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Overview: Are you at a loss because of damaged Google Pixel 6 phone? Are you worried about not being able to retrieve the data inside? I believe that most users will encounter this problem. Here, we will discuss the solutions together.

Google Pixel 6 Data Recovery With Broken Screen

Cracked screen and data locked inside your Google Pixel 6/pro? Don't worried! Have you ever experienced the unfortunate incident of dropping your Google Pixel 6/pro phone by accident, resulting in a cracked or irreparably damaged screen? Regrettably, a broken screen can be a distressing scenario, especially for individuals with crucial data stored on their device. The positive news is that there are various successful approaches to recover data from a Google Pixel 6 screen that has sustained damage. In this article, we will delve into several methods for retrieving data from a Pixel 6 device that has been compromised due to physical damage.


Method 1: Restore Broken Pixel 6 Data with USB-OTG Adapter

The first recovery method involves using a USB-OTG (On-The-Go) adapter. This versatile adapter enables you to connect your Pixel phone to a variety of other USB devices, such as a flash drive, mouse, or keyboard. When you connect your Pixel phone to a USB-OTG adapter, you will be able to access its touch screen interface using the mouse. This is especially important if you have important photos, videos, or other files that you want to save and store. By using a USB-OTG adapter and a mouse, you can easily transfer your files to another device or cloud storage service.Overall, using a USB-OTG adapter is a great way to access your Pixel phone's interface and transfer files between devices. By connecting your phone to a USB-OTG adapter and using a mouse, you can easily navigate through your phone's settings and take control of your files.

USB-OTG Adapter

Method 2: Recovery with Broken Android Data Extraction without Backup

For this method, you never have to worry about losing data on your Pixel 6 phone, no matter what the reason is. This tool will make it easy for you to retrieve your data. Broken Android Data Extraction allows you to recover data in situations such as phone lock screen, physical damage to the phone, system failure, accidental deletion, virus attack, etc. This tool also allows you to easily and safely back up your phone data and restore data from the backup.

The following are the simple steps of this method, so that you can do it yourself without asking for help from others or expensive calls to a mobile phone repair shop.

Step 1: Download and install the software on your desktop. Choose the Broken Android Data Extraction mode to initiate the procedure and click "Start" to begin.

broken pixel data extraction

Step 2: Choose your phone's name and model, then click "Confirm." Follow the three-step guide provided in the interface to enter download mode, and click "Start" to let the software repair your phone.

Step 3: Once your phone is successfully repaired, the program will directly scan your phone data. You can select the data on your Android phone, and then click "Recover" to extract the data from your phone with a broken screen.

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Method 3: Retrieve Lost Data on Pixel 6 with Google Drive

Google Drive is a great tool for saving and recovering data from your Pixel phone, even if the screen is damaged. By using this approach, you can store all your pictures, videos, and files on the Google Drive account associated with your phone. After backing up the data, you can access it from another device that shares the same account.

Operation on the computer desktop interface:

Google Drive

Operation via mobile phone:

Google Drive

Method 4: Get back Broken Pixel 6 data by Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

An alternative method to retrieve data from a broken Google Pixel screen involves using Android Debug Bridge (ADB). ADB serves as a tool enabling communication with your Pixel phone through computer commands. To proceed, you'll need to download and install the correct driver on your computer. After completing this step, you can utilize ADB to recover all your data through straightforward computer commands.

Steps to recover data with android debug bridge(ABD):

  1. Begin by installing the Android SDK Platform-tools on your computer.
  2. Connect your Pixel to the computer, launch the command terminal, and input ADB pull commands to relocate selected directories from your phone to the PC.
  3. Execute the commands correctly to move folders to the PC. Exercise caution to avoid any mishaps that could result in data loss.

Android Debug Bridge (ADB)


Even if your Google Pixel 6/Pro screen is broken, you can still access your data with the right tools and know-how. Whether you use cloud services, specific software, direct commands, extra devices, or seek professional help, your information is still accessible. Remember, being prepared and regularly backing up your data can transform a potential digital disaster into a minor issue on your tech journey.

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