3 Ways to Transfer Data from Samsung to Huawei Mate30/Mate30 Pro

Overview: This article will introduce three effective and simple ways to transfer all the data from any Samsung Galaxy phone/Galaxy Tab to Huawei Mate30 and Huawei Mate30 Pro.

Huawei Mate30 series will be released this autumn. On Twitter, I learned about the specifications of the mobile phone’s rear camera, which will be equipped with two 40MP sensors and an 8MP long-focus sensor. Among them, Huawei Mate30 Pro’s two 40MP cameras all support Cine Lens when shooting videos, one of which also has a 120-degree ultra-wide lens. The third 8MP long focus sensor has a 5-fold zoom function. In addition, it may be equipped with a fourth camera, TOF lens. In addition, instead of having any physical buttons, the phone relies on artificial tactile feedback provided by a linear motor to mimic the feeling of pushing a button.

What do you think of Huawei Mate30/Mate30 Pro? The above information alone does not enable us to understand them. The best way is to buy them and really use them. Therefore, many users plan to purchase or have already purchased this brand new Huawei flagship phone as theirs new handset. Unless this is your first phone, or you definitely need to transfer your data from the old phone to the new one. To transfer data from a Samsung phone to Huawei Mate30 or Huawe Mate30 Pro, we have some good experiences and we will share them with you.

Method 1 Transfer Data from Samsung to Huawei Mate30/Mate30 Pro with Mobile Transfer

Mobile Transfer is a trustworthy software for users. First, it’s 100% secure, and your mobile data can’t be leaked through Mobile Transfer. Secondly, it is easy to use. We can transfer all kinds of data to another mobile phone with a few clicks. Of course, it is also practical. All kinds of mobile data can be transferred, including text messages, contacts, photos, calendars, videos, call history, music, apps, app data, etc.. More important, it is perfectly compatible with a variety of devices, such as Samsung, Huawei, LG, ZTE, vivo, OPPO, Sony, iPhone, Xiaomi, Redmi, Motorola and so on. Then let’s take a look at the steps of using the software.

Step 1. Please download Mobile Transfer to your computer first. After installing and running it, you can see a very concise function panel. Here, you need to choose “Phone To Phone Transfer” and click on “Start”.

Step 2. Connect Samsung and Huawei Mate30/Mate30 Pro to the computer via their USB cables. When the program detects your phones, they will be displayed on the left and right sides. According to your needs, Samsung phone should be show on the left, and the Huawei Mate30 or Huawei Mate30 Pro is display on the right. If they are in the opposite position, click “Filp” to adjust it.

Step 3. When your phones are detected, you can see all the transferable file types are listed in the middle of the two mobile phones. Check them according to your transfer needs. Then, click “Start Transfer”. When all the selected data are transferred to Huawei Mate30/Mate30 Pro, click “OK”.

Method 2 Restore Data from Backup Files to Huawei Mate30/Mate30 Pro

Mobile Transfer also has two amazing features, backing up your phone data and restoring data from backup to any supported devices. As long as you have backed up your Samsung phone through Mobile Transfer or Samsung Kies, then you can use this method.

Step 1. Return to the homepage of Mobile Transfer, click on “Restore From Backups” and choose “Kies”.

Tips: If you have previously backed up via Samsung Kies, please select Kies here, if it is backed up by Moible Transfer, please select MobileTrans. Of coures, if you get other backup files like iTunes backup, iCloud backup and so on, you can also selected it as you like.

Step 2. Mobile Transfer will quickly scan your computer and load all Kies backup files, just choose the one according to your need. At the same time, connect your Huawei Mate30 or Huawei Mate30 Pro to computer.

Step 3. Wait until your phone is recognized and the selected backup file is extracted, choose the file types that you want to transfer, and click on “Start Transfer” to sync them to your Huawei Mate30 or Huawei Mate30 Pro.

Method 3 Transfer Data from Samsung to Huawei Mate30/Mate30 Pro with Phone Clone

Step 1. Download Phone Clone App on Google Play and install it on the both of your old Samsung phone and the Huawei Mate30/Mate30 Pro.

Step 2. Luanch the Phone Clone App on your Huawei Mate30 or Huawei Mate30 Pro first, then select “New Phone” on the program’s main interfacce on your phone to receive data. The password for a newly created Wi-Fi network will be displayed.

Step 3. Luanch the Phone Clone App on your old Samsung Galaxy phone, the select “Old Phone” and find the name of the Wi-Fi hotspot broadcast by the Huawei Mate30/Mate30 Pro. Touch the icon for the Huawei Mate30/Mate30 Pro and enter the Wi-Fi hotspot network password.

Then, please press “Connect” to establish a connection between your phones.

Step 4. Select the data types you want to transfer from the old Galaxy phone and press “Send”, the Huawei Mate30 or Huawei Mate30 Pro will receive the data automatically. Please wait patiently, the transfer will complete soon.

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