[Official]Recover Deleted/Lost Photos from Samsung Galaxy J2

Sammury: Accidentally deleted photos/pictures on your Android Samsung Galaxy J2 phone and don’t know how to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy J2? This article will show you how to easily restore deleted photos with/without backup.

Something About Samsung Galaxy J2:

Super data savings bring real 4G experience. Browse and save data seamlessly when streaming video, shopping online, or checking out your favorite app. Ultra data saving compresses data and limits data usage by background applications. Get the most cost-effective 4G experience.

Vivid viewing effect. Experience a visually rich 4G experience through the galaxy J series of super AMOLED displays. Its brighter colors and deeper contrast give you a realistic viewing experience.
Powerful performance. The galaxy J series features a spectacular 4G experience and are designed to provide exceptional speed. It enables multitasking to be done instantly and ensures content to load quickly.

Capture the moment. The galaxy J series is equipped with powerful cameras to take great pictures even in low light conditions. It also has advanced mode to provide you with an enhanced imaging experience. You can choose from different image modes to adapt to different situations and get more realistic photos.

Recover Samsung J2 Photos:

“I deleted some photos from Samsung Galaxy J2. How can I restore deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy J2 without backup. Do I need to extract image data from my phone? How to implement without complicated steps? Thank you

“I deleted the photo on Samsung Galaxy J2 and now I need to restore it urgently. Is there any way to recover deleted photos on Samsung J2? Can any Android data recovery solution help? “

In general, smart phones are used to capture important moments on the journey, especially the galaxy j2hd. However, when you are excited to use the new Samsung Galaxy J2 phone, data loss (such as photo loss) can also happen unintentionally. Sometimes you may accidentally delete photos or perform wrong operations on your phone, causing the photo files to disappear. Now the question is, how do I recover deleted pictures and images from Samsung Galaxy J2?

In fact, the photos that disappeared on the Samsung Galaxy J2 are not actually deleted, and the operating system marks the storage space occupied by the deleted files as blank and available. Once you find that the pictures have disappeared, you need to stop using the devices immediately to prevent them from being covered by new data, thus increasing the possibility of data recovery. Then, you need a professional data recovery software to scan the device and find the data that has disappeared.

Here, we will recommend a powerful software – Samsung photo recovery, which can not only help users recover deleted photos and videos from Samsung mobile phones, but also recover deleted contacts, SMS messages, call records and documents. In addition, this data recovery tool.

It focuses on retrieving the broken screen, black screen, factory reset, virus infection, Rom refresh and other data of Samsung mobile phone.

It is suitable for Samsung Galaxy J series, Samsung Galaxy S series devices, Samsung Galaxy note, Samsung Galaxy A series, Samsung Galaxy C series and other Android OS versions.

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Method 1: Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy J2 with Samsung Data Recovery:

Step 1: Download install and run the Samsung Data Recovery

Run the Samsung Data recovery program on your computer and you will see the main window below. Then, connect your Android device to your computer via a USB cable.

Step 2. Enable USB debugging on Samsung J2 phone

You should now enable USB debugging on your Samsung J2 phone to allow programs to access the device. When prompted to do so, click OK on your phone to enable USB debugging. If you are not sure how to operate, follow the instructions below.

Step 3. Select the photo and scan it

On this page, you will see all the files for the Samsung J2 device. Please check the file to be restored. Select Gallery, and then click the next button.

Step 4. Allow to scan and analyze data on Samsung’s mobile phone

After the program detects your device, click allow on the device to enable the program to scan your device for deleted data.

Step 5. Scan Samsung’s mobile phone for deleted Photos

Now, the program will start scanning the data, including photos on the phone. The scanning process will take only a few minutes.

Step 6. Restore the deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy J2

Once the program has successfully scanned all the data files, you can preview all the data found on the Samsung J2 phone, including SMS, contacts, photos, etc. If you just want to restore photos, you can check “Gallery”. Finally, click the “pictures and Gallery” button to recover the required data from Samsung Galaxy J2 on the computer.

Method 2: Restore Photos from Samsung Galaxy J2 with Kies

First, you need to backup data with Kies,

Connect the device to the computer.
Open Kies and click the backup / Restore tab.

Click data backup.

Select the check box next to the content you want to back up. You can select everything by selecting the check box next to select all items. Click backup.

When the backup is complete, click finish.

In the next steps, you can easily restore lost photos from your samsung galaxy j2.

Connect the device to the computer.
Open KIEs and click the backup / Restore tab.

Click Restore data.

Select the backup file to restore to the device from the drop-down list. If you cannot find the restored file in the drop-down list, scroll to the bottom, then click Find File and select the file.

Mark what you want to restore from the backup file, and then click restore.

Some projects may require additional settings. Select the options you want, and then click OK to continue.

When the restore is complete, click finish.

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