How to Transfer Contacts/Photos from Note 5/7/8 to Samsung Note 10?

Summary: Want to know how to quickly transfer Contacts/Photos from Sumsung Note 5/7/8 to new Sumsung Note 10? This article will teach you the detail guide on how to transfer the data you want from your Note 5/7/8 to Note10 with Phone To Phone Transfer.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has been officially released recently. As a new model of Samsung’s Note series, note 10 has a 6.3-inch dynamic AMOLED display screen with a resolution of 1080p + (401ppi), supports HDR 10 + and dynamic tone mapping technology, and adopts the design of a hole-digging screen. The camera openings are located on it. The top of the screen is in the middle. For photography, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has three cameras behind it. The main camera has 12 million pixels and supports optical shake prevention (OIS) and double apertures (f/1.5 and f/2.4). There is also a 12-megapixel long-focus camera that supports OIS, and the third is a 16-megapixel camera with 123 degrees ultra-wide angle. On the front-end camera, it carries a self-timer camera with 10 million pixels. In addition, Samsung Note 10 is equipped with a snapdragon855 processor with a built-in battery of 3,500 mAh to support 25W fast charging. As a feature of Samsung, note10 is equipped with S pen, which adds the function of hanging gesture. Users can control some functions of mobile phone by hand gesture. DeX Intelligent Dockyard has also been expanded to allow users to drag and drop files between mobile phones and computers or run applications on mobile phones by connecting computers via USB.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10 Plus

The long-awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has finally been officially released and is now ready for booking. Are you also interested in the new device and planning to replace the original Samsung Note 5/7/8 with it? In that case, this article may give you timely help. Because when you change a new mobile phone, you will inevitably face the problem of data transmission. Note 5/7/8 stores a lot of commonly used data, such as some important contacts, photos, etc. You may need to transfer these data to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 for daily use. People who have had the experience of changing mobile phones all know that data transfer is a rather troublesome matter. The storage location of data on mobile phones is different, the amount of data is complex, and the efficiency of traditional data transmission tools is low, so we have to spend a lot of time and energy to solve this problem. It would be exciting to have a truly practical and mind-saving tool to help us. What we’re going to introduce next is a tool that can perfectly help you solve this problem, so that you can easily transfer contacts / photos from Note 5/7/8 to your Note 10.

Best Method: Transfer contacts/photos from Sumsung Note 5/7/8 to Samsung Note 10 with Phone To Phone Transfer.

To save your valuable time, we recommend Phone To Phone Transfer as your preferred tool. Phone to Phone Transfer is a new professional data transmission tool, which aims to help all smartphone users to solve the problem of data transmission between mobile phones with maximum efficiency. It allows you to freely enjoy the pleasant experience of the new phone’s high configuration without having to worry about the hassle of data transmission. When you want to upgrade your new cell phone, or you need to transfer data from one cell phone to another, you can use it to transfer data quickly. The whole process takes only a few simple steps and can easily solve the problem. You can use it to transmit data of various data types, such as contacts, photos, call records, videos, files, etc. It is worth mentioning that Phone to Phone Transfer has strong compatibility, not only can it connect Sumsung Note 5/7/8 and Note10 perfectly, but also can be perfectly compatible with almost all Android phones, such as LG, Sony, oppo, Xiaomi and Huawei, and can easily realize data transmission between mobile phones.

Models Included: Samsung Galaxy note10/note9/note8/note5/note4,etc.
Data Included: contacts, photos, text messages, call history, files, video, and more.

Following are detailed steps for transferring contacts/photos from Samsung Note 5/7/8 to Samsung Note 10.

Step 1: Start the Phone To Phone Transfer program.

After downloading and installing Phone To Phone Transfer, run the program on the computer and prepare to start transferring data.

Step 2: Connect Samsung Note 5/7/8 and Samsung Note 10 to your computer.

Connect Samsung Note 5/7/8 and Samsung Note 10 to your computer through USBs. Waiting the program detect them and display your Note 5/7/8 and Note 10 as “Source” and “Destination”.Data will be transferred from the “Source” to the “Destination”. You can click “Flip” between mobile phones to ensure that Note 5/7/8 is set to “Source” and Note 10 is set to “Destination”. Then click “Start” to start scanning Note 5/7/8’s data.

Step 3: Start transffering data to Samsung Note 10.

After the program detects and displays the data, you can safely copy the data to Samsung Note 10 by clicking on the required contacts and photos and then clicking on “Transfer”. When the transmission is complete, click the “OK” button.

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