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Overview: Each cell phone data recovery method works differently, but the method in this article will put your mind at ease. Especially the third method here can retrieve lost data from your Google Pixel 7 phone with just a few clicks.

google pixel 7 data recovery

Google Pixel 7/7 Pro is a mobile phone developed by Google that can run on Android and Chrome systems. This device is widely praised by users for its excellent shooting effect. People may keep many precious data on their Google Pixel 7/7 Pro and because some unexpected circumstance these data will also face risk of data loss. If you lost your data or deleted your important data by mistake,don't worry. Here we will share some Google Pixel Data Recovery methods to ease your worries.let's read below.

Here is the list of the data recovery and important note for you. Of course you will get some important methods to recover your data. Now let's read.

Method Outline

Important Note: Cause for data lost on Google Pixel 7/7 Pro

The problem of data loss may happen every minutes in this world. The reasons for loss are also various but nothing more than the following aspects.

Any of the above reasons will cause data loss on Google Pixel. So, Is it possible to recover deleted files on Google Pixel? The answer is Yes and more than one ways.

But, before telling how to recover lost Google Pixel data. One fact that needs to be understood is whenever you deleted any data or files in your phone,they will not permanently deleted, but still exist in your phone and only marked as invisible. But if you save any other other new data on your Google Pixel 7/7pro at this time, the deleted data will be overwritten by the new data and will permanently disappeared.

Method 1: Recover Google Pixel 7/7 Pro Data with professional data recovery tool.

When talking about professional data recovery it must be Android Data Recovery. Android Data Recovery can help you both recover your data and also backup your data. It has many features for your choose and you can have a very high efficient recovery rate. If you want to save time,quick scan mode for you. If you want to recover your data very thoroughly then you can choose deep scan mode. You can open the application directly if you download beforehand. Or you can open it from website. Now let's see the steps:

Step 1: Open the application on your computer and click "Android Data Recovery" in the first page. There are three ways for you to choose.

Step 2: Next connect your Google Pixel 7/7 pro to your computer. If you don't debug your Google Pixel 7/7Pro you cannot recognize your data. 

Step 3: If connected,you will able to see your data. Pls click "OK" and enter the application to scan data. 

Step 4: Data scan process here- Quick scan mode and Deep scan mode to choose from. Click any button you like.

Step 5: Select Data after data scanning result shown on the screen. Click "Recover" button to finish.

That is all for Android Data Recovery steps to recover your Google device. It is the standard way to help you recover data. It is sure of the most convenient way. 

Method 2: Recover Deleted Data on Google Pixel 7/7 Pro via Google backup.

If your Google Pixel 7/7Pro has been linked to your Google account, and all your device data including Photos, apps,contacts,setting and so on have been synchronized to this account. Then you can restore lost files from Google backup. It is another standard way for you because it is made by the Google built-in application.

Step 1: Open your Google Pixel 7/7 pro and go to "Setting" and next "Restore to reset the phone".

Step 2: Get to "Copy apps&data" and tap on "Next". You can click "Can't use old phone" and click "OK" under the button "Copy another way". Here you are allowed to tap "Backup from Cloud".

Step 3: After that you can sing into your Google account where you have backup your data.

Step 4: Select a backup file and then choose data file if you like. Finally, click on "Restore" option to recover lost Google Pixel 7/7pro from Google backup.

Google backup recover pixel 7 data

Method 3: Recover Deleted Data on Google Pixel 7/7 Pro via Google Drive.

Do you know Google Drive? Another standard way for Google Pixel 7/7 pro. If your phone is running on Android 7 and above, you have another choice to restore lost data from Google Drive. But you can use this method as long as you have backup your Google device previously. If you deleted data from your Google Pixel then these data will be automatically moved to the trash folder in Google Drive and you can get then back if you haven't pressed the "Deleted Forever" button.

Step 1: Launch Google Drive on your Google Pixel 7/7 pro and click on the "Menu" icon.

Step 2: Go to the "Trash" folder and you can check all the deleted items within 60 days (0ver 60 days will be deleted permanently).

Step 3: Select the files you want to recover and finally you can "Restore" button if you confirm.

restore pixel 7 data with Google Drive


Above are three standard ways to recover your Google Pixel 7/7 pro. Among them, Google Pixel Data Recovery can help you solve most of your problem including recover various files from various device. It is standard way for many devices and Google Backup and Google Drive are specifically for Google device and you can get your lost data back.

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