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Overview: Summary:Here is an article on how to transfer Data/Contacts from Android/iPhone to Vivo S16/Pro. If you are troubled by how to transfer data from old phone to Vivo S16/Pro, this post is worth reading.

When you start using Vivo S16/Pro, you may find that the new phone does not have the chat history, pictures, text messages, music, etc. you want to transfer Data/Contacts from Android/iPhone to Vivo S16/Pro, and you are afraid of data loss due to program errors during the transfer process. Read below and you'll find out.

Methods Outline:


Method 1: Transfer Android/iPhone data to Vivo S16/Pro via mobile transfer


You can use third-party programs to help you with data transfer issues.

Mobile Transfer is professional and reliable third-party software, support almost all mobile phone models on the market, support from Android to Android, iOS to iOS, Android to iOS, iOS to Android, simple and safe operation, ensure high-quality data transmission, will not cause harm to data. Supported data types for mobile transfer: text messages, calendars, pictures, music, contacts, videos, call logs, etc.

Step 1: Download and install Mobile Transfer

Download the appropriate version of Mobile Transfer on your PC and turn it on.


Step 2: Complete the connection operation

Connect Android/iPhone and Vivo S16/Pro to the computer with a USB cable.


Step 3: Make sure that the device is located correctly

You can change the position of both phones by tapping "Flip" to make sure that both devices are placed correctly.


Step 4: Make the data transfer

Select the type of data you want to transfer and click "Start Transfer".


Method 2: Backup and restore data via mobile transfer


It is a good habit to have backup phone data, backing up data can help you reduce data loss and facilitate transfer.


Step 1: Backup Android/iPhone data

Open the main mobile transfer page and select the "Backup your Phone" module


Step 2: Connect Android/iPhone with computer

Connect Android/iPhone to computer with USB cable, and then follow the page prompts to complete USB debugging


Step 3: Make a Data Backup

Select the files you want to back up and click "Start Transfer"


Step 4: Go to the Data Transfer page

Click "Restore from backups" > "mobiletrans" on the page 


Step 5: Transfer data to Vivo S16/Pro

After connecting Vivo S16/Pro with a USB cable, select the backup file and select the content you want to restore to Vivo S16/Pro in the middle list. Click "Start Transfer"


Method 3: Transfer Android/iPhone data to Vivo S16/Pro via Google sync


This method is suitable for users who previously synced data to their Google account.

Google Cloud is Google's online cloud storage service, providing a local client version and a web interface version. Google will also provide APIs to third parties that allow people to save content from other apps to the Google Cloud. Google Cloud has important components such as Google Compute Engine, Geyun SQL, Google Bi to Query, and Google Cloud Storage.

Step 1: Log in to your Google account on Vivo S16/Pro

Step 2: Check your backup file

Your backup will be in a list on the screen from which you can choose or search for the file name to select it


Step 3: Perform data synchronization

Select the data you want to transfer, click "Download" and wait for the data to sync to Vivo S16/Pro



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