3 Ways to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Samsung Note 8/9/10

Summary: Lots of photos stored on the iPhone? Do you want to quickly transfer them all to another Samsung note 8 / 9/10? Phone To Phone Transfer can help you solve this problem easily.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a flagship mobile phone released by Samsung on August 23, 2017, which is also the first dual camera smartphone released by Samsung. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 uses a 6.3-inch Quad HD + Super AMOLED full view curved screen. In terms of configuration, Samsung Note 8 has two versions of processors, namely, 8-core 10 nm process, 64 bit processor with the highest main frequency of 2.3 GHz, and 8-core 10 nm 64 bit Snapdragon 835 processor with the highest main frequency of 2.45 GHz. In terms of memory, Samsung Note 8 starts with a memory combination of 6GB + 64GB, and has 128GB and 256GB for users to choose from. In 2018, Samsung released Samsung Galaxy note 9, which uses a 6.4-inch Quad HD + Super AMOLED panel full view curved screen. In terms of configuration, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 845 processor. Note 9 adopts the design of “8 megapixel single camera in front + 12 megapixel dual camera in back”, with 12 megapixel dual camera in back, wide-angle lens and long focal lens respectively, supporting 2 times optical zoom and double OIS optical anti shake, with clear and stable shooting effect.

When you replace the new phone Samsung Note 8/9, you may want to transfer a large number of photos stored on the old iPhone to the new Samsung, because the photos are stored locally on the phone, which can be easily viewed at any time, and at the same time, it can avoid the phenomenon of damaging the image quality when the photos are uploaded to the cloud. Sometimes, you will share a large number of photos with others, but sending a large number of photos through chat tools will consume a lot of data. When receiving photos, the other party needs to save them one by one, which is very inconvenient. If we use Bluetooth and other transmission tools, you may find that the efficiency is very low and unstable. For the problem of data transfer, we all need an efficient, stable and easy-to-use data transmission tool, which can save time and realize the rapid transmission of a large number of photos for us. In fact, Phone To Phone Transfer can meet all the requirements. Next, we will introduce the software and its usage in detail.

Best Method: Transfer photos from iPhone to Samsung Note 8/9/10 with Phone To Phone Transfer.

With Phone To Phone Transfer, you can easily transfer the photos you need from iPhone to Samsung Note 8 / 9/10 in a few simple steps. The whole process is uninterrupted, fast and efficient, and the use method is very simple. It can automatically scan all the data on iPhone. You only need to select the data to be transferred, and it can be quickly transferred to Samsung note 8 / 9. In addition, in addition to transferring photos, you can also use it to transfer various types of data, including videos, music, files, contacts, text messages, etc., which can well meet the actual needs of users. It is worth mentioning that Phone To Phone Transfer also has strong compatibility. It can not only be perfectly compatible with iPhone and Sumsung, but also support data transmission between any two mobile phones, which means it is fully compatible with any Android and iPhone.You can easily share a large number of photos with any friend without worrying about the mismatch between mobile phones. Therefore, if it is necessary to transfer data, Phone To Phone Transfer is undoubtedly the best data.

Models Included: Samsung Note 10/Note 9/Note 8/Note 7/Note 6,etc.
Data Included: photos, videos, music, text messages, call history, contacts,files and more.

Method 1: steps of transferring photos from the iPhone to the Samsung Note 8/9/10.

Step 1: launch the Phone To Phone Transfer.

After downloading and installing Phone To Phone Transfer on your computer, you can launch it to enter the home page.

Step 2: Connect the two phones to your computer.

Connect the iPhone and the Samsung Note 8/9 to your computer via two USB cables. Then Phone To Phone Transfer will detect your devices, the two devices will be displayed as “Source” and “Destination”. You can click the “Flip” button between mobile phones, set the old iPhone as “Source”, set the Samsung Note 8/9 as “Destination”.Data will be transferred from “Source” to “Destination”. Then click the “Start” button, and the programn will scan and display the data of the old iPhone.

Step 3: Copy and transfer the photos

Now you’ve got all the data from the old iPhone, such as contacts, text messages, files, photos and so on. You can preview the data and select the photos you need, then click “Transfer”, and soon your selected data will be transmitted directly to the Samsung Note 8/9.

Method 2: Restore Photos from iTunes Backup to Samsung Galaxy Note 8/910

If you have ever synced your iPhone to iTunes, Mobile Transfer also allows you to extract data from iTunes backup files and sync it to Samsung Galaxy Note 8/910 .

Step 1: After running the software in the first step, click “Restore from Backup”> “iTunes” and connect

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8/910 is connected to your computer via a USB cable.

Step 2: Select an iTunes backup file from the backup file loading panel and the program will automatically extract all transferable files in it and list them in the middle panel of the window.

Step 3: Check the items as needed, and then click “Start Transfer” to sync the selected data to your Samsung Note 8/910.

Method 3: Restore data from iCloud backup to Samsung Note 8/9/10

Similarly, if you have already backed up your iPhone to iCloud, mobile transfer can help you extract data from your iCloud backup file and switch it to Samsung Galaxy Note 8/9/10 .

Step 1: Initiate mobile transfer> click “Restore from backup”> select “iCloud”.

Step 2: Connect your Samsung Note 8/9/10 to your PC> Log in to your iCloud account.

Step 3: Choose to download the iCloud backup file to your computer as needed.

Step 4: Check the type as needed, then click “Start Transfer” to sync it to your Samsung Note 8/9/10

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