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Overview: Transfer data is not easy but here you will easily attain the useful information that can help you efficiently and safety transfer Data from Samsung to Xiaomi.

Are you already looking for all kinds of ways of data transfer on the network to try to transfer your data? Are you already overwhelmed by the complex transfer steps shown on the network? Do you already feel that transfer data is unsafe which will unleash your information and your privacy on the Internet? Or are you...?

transfer data from samsung to xiaomi

Attempting to transfer data from a Samsung to a Xiaomi device using traditional methods can be time-consuming and cumbersome. In this article, we explore alternative approaches to streamline the data transfer process from Samsung to Xiaomi. Continue reading to find the most suitable solution for your data transfer needs.

These problems are faced by almost all data transfer users, so maybe you don't have to worry so much, because data transfer is professional originally, so it is normal for you to feel a little difficult. But does it mean that we have no way to transfer our data efficiently and effectively? No! This article will teach you how to transfer data between Android, especially Transfer Samsung Data to Xiaomi in detail. So be confident, and then follow my steps to operate it.

   Method Outline

     Part 1: Useful and easily operative methods to transfer Data.

     Part 2: Alternative methods to transfer Data.

Part 1: Useful and easily operative methods to transfer Data

When you use some useful methods to transfer your data then you can use the least time while get the most efficient affect. And then the below method that can help you.


Method 1: Transfer Samsung Data to Xiaomi from powerful Mobile Transfer(Recommend)

Mobile Transfer can help you with the most efficient way while there is still safe for you. Firstly, the application can help users recover all kinds of files types between different device, so your Samsung Data can be easily transfer to Xiaomi. What’s more, your files including some files that is difficult to transfer such as Whatsapp and some messages. Secondly, the process is very fast and high efficient so you won’t waste your time. The system is allowed to transfer data between device directly. The most important is that the software’s operation is very user friendly. 


Step 1: Download Mobile Transfer and open it. 

mobile transfer

Step 2: Click "Phone to Phone" button and press "Phone Transfer" so that your phone can be transfer between device.

Step 3: Connect Samsung and Xiaomi to the computer with their own USB cables. When connected, your Samsung is placed in source part and your Xiaomi is placed on the destination part. The "Flip" in the middle part is used to change the position such as from Xiaomi to Samsung. 

Step 4: Then you can select data in your source device to choose your data and when you confirm then you can click “start” to transfer data from Samsung to Xiaomi. 

Now go to your Xiaomi device and you will find your data have been sync.

Method 2: Backup your Samsung Data

Backing up your data is very important because if your data is lost, the backup data will be saved in your folders. If you are backing up your data for the first time, here are some simple guidelines to help you back up Samsung data and keep your data safe. First, make sure your device is connected to your computer or cloud storage device. If you are unfamiliar with how to connect your device, check your device's instructions or contact technical support for assistance. Next, open the data folder you want to back up and select the files you want to back up. If you want to backup the entire folder, select the "All" option and click the "Backup" button. Select a backup storage device and choose a safe place to save your backup data.

Step 1: Open Mobile Transfer. Click "Backup & Restore" in the front page.

backup samsung data

Step 2: Connect your Samsung to computer (A USB cable is needed). Click "Backup phone data" then the screen will skip. Your Samsung Data is recognized.

Step 3: Choose the Data types to backup in your Samsung and click "Start" to confirm. After backup, the screen will show the quantity and content and the path where you can recover your backups after that.

Part 2: Alternative methods to transfer Data

Here are some alternative methods for transferring data, but using this method is usually conditional.


Method 3: Transfer Samsung Data to Xiaomi via Mi Mover

Mi Mover is a data transfer software for Redmi smartphone users, mainly assisting in successful data transfer through WiFi hotspots. While it does work, it only supports transferring three data types, including "System Data," "Applications," and "Files." Mi Mover is a data transfer software specially designed for Redmi smartphone users to help them complete data transfer tasks easily and quickly. By supporting WiFi hotspot function, Mi Mover can help users achieve more reliable data transmission in different locations and network environments. Although the Mi Mover shows good performance when transferring data, its functionality is still relatively limited. Users need to rely on other applications or tools to transfer other types of data, such as pictures, audio, and video. Mi Mover is a practical data transfer tool, especially for users who need to frequently transfer data to different locations and network environments. Although it does not support the transfer of all types of data, its reliability and ease of use are still worthy of users.

Mi Mover

Once the process finish and you click “ok” then all your Samsung data has been transfer to the Xiaomi device.

Method 4: Transfer Samsung Data to Xiaomi from Share Me

Share Me allow you to transfer your data from Xiaomi to any Android device including image, video, music and application and files. Please noted that you must open your Bluetooth and Wifi beforehand. What’s more, you must noted that its running is rather slow so you’d better be patient.

Transfer Samsung Data to Xiaomi from Share Me

Method 5: Transfer Samsung Data to Xiaomi applying Bluethooth

Many people may use this method for the first time, but as long as you follow the instructions, you can successfully transfer your data. Next, open your Bluetooth and wifi and match them.

Transfer Samsung Data to Xiaomi applying Bluethooth

Method 6: Transfer Samsung Data to Xiaomi using Email

This method is actually to send Samsung data directly to Xiaomi devices, it is not difficult to operate. But its disadvantage is that the attachment can only be limited to 20-25 k so you need to repeat the process for so many times.

Step 1:Open email in your Samsung device and then click “ write a email” option to begin a new email.

Step 2: Then you can sent your Samsung Data such as your photos or video or application files. And then upload the files to email then write your a email address to transfer.

Transfer Samsung Data to Xiaomi using Email


When you acquire a new phone, the primary concern is transfer your data from the old one to the new device. In this discussion, we've outlined several methods that simplify the process of transfer data from Samsung to Xiaomi device, allowing you to do so with just a few clicks. Additionally, if you wish to not only transfer data between Android devices but also manage your Android devices more comprehensively, consider downloading Mobile Transfer and experimenting with its features!


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