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Overview: Summary:This is an article about data recovery, mainly for OPPO A54, but the recovery method of this article can be an effective reference for all OPPO mobile phone users to their data recovery.

Oppo A54 Info:


Oppo has launched a new find X series mobile phone and updated its medium-term mobile phone configuration in the past few weeks. Now, the brand is looking to update its economy phone, starting with a54. Oppo a series mobile phones have a new high-resolution screen with a size of 6.51 inches and an accuracy of 720×1600 pixels. The screen likes to design a perforated personal camera. At this quality, the pixel density of the screen is 270 pixels per inch. The new oppo phone is supported by the MediaTek Helio p35 chipset. It is combined with 4GB random access memory (RAM) and provides 64GB of internal storage capacity, which can be expanded to 256gb using a special card slot. Oppo a54 mobile phone is equipped with a triple background camera, which consists of a basic 13 megapixel sensor, a 2 megapixel sensor and a 2 megapixel depth sensor. From the front, it has a 16 megapixel selfie and also supports video calls. A 5000mA mobile phone battery supports 18W fast charging through USB port C. other functions of the mobile phone are fingerprint sensor installed on the side and unlocking surface, and USB OTG supports dual sim card and socket. headset.


Problem Analysis:


I wonder if you've been worried about the data recovery problem on your OPPO A54 recently. In fact, data loss occurs in our daily life, and it is possible that your wrong click mistakenly deleted the data from your phone. Or an accidental serious phone crash, your phone data will be deleted. The most serious thing is that when the phone virus invades, the phone system will delete the information infected with the virus, causing you to don't even know why you can’t ind your phone data. Therefore, in any case, it is necessary to master certain data recovery methods.

And that is this article’s purpose to let you know the methods of recovery deleted Phone data.


Method Outline:


Part 1: How to effectively use Android Data Recovery Software to recover your Oppo A54 Data

Method 1: Recover Oppo A54 Data from Backup

Method 2: Recover Oppo A54 Data directly

Method 3: Backup your Oppo A54 Data


Part 2: How to operate with other alternative ways

Method 4: Recover Oppo A54 Data with OPPO cloud

Tip1: How to backup Oppo A54Data with OPPO Cloud

Method 5: Recover Oppo A54Data via Google Drive



Part 1: How to effectively use Android Data Recovery Software to recover your Oppo A54 Data.


First of all, there are many ways to recover your data. It is crucial to use effective methods to recover your Oppo A54 Data. The software described below is not only simple to operate, but also convenient and fast.

Android Data Recovery is a professional data recovery software that has successfully helped thousands of Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo and other mobile phones users to recover data, and its recovery efficiency is very fast, without any omission. Here are the three major data recovery features of this software.



Method 1: Recover Oppo A54 Data from Backup


If your Oppo A54 has been backed up before data lost, then you can undoubtedly use this method which is fast and useful, as it is just a few simple steps that can help you recover your data.


Step 1: First, Download the Android Data Recovery software and open software, click “Android Date Backup &restore” on the home-page.

Step 2: Next, connecting your Oppo A54 to your computer. And click either “device date backup” or “one-click restore”.  Click one of them one time is enough because both of them can restore your backup data.

Step 3: Time to Select Data which you want to restore and have a check.

Step 4: Once you begin to Click “start" button, the Date recovery process will begin and minutes later the Date will come back.



Method 2: Recover Oppo A54 Data directly


But if you're not so lucky and not backing up your data in advance, you can still use the software's direct recovery feature to restore your data.You may worry about that will it take a lot of time? Will it be unsafe? None of your concerns are unnecessary, because it is an absolutely safe software without revealing any information from any user. Secondly, its Quick scan mode can help you recover your data quickly.


Step 1: Launch the application.

Step 2: Linking your Oppo A54 to your computer with a USB cable. 

Step 3: Next choose your Recovery Data types and disk drive. If you click “scan" the program will make a scanning and display the data on you screen.


Step 4: Finally, you are allow to choose Data to recover and click “start” button.


Method 3: Back up your Oppo A54 Data


The software's last functional is about preventing your data loss in the future. Backup is the easiest and quick way, so once again, you can use Android Data Recovery software to back up your data.


Step 1: Open the software and tap “Android date backup” on the homepage among options.

Step 2: Then a USB cable is needed to link your Oppo A54 to computer.


Step 3: When the connection is done, two options will show on the screen- "Device Data Backup" and "One-click Backup". Click one of them is enough.

Step 4: Select Date to backup. If you are not sure, you can preview them. Finally click “start” button.


Part 2: How to operate with other alternative ways


In addition to using the powerful recovery data software mentioned above, your Oppo A54 data has some other alternative practices to help you.Here will introduce to you one by one.


Method 4: Recover Oppo A54 Data with OPPO cloud


OPPO cloud is an official cloud service tool of OPPO. It may not be as functional as Android Data Recovery, but it also fully supports your data recovery. However, using this method is that your data must be backed up.


Step 1:Open OPPO Cloud on you desktop. Log into your OPPO account.( please make sure that the account is the same as your backup ones)

Step 2:Your backup date is locate in the files and you can look for them and choose to recover. 

Step 3: Click “Recovery” is the final step.



Tip1: How to backup Oppo A54 Data with OPPO Cloud


Another tip for backing up the data! The advantage of using an OPPO phone is that your OPPO Cloud supports you for data backup in advance.


Step 1:Open OPPO Cloud on Oppo A54. 

Step 2:Then, log into your OPPO password ans account. 

Step 3: You can feel free to choose your Oppo A54 Data to back up and any data is supported.(Yes, very convenient)

Step 4: Finally click “ backup” button.



Method 5: Recover Oppo A54 Data via Google Drive


Google Drive is no a stranger mobile phone users. It can provide cloud services for many mobile users. Of course your Oppo A54 Data can be handled with the help of it. But remember the prerequisite: already backed up.


Step 1: Run on Google Drive in your Oppo A54 or you can open it on browser directly.

Step 2: Loading your Google account which is the same as your backup one.

Step 3: First you can briefly look on your backup files and them determine to choose to recover.

Step 4:  After confirmation, click “done" button is OK.



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