Android to OPPO Transfer – Sync All Data from Android to OPPO Find X2/X2 Pro

Summary: This article will provide users with two very practical methods on how to transfer data from Android phone to OPPO Find X2/X2 Pro.

On the screen, the OPPO Find X2 series uses a 6.7-inch hyperboloid AMOLED “drilling screen” design with a hidden speaker and handset on top. In taking pictures, the Find X2 series is equipped with a 4800-pixel main camera + 48-megapixel ultra-wide-angle + 13-megapixel telephoto rear three-camera combination. Among them, the 48-megapixel main camera uses a custom Sony IMX689 sensor, which is a very comprehensive super-sensing full-focus imaging system. In terms of battery life, the Find X2 series uses a 4260 mAh battery and is equipped with 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 super flash charging technology. In the core configuration, the Find X2 series is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor + X55 modem, and its performance is very powerful.

Regardless of appearance or configuration, OPPO Find X2/X2 Pro is outstanding. So seeing such a phone, I believe many users want to own it. But when users have it, what should be done with the data on their old Android phones, especially important data? The best way is to transfer the data on the old Android to OPPO Find X2/X2 Pro through a safe and efficient method. If users don’t know what method is the most secure and efficient, or don’t want to go to Google search, you can read this article directly. This article provides users with two safe and efficient ways to transfer data from old Android phones to OPPO Find X2/X2 Pro.

Mobile Transfer is currently a data transfer software with the largest number of users on the market. With its help, users can use the easiest method to complete data transmission. It has many functions, let me introduce you the most important functions! First, the types of data it can transmit include contacts, text, text messages, photos, videos, audio, music, call logs, apps, and more. Second, it is compatible with multiple device models. Whether it is OPPO, or Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Google, LG, ZTE, vivo, Meizu, Nokia and other mobile phones, it can be easily compatible. Most importantly, its security is very high. Users do not need to worry that the software will steal any of your data during the data transfer process. It is worth mentioning that it also has a trial version. Users can try the trial version before deciding whether to purchase Mobile Transfer.

Part 1 Transfer Data from Android to OPPO Find X2/X2 Pro in One Click

Step 1: Connect your phone to your computer

Download and install Mobile Transfer on your computer and run it. Then select the “Phone to Phone Transfer” mode on the homepage and press “Start”. After making your selection, use the USB cables to connect your Android phone and OPPO Find X2/X2 Pro to your computer.

Step 2: Check the source and destination devices

After connecting, ask the user to check the display of the source and destination devices on the page. Because the system is to transfer data from the source device to the destination device, all users are requested to check the source device (other Android phone) and the target device (OPPO Find X2/X2 Pro) on the software page. If the software pages are displayed in the wrong order, click Flip to exchange their position.

Step 3: Preview and select data for transfer

Users can view all the data that can be transferred on the Mobile Transfer page. The user is requested to preview and select the data to be transferred, and then click “Start Transfer” on the page to transfer.

Part 2 Transfer Data from Backup to OPPO Find X2/X2 Pro

Step 1: Run the installed Mobile Transfer on your computer, then click on “Restore from Backup” and select “MobileTrans” mode on the page.

Step 2: Connect your OPPO Find X2 or OPPO X2 Pro to the computer with a USB cable.

Step 3: The user can view all the backed up data on the software’s page. Please select the data you want to transfer to OPPO Find X2/X2 Pro according to your needs, and then click “Start Transfer” on the page to transfer.

Part 3 Transfer Data from OPPO Find X2/X2 Pro to Computer

Step 1: Launch the Mobile Transfer and click on “Back Up Your Phone” on the homepage.

Step 2: After connecting your OPPO Find X2 or OPPO Find X2 Pro to computer, all the transferable data on your phone will be listed.

Step 3: Select the types of data that you need and click on “Start Transfer” to export them to your computer.

Tips: When the backup is completed, click “OK”. You can look for the backup files and set backup location in the upper right corner of the menu bar. Please click “settings”.

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