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Overview: Data loss on your Samsung Galaxy A54 5G can stem from various factors. In light of this, how can you recover those vital files, contacts, photos, videos, messages from your Samsung A54 5G?

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The increasing amount and the varied types of personal data on your Samsung A54 is clearly worth protecting. It is nothing more than a disaster if you have deleted your important files on Samsung A54 by mistake or lost unprotected. Before you go into panic, there is still hope yet to retrieve deleted data from Samsung A54. The article offers you two ways to recover your all kinds of data files including contacts, messages, photos, call logs videos and also your documents from Samsung A54 in the following part. Let's have a look. So if you want to know something more about your Samsung A54 then you can read this article.


Solution 1: Recover Deleted Data from Samsung A54 from Samsung backup

If you accidentally deleted the files from your Samsung A54 won't distressing, provided you're someone who keeps a good habit of regularly backing up your device to protect your data with Samsung's own phone backup app, it can be the cloud services. If that's the case, you can easily recover your backup and get your deleted data back into your Samsung A54. The following we will help you recover your data. Pls take the following as an example:

Step 1: Open “Settings” on Samsung A54 and then tap Accounts and backup.

Step 2: Choose the source of the data to be restored and you can click “Samsung Cloud”.

Step 3: On the select data page you can choose the data to be restored. Next, you can tap “Restore data” restoration.

Step 4: In the dialog box which it pops up, you can choose what you have backup from videos, photos, and other locations.

Step 5: Tap “OK” to begin restoration. You can find data back into your Samsung Phone.

Solution 2: Recover Deleted Data from Samsung A54 from Android Data Recovery

Do you ever know about Android Data Recovery? Do you ever install Android Data Recovery? It is a useful method that can help you recover your any type of Android data, including contacts, videos, text messages, photos, call logs, whatsapp, audio. It also can help you backup your files. One people once said: “Android Data Recovery” can help you tackle any kind of data problem. So as you know, the application is a good hand for you to tackle your any kinds of data.

If you want to know more about the application. I think the website can help you a lot because the website of this application is super clear and logical. You can know anything you want on the website.

Step 1: First Download Android Data Recovery and you can Click “Android Date Backup &restore”.

If you don't have time to download, you can know more about the website about the application.

Step 2: Connecting your Samsung A54 to a computer. How? A USB cable. And next, wait for your Samsung A54 to be recognized.

Step 3: “Device date backup” or “one-click restore” is on the screen and you can choose one of them.

These two options lie in the time difference.

Step 4: If two systems are recognized, you can preview the data first and then prepare to choose data to back up.

Step 5: Choose data in the list and click “Restore to device” to confirm. Few minutes, lost data will be back.



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Solution 3: Recover Deleted Data from Samsung A54 via Google Drive

Do you know Google Drive or Google account? If you've activated Google Drive backup on your Samsung device or accessed Google Drive.

You can follow the following steps:

Step 1: Open the Google Drive app on your Samsung device or just access the Google Drive website via your computer.

Step 2: Sign in using the same Google account that you employed for the backing up your Samsung device. (Please remember your account and passwords.)

Step 3: Locate the deleted files within your Google Drive account. After that, you can choose the files you wish to recover and click the “Download” button.

Solution 4: Recover Lost Files On Samsung A54 with Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch serves as a handy utility for individuals using Samsung devices, enabling them to efficiently handle their data, create backups, files restore and seamlessly transfer to new Samsung Phones while safeguarding valuable information. It streamlines the data transfer process and guarantees the secure preservation of your data. You can later restore this data to your Samsung device if needed.

If you've previously safeguarded your Samsung A54 by creating a backup with Samsung Smart Switch, you can leverage the application to recover deleted data.

  1. Within the Samsung Smart Switch interface, opt for the "Restore" feature.
  2. Identify the backup file that holds the data you wish to retrieve.
  3. Specify the specific data categories you want to reinstate (like contacts, messages, or photos).
  4. Initiate the data restoration process by clicking "Restore."


Next, if you don't want to lose your data, then you can try this method to protect your data.

Tips to prevent data loss on your Samsung A54, please ensure:


The process of recovering deleted files from your Samsung A54 need not be intimidating. With this guidance provided in this article, the diverse recovery methods detailed above, you can effortlessly retrieve your valuable data and establish safeguards against your data loss. If you are suffering from this issue, then feel free to use these methods to find your data back.

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