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Overview: If your wonderful operating footage in the DYING LIGHT 2 game is recorded, you will be able to show off with your friends and also upload it to the game video to gain lots of attention. This is really a good thing. So this article will give you a very simple way to screen record your DYING LIGHT 2 Gameplay, while this article will also introduce you to other free Screen Record methods.

Something about DYING LIGHT:

The DYING LIGHT is an action game developed by Techland, released on January 27,2015.

The game is set in a huge open world with ominous day and night cycle changes. During the day of the game, players will walk through a vast urban environment destroyed by a virus outbreak, searching over the world for supplies and making homemade weapons to resist the growing infected population.By night, hunters become prey and become more active and dangerous by the infected. Of course, there are the most horrific natural enemies that appear only behind sunset, and the player must use all his strength to live until the first sunshine arrives the next morning.

Due to the changing technology, players like to share their game experience online, so they often need broadcast software tools. In addition, through youtube, you can use many simple game study books, and sometimes you can't use games But some people may be curious about how to record their own games. In this case, you can confirm the solution below.

Method outline:

Part 1: The most efficient way to Screen Record DYING LIGHT 2 Gameplay on PC/Mac.
Method 1:Applying Screen Recorder to screen record DYING LIGHT 2 Gameplay on PC/Mac.

Part 2: Other free ways of Screen Record DYING LIGHT 2 Gameplay on PC/Mac.
Method 2: Free Cam
Method 3: Screencast-O-Matic
Method 4: OBS-Studio
Method 5: ShareX

Part 1: The most efficient way to Screen Record DYING LIGHT 2 Gameplay on PC/Mac

Why is this one of the most efficient methods because the steps to use this software to screen record are simple or not even require you to have any expertise. What is this software? Screen Recorder.

Method 1:Applying Screen Recorder to screen record DYING LIGHT 2 Gameplay on PC/Mac.

If you want to record meetings, movies, calls, tutorials, TV shows, songs,Gameplay, take snapshot or others, Screen Recorder can help you do it within a few clicks. You can use it to record your online games including XBox, BattleGrounds, OverWatch, World Of WarCraft, LOLDYING LIGHT 2 and more on PC/MAC.

Some features of Screen Recorder:

1.Record system or microphone voice.
2.Take snapshots easier.
3.You can edit the video or snapshot like arrow, line, text and more.
4.Use hotkey to start or stop the record.

Step 1:Download and install Screen Recorder software on PC/Mac.

Step 2: Then launch your DYING LIGHT 2 on PC/Mac first and start the software.

Step 3: Next, shift to the software and click “Video Recorder”.

Tips: If your want to make “Audio Recorder” for game commentary. Then open your System Sound or Microphone is necessary.

Step 4:regulate your volume to suitable and tap “REC button” button.

Step 5: Last, if you ready to stop screen record then click “stop” . Then download the screen video to your PC/Mac.

Part 2: Other free ways of Screen Record DYING LIGHT 2 Gameplay on PC/Mac

The free Screen Record approach helps us save money and improves our operational capabilities by utilizing our different software. But it is often hard to find free and useful software to Screen Record DYING LIGHT 2 Gameplay. The following four free and useful software products are worth recommending to you.

Method 2:Free Cam

Arguably, this is one of the best free screen capture software audio.

First this software is easy to download, you can download directly through official links without other unrelated download links. Secondly, its use interface is also very intuitive, and all the functions are very convenient and fast.

Some of its features:

  1. When you click on the record video in the screen window, it gives you a screen selector that you can drag to any area you want to capture.
  2. You can also set the screen resolution, up to 1,080 p.
  3. You will also start / stop recording by setting up the keyboard shortcuts.
  4. No watermark is available on the entire record or advertisement.
  5. There is no time limit on the video recording and the video quality will always remain in HD.
  6. You can export the video storage or upload the interface to the YouTube.

Method 3: Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is the best and most reliable free PC/MAC screenshot tool. Users can speed up their shots. Also it has a built-in video editor that you are able to modify records at will to make your game video more attractive and fun. Most video clip professionals or entertainment fans, gamers like to use this tool as it allows users to share videos directly to YouTube, without having to download it.

However, at the same time, it also has some shortcomings that cannot be ignored. It was only screen recorded for up to 15 minutes. Also its video capture is always very low in quality. Stand up with the video watermark if you want to use the free version.

Method 4: OBS-Studio

The software has a clean and readable interface while it has interesting features such as it allows real-time audio and video mixing. This ensures that you can eliminate noise by suppressing. Also, it allows users’s video to upload directly to mainstream media sites like Facebook Live,YouTube, etc.

It has some other prominent features, such as user-based video recording with no time limit, so it is suitable for long-term recording. Also it synsynchronize the webcam. But its biggest drawback is that the use of this software requires professional technical knowledge to users, so it is not suitable for beginners.

Method 5: ShareX

Yes, the last handy free video record. ShareX does not take up a lot of space in your PC/MAC.

1.Free use and and allow view upload.
2.There is an editor inside the software.
3.Software can create dynamic gif. in a simple way.

1.The editor features are too simple.
2.Some operations are too complex for beginners.

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