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Overview: When you get the new Xiaomi 14, and don't know how to recover or transfer data on it. Please follow the next methods to recover data from Xiaomi 14 or trasnfer data from android/iphone to Xiaomi 14 easily.

transfer recover data on xiaomi 14

"I need to retrieve deleted photos/message from my Xiaomi 14. I lost lot of important files but I don't know how to recover them. I am very worried about the data that cannot be back, what can I do?".

"I want to transfer files from old Samsung to Xiaomi 14 with a USB cable to save my photos and videos but how can I do this? Shall I download some transfer app or any other application on my Windows PC?."

Here two conversations are from my friends.They both suffer from data recovery and data transfer. If you are a Xiaomi phone user you may have similar concern while taking a Xiaomi backup to your PC since Xiaomi phones are pretty easy to use. For this, you can directly recover and transfer your files from Xiaomi through the different parts with different methods.

Part 1: How to Recover Data on Xiaomi 14

Part 2: How to Transfer Data on Xiaomi 14

Part 1: How to Recover Data on Xiaomi 14

The first part is about recovering data on Xiaomi 14. As we known, it is easy to recover data if you backup your data beforehand. But if you don't backup in advance you still know how to transfer data? The following three ways will help you recover data both from backup and without backups.


Way 1: Recover Data on Xiaomi 14 from Android Data Recovery

As the name suggests, Android Data Recovery is a dedicated desktop application that you can use to recover your Xiaomi data. Apart from taking a backup of Xiaomi backup and restoring it afterwards, you can use it to manage your photos, videos,contacts and also other kinds of data as well.

While Android Data Recovery supports all the popular Xiaomi and Redmi models, you can't use the application to be manufactured. Here will show you how to recover your data to PC using the official Android Data Recovery.

Step 1: Download Android Data Recovery and click "Android Date Recovery".

Android Data Recovery

Step 2: Connecting your Xiaomi 14 to computer using USB cable. And then your device to be recognized. If not, you need to do this steps once again.

Step 3: Scan the phone for lost data.

Step 4: Wait all the files be extracted and preview data in advance and next click on "Recover".

Way 2: Recover Data on Xiaomi 14 using Mi cloud

Mi Cloud is a software that can help your recover your backups through your backup list. You can just recover your data through your Xiaomi 14 so as you know it is very convenient which you just can operate on your own device. Here is the steps show how do you?

Step 1: Go to: "Setting" in your Xiaomi 14 and Click on "Mi Cloud" button.

Step 2: You will be asked to log into your Mi Account.

Step3: When enter into the screen you can click "restore from backup" and then pls select out what you want and tap on "Restore".

Recover Data on Xiaomi 14 using Mi cloud

Way 3: Recover Data on Xiaomi 14 using Xiaomi Backup app

Maybe Xiaomi Backup app are not familiar for all of you but you must once backup your data in advance. Xiaomi Backup app can help you recover your data and here is how.

Step 1: Open Xiaomi Backup App in your Xiaomi 14.

Step 2: The application will show you list of the the recoverable or your backups. These data will be displayed on the screen and you are allowed to feel free to choose from the files.

Step 3: Choose any kinds of data you want in your list and click "restore" when you are confirm.

Recover Data on Xiaomi 14 using Xiaomi Backup app

Part 2: How to Transfer Data on Xiaomi 14

Transfer data is not so difficult as you think. You can transfer data from one device to Xiaomi 14. data through different device must be transfer through safe application which must ensure the safety. To be short, let go into the steps of transferring your data .

Way 1: Transfer Data from Android/iPhone/Samsung to Xiaomi 14 with Mobile Transfer

This article emphasizes the importance of data recovery and data transfer. If you still unsure how to transfer data from android/iphone to your Xiaomi 14. We strongly recommend the application Mobile Transfer to transfer your data. The application can help you transfer all kinds of data files including contacts , text messages, photos, videos and call logs even though you never backup your data. Mobile Transfer supports you transfer data from Android to Xiaomi, from iPhone to Xiaomi 14 and so on. Here is the specific steps for you to do this.

Step 1: Open Mobile Transfer and choose "Phone Transfer" > "Phone to Phone" on the main screen.

Step 2: Connect your old Android/iPhone and Xiaomi Xiaomi 14 to the same computer using two USB cables. Wait for the software to recognize both devices.

Note: If your Xiaomi 14 is not recognized, you can click "cannot recognize the device?" for help. Follow the on-screen instructions to troubleshoot. Also, make sure your Xiaomi 14 is on the "destination" side by clicking the "Flip" button.

Step 3: Once your devices are detected, select the data you want to transfer and click "Start" to begin the transfer process.

Way 2: Transfer Data on Xiaomi 14 with Mi Mover

Mi Mover is an application that can help you transfer your data from one device to Xiaomi 12. with Mi Mover you can rest assured that your data is stored in a secure and safe environment. This application provide the highest level of data protection and security ensuring that your data can be transferred smoothly.

Step 1: Download the Mi Mover on both your old device and Xiaomi 14. Then pls tap on "I am a sender" in old device and tap on "I am a receiver" on Xiaomi 14.

Transfer Data on Xiaomi 14 with Mi Mover

Step 2: Using this app on your old app to scan the QR code that display on the Xiaomi to build a connection between your device.

Step 3: After successful connecting, select the files you want to transfer to your Xiaomi 14 and tap on “Send” in your Xiaomi 14. Pls keep patiently and wait for the transfer process to finish.


These two part are finished and finally can help you both recover and transfer data on your Xiaomi 14. There is no need to worry about anymore then you can just follow the steps to do that.

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