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When games such as Forza horizon 4, monster hunter, NBA 2K21 and God of war need to be recorded on computers or smart phones, what is the best game screen recorder for capturing high-definition video on computers and smart phones?

In order to play games and record pictures with high quality, if you want to stream media, you'd better record the content uploaded to YouTube on your computer.

Although the console is increasing, many players still rely on computers. From sports to FPS, strategy, you can try a variety of games. But if you can share the game with friends and other players all over the world, the fun will be doubled. Although streaming media is a method, it generally has a great burden on the network and depends on bandwidth to a great extent. But it's a better choice for many people to share after recording the game and playing the video. Well, if you're looking for the best game recording software for recording game playback, you can list 10 kinds of game recording software on windows/Mac.

Although the console is increasing, many players still rely on computers. From sports to FPS, strategy, you can try a variety of games. But if you can share the game with friends and other players all over the world, the fun will be doubled. Although streaming media is a method, it generally has a great burden on the network and depends on bandwidth to a great extent. But it's a better choice for many people to share after recording the game and playing the video.

The most popular video games in America:

Super Mario Bros/Solitaire Mobile/Angry Birds/Grand Theft Auto/The Legend of Zelda/Super Mario Run/Spider-Man/Words With Friends/Mortal Kombat/Minecraft/Sonic the Hedgehog 2/Cll of Duty/Bejeweled/Sonic The Hedgehog/Halo/The Sims/Assassin's Creed/Madden NFL/Call of Duty:Black Ops 2/Red Dead Redemption/Jigsaw Puzzle/SimCity/Need for Speed/Gran Turismo/Pokemon GO/Star Wars Battlefront/Sudoku Mobile/Batman:Arkham/Star Wars:Galaxy of Heroes/The Witcher/Final Fantasy/Plants vs.Zombies/Avatar:The last Airbender/God of War/Animal Crossing/Heads Up/Mahjong Mobile/Fortnite/Dragon BallZ.

But if you want to record small games and play video clips with friends on your smartphone, you can find the free game picture recorder application in the report.

1.[Official Recommended]More Powerful & Convenient Screen Recorder for Windows/Mac.

Screen recorder is one of the best choices for capturing all game playback images in a high-quality way.
Android or IOS devices can send video game images to the computer in advance. You can record movies, talk shows, and take a snapshot.

-Capture videos, record audio files, and take high-quality pictures.
-Does not affect the game playing network, recording game screen.
-Start the webcam, record the file, and set the shortcut key for the capture.
-Edit the video with text, arrows, lines, descriptors, and other drawing panels.

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of screen recorder. Then start recording the game screen program. Start the game before you start it.

Reference: IOS and Android phones need to mirror images to the computer. Some games do not support replaykit that need to record the game playing on the computer.

Step 2: Select the Video Recorder button, adjust the frame to capture the game screen. In addition, you can choose the microphone option to add game commentary. Important pictures can be shot.

Step 3 : Click rec button to record the game picture to the computer. You can add text, arrows, lines, descriptors, and other drawing panels as you write. Then, the game playing video can be sent to MP4 on the social media website.


Action is to help players use Windows system to enjoy suffocating video recording scenes on the game platform. All videos use amazing HD quality, allowing players to play games, record music, add Web player videos, and take screen shots.

Here are some amazing functions of action

Provide excellent HD game playing video capture function in real time. The current and average frame speeds of the video are displayed during recording, which makes it easy to record bench marking results.

The action platform can also use live streaming media services. After the end of the game recording, I left a deep impression on my friends through the Internet. Therefore, video can be played directly through aliez, Ustream, Facebook, Hitbox and Youtube in action.

All recorded game videos can be easily exported in the form of a variety of popular files.

3. Nvidia GeForce Experience

If there is an NVIDIA GPU, the device should have received the message to set geforce experience. In addition to updating NVIDIA drivers, the software also includes NVIDIA's shadowplay function, which makes it easy to record games. One of the best features of shadowplay is to use GPU for video coding. That is to say, CPU performance doesn't need much. The software can record at the same resolution as the display. If there is a 4K panel, the recording will also be recorded as 4K. If you have NVIDIA GPU and geforce experience software, you don't need any money. Generally speaking, it is very suitable for basic game playing and recording, so you must try it.


Free use
Simple and intuitive
Encoding with GPU


Run on NVIDIA GPU only
There are no more features than the other software in the list.
Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7
Price: Free

4. OBS Studio

OBS studio is an open source game screen recorder There are game screenshots, video source filter, audio mixer and other special modules.


Integrate game video, add video and stills, screenshots, game play screen, etc.


In order to capture the game playing on the computer, it is difficult to master the game picture recorder.
There is no function of streaming media through multiple platforms at one time.

5. Bandicam

Bandicam screen recorder is one of the most famous software in screen recording. As a screen recorder for windows, the software has high bit transfer rate and excellent function of recording with frame, which is twice as much as the recording software for games. You can record video at custom frame speed and 4K Ultra HD resolution. In such a high quality, also built-in can get the smallest file size compression function, provide small size video recording. The video can be adjusted according to the game or other PC activities, and the window size can be reduced by increasing.


Two screenshot modes
Grab area size adjustment function
Support multiple decoders and formats
Internal compression function


It's quite expensive
Video may be delayed
Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista price: free evaluation version, each license $60

6. Dxtory

When working in applications such as OpenGL and DirectX, it is best to use dxtory. The tool can collect all data elements directly with the surface memory buffer, so the processing is very fast.

Here are some advanced features of dxtroy.

Dxtroy decoder can record the original pixel data, and all videos can get more impressive quality through lossless video.

According to the main bottleneck of high bit rate system, this paper introduces the distribution and production technology. Users do not need to use a specific file system. On the contrary, as long as you select multiple data containing folders, you can get fast results through appropriate speed settings.

The software will also support VFW decoder. And you can easily save screenshots in many forms.

7. Radeon ReLive

NVIDIA has its own recording software. Amod has the same idea, right? Please start recording the game on amod card with the company's exclusive software, radon relive (formerly known as amod relive). Like NVIDIA solution, amod's relive uses GPU in most coding, saving CPU cycles for other projects. Although the impact on frame speed is small, more complex streaming settings (5-10% in most cases) may not be enough. In addition, the software also supports upgrade. Therefore, if 1080p is played, 4K UHD can also be used for recording. If you have an amod GPU, be sure to try the radon relive


Free use
Simple setup and use
Update support


Run on amod GPU only
There are no more functions than dedicated recording software.
Compatibility: RX Vega, 500 Series graphics products; radon R9 fury, radon pro duo and radon RX 400 series; amod radon R9 200, R7 200, R5 300, R5 240 Series; amod radon ™ HD 8500 – HD 8900 series, amod radon ™ HD 7700-hd 7900 series

Price: Free

8: Bandicam

For the player's light and intuitive screen recorder. With high quality results, you can easily record your desktop screen. Users can choose to record specific parts of the desktop screen to create an impressive tutorial.
The most popular features of bandicam are as follows.

Bandicam game capture tool can record games just like Fraps, or some experts can evaluate better than FRAP.
For bandicam, the size of the video file is smaller than any other competing software.

Enjoy recording 24 hours in a row You can use the auto complete recording function.

Using the software program, the file size can be up to 3840x 2160 people, 4K Ultra HD type resolution recording video.

You can record Games directly, or record with webcam, or use HDMA connection, or directly control the computer screen.

9. Fraps

Fraps is another kind of game recording software widely used in windows, which is very simple to use. Unlike the other recordings that come with the overwhelming setup and configuration pages, Fraps is easy to use. " Just move to the movie section and start recording But Fraps offers several necessary options. You can manually set the speed of the video capture frame from 30fps to 120fps. There is also the option to enter a custom FPS value that can set the frame speed below 30. Secondly, Fraps has the function of recording audio through external input and system sound. Most importantly, when you record a game on a Windows PC, you can display the cursor just like OBS studio. Needless to say, there is a live frame speed counter at the edge of the screen, which is very useful for heavy players. In short, Fraps is an easy screen recording tool. When recording games on the computer, it is a good utility for users who want to experience smoothly.


Light and easy to use.
You can set custom FPS values. 120 FPS video support
There is a live FPS counter
Highlight the cursor and capture audio in the external input device


The recorded video is very large
Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, vista and XP
Price: free; official version is $37

10. TinyTake

Tinytake is a free game screenshot and video recording software for windows and MAC. You can easily capture your computer's screen images and play games.


Share game videos directly to YouTube or tiny take servers


There is no video editing tool or annotation tool for editing game screen videos.
Record game play video files in 5 minutes only.

Conclusion: Recording game playing with game recording software screen recorder

The above-mentioned game recording software fully controls the game recording during playback. Although they are all high-quality recordings, there may be differences in function and convenience. Some functions may be insufficient, but the use is very simple, suitable for beginners. Other experts are best suited to accumulate experience in streaming media and video game tutorials. No matter which side, the above game video software directory must meet your requirements.

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