from Android to iPhone 9. But Android phones and iPhones use different systems. They may not know how to use the most secure and efficient method to transfer data from old Android phones to iPhone 9. This article will provide users with two simple and efficient ways to help users transfer data from Android phones to iPhone 9. In order to make better use of these two methods, I will introduce a super easy to use software-Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer is a multifunctional transfer software with both data transfer and backup. It has many functions, let me introduce it to you! Mobile Transfer can not only transfer data, but also back up data. First, it’s easy to operate and quick to recover. Secondly, it can transfer many types of data: contacts, text messages, photos, videos, audio, music, call logs, apps, app data, etc.. What’s more, it is super compatible. It is compatible with more than 7,000 mobile phone models on the market. Whether it is all versions of the iPhone or other Android phones, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Google, LG, ZTE, vivo, OPPO, Meizu, Nokia, etc., it is easily compatible. Last but not least, it has a very high safety factor. Users do not need to worry about the data in the mobile phone being leaked when using it for data transmission.

2 Simple Ways to Transfer All Data from Android Phone to iPhone 9

Part 1 Transfer Data Directly from Android to iPhone 9

Step 1: Run the downloaded Mobile Transfer on your computer and select the “Phone to Phone Transfer” mode on the page.

Step 2: After making your selection, please connect your Android phone and iPhone 9 to your computer with a USB cable. Then the user needs to check the display of the source device (Android) and the destination device (iPhone 9) on the page.

Note: If the Mobile Transfer page is displayed in the wrong order, you need to click “Flip” to exchange their position.

Step 3: View all data that can be transferred on the Mobile Transfer page. The user previews the data on the page as needed, and then selects the data that needs to be transferred from the Android phone to the iPhone 9. After making your selection, click “Start Transfer” on the page to transfer.

Part 2 Transfer Data from Backup to iPhone 9

This method is suitable for users who have previously backed up data from their old Android phone in Mobile Transfer. Therefore, when using this method, you can transfer data from backup to iPhone 9 directly through Mobile Transfer even if your old Android phone is not around or damaged.

Step 1: Run Mobile Transfer on your computer, then click on “Restore from Backups” and select “MobileTrans” mode on the homepage.

Step 2: Connect the iPhone 9 to the computer by using a USB cable.

Step 3: The user selects the required backup file from the backup list on the page. Then select the data you want to transfer to the iPhone 9 from the selected backup as needed. After making your selection, click “Start Transfer” on the page to transfer them to iPhone 9.

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