How to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from iPhone XR

Summary: Data loss/accidental deletion is a distressing issue for many iPhone XR users, and this article will help you solve this problem by showing you a practical way to quickly recover deleted/lost data from the iPhone XR.

The iPhone XR is Apple’s new product of 2018. The body of the iPhone XR is made of Aeronautical aluminium, with LCD screen, 6.1 inch liquid Retina, resolution of 1792 x 828 pixels, and aluminum alloy frame, providing six colors: black, white, coral, yellow, blue and red. In the core configuration, the iPhone XR carries a 7-nm A12 bionic chip. The front-end camera of the iPhone XR supports TrueDepth depth sensing technology, 7-megapixel sensors, Face ID and self-timer in portrait mode, as well as Animoji and Momoji. The back uses a 12-megapixel single camera. With the A12 chip, the iPhone XR supports portrait mode. In terms of storage configuration, the machine has three versions: 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.

iPhone XR

If the iPhone XR accidentally loses or deletes some important data, such as photos, videos, contacts, files, etc., will there be any chance of recovery? If the failure of the iPhone XR phone results in the loss of data selectivity, such as black screen, water damage and so on, is it possible to retrieve the data? Many iPhone XR users have such questions. Indeed, data loss is a very common thing. Data storage on mobile phones is risky. If there is no backup at all times, sometimes it will be lost because of some minor mistakes. If these data are important to users, it’s a real despair. So is there an effective solution for recovering lost / deleted data? If so, is there a simpler and more efficient solution that can help us solve this problem easily and quickly, so as to avoid the bad impact of data loss on our work and life? The answer is yes. Data recovery is not a difficult task with the help of powerful third-party tools. The iPhone Data Recovery is such a tool.

Best Method: Recovery deleted/lost data from the iPhone XR with iPhone Data Recovery.

In order to prevent and deal with these problems mentioned above, we hope you can try to use the iPhone Data Recovery, which can help you easily recover the data you need in any case of data loss/deletion. iPhone Data Recovery is the most comprehensive and practical tool to recover data from the iPhone XR. It can recover many different data types at the same time, such as contacts, text messages, audio, photos, videos and so on. It is easy to operate, high recovery efficiency, strong compatibility, no matter what causes the loss of data, or may be accidentally deleted, mobile phone automatically clean up data, may be damaged by the screen, water damage, black screen, may be invaded by viruses, system crash, iPhone data recovery can restore the data you want. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the limitations of the iPhone Data Recovery, which can only be applied to the iPhone XR. In fact, it is very compatible. You can also recover lost/deleted data from any other model of the iPhone in the same step.

Models Included: iPhone XR/iPhone XS/iPhone XS max/iPhone X/iPhone 8,etc.
Data Included: contacts ,music,text messages, call history, photos , videos,files and more.

Part 1: Recover Deleted Data from iPhone XR Directly

Step 1: Download, install and start the iPhone Data Recovery.

After download and install the iPhone Data Recovery program on your computer, the then startup program enters the program home page.

Step 2: Connect the iPhone Data Recovery to PC and start USB debugging.

Connect the iPhone XR and PC with USB, and then start USB debugging on the iPhone XR, waiting for the program to detect the iPhone XR.

Step 3: Scan lost/deleted data on the iPhone XR

Click on the Start button on the program home page to automatically scan your iPhone XR data and display all the data on the screen.

Step 4: Preview and restore the data of the iPhone XR

You can now preview messages, contacts and photos, and select the data you need, and then click the “Recovery” button to save them to your computer to easily restore the data.

Part 2: Recover lost Data from iPhone XR with iTunes Backup

Step 1. Start the iPhone data recovery and click Restore from the iTunes backup file. Then let the iTunes backup recovery tool detect and display all the iTunes backup files on your computer. Just select one of them as needed.

Step 2. Select the iTunes backup file containing the data to be restored, click Start Scanning, and then retrieve all the data from the iTunes backup file.

Step 3. After a while, all data in the backup file will be displayed by category. You can preview them separately before restoring, and mark and restore those you need by clicking the “Restore” button at the bottom. There is also a search box in the window to search for specific files.

Note: If you connect the iPhone XR to your computer through a USB cable during recovery, you can now directly restore contacts, notes and messages to the iPhone XR.

Part 3. Restoring iPhone XR data from iCloud Backup

Step 1. Start the data recovery of the iPhone, select the recovery mode from the iCloud backup file at the top, and then enter your iCloud account credentials in the window below for login. IOS data recovery means that it will not store any of your Apple accounts.

Step 2. After login to iCloud, the iPhone data recovery can find all iCloud backup files in your account. Select the files needed to recover the data, and then click the Download button.

Then in the pop-up window, select the file type to download. After that, scan the iCloud content, and then click the Scan button to start. This process may take several minutes.

Step 3. When the scan stops, preview the data in the iCloud backup file (such as contacts, messages, photos, etc.) and check them separately, then click the “Restore to Computer” or “Restore to Device” button to save them to your computer or iPhone XR.

Note: If you connect the iPhone X to your computer through a USB cable during recovery, you can now restore contacts, notes and messages directly to the iPhone XR.