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Overview: What do you do when you lose your phone data? The latest method in this article allows us to retrieve lost data on OPPO Fine N3 with one click.

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Oppo device are known for its exquisite appearance and the great photos they can capture. If you accidentally lose your precious photos, videos, and other important data and now you are distressed about how can I restored lost data on Oppo Find N3? You have come to a right place. We have many great data recovery solutions and the most important things now is that you need to recover data as soon as possible. 

This article will tell you two channel that is both with your computer and without your computer. Because not everyone have computer in hand so channels without computer will help you a lot. so if this is suitable for you. Come and have a look.

Structure outline

Part 1:Restore Lost Data on OPPO Find N3 without computer.

Part 2: Restore Lost Data on OPPO Find N3 with computer.

Part 1:Restore Lost Data on OPPO Find N3 without computer

Generally, after losing data from Oppo device, users prefer to retrieve them directly on the phone instead of using the computer. As we know, not everyone have the expensive high tech device. This is very easy to implement. As long as you have backup your data using the cloud service, you will found this part is very easy for you. You can log into the cloud account on your Oppo Find N3 and recover lost data from the backups. The following steps for three different conditions:


Method 1: Restore Lost Data on OPPO Find N3 from local backup

Local backup is a direct way for you to backup. Have you previously backup your Oppo device? Then you can follow the below steps to recover your data from OPPO local backup.

Step 1: Open “Setting” on your Oppo Find N3 and next click “Additional Setting”. Click on “Backup and Reset” and tap “Local backup”. Or you can go to “Tools” and “Backup &Restore”.

Step 2: All of your backup data will be displayed. Just check the backup files and select data that you want to restore the initiate restoring process.

Step 3: Pls wait patiently for the recovery process to complete. After the backup files done, you can get your data back to your device.

Restore Lost Data on OPPO Find N3 from local backup

Method 2: Recover Files on OPPO Find N3 from OPPO Cloud

If you are too familiar with OPPO Cloud and linked your device to this account, then you can use OPPO Cloud to backup and restore your data as well. Below is specific steps for you to choose from.

Step 1: Backup your data to OPPO Cloud. 

If you never done this, then you can read this carefully. 

Go to “Setting” and choose “Oppo Cloud backup” option. Enable the “OPPO Cloud Backup” and feature from the new screen to backup your data. Finally hit on the “Backup now” and backup all your phone data to OPPO Cloud right away.

Restore Lost Data on OPPO Find N3 from OPPO Cloud

Step 2: Recover your data from OPPO Cloud.

On your OPPO phone, you can set up the account and used it to link your OPPO Cloud. You are allowed to give a option that recover your data from the previous files. Finally you can sign into your OPPO Cloud to start the recovery.

Method 3: Retrieve Data on OPPO Find N3 from Google Drive

Google Drive? You know it very much. Yes, this drive can help you recover your data. You have sync your data to Google Drive before deleting you can restore the lost data from Goggle Drive backups. If you don’t know how, you can look the following steps.

Step 1: Open the Google Drive on your Oppo Find N3 and log into your Google account with your Gmail ID and your password.

Step 2: If the log into your account then you can preview all your backup files there.Now you of course you can select the files you want to recover and download them to your Oppo Find N3.

Restore Lost Data on OPPO Find N3 from Google Drive

The common methods above are three ways that you have backup your OPPO device. Now the problems arises-How to recover your lost data with no backup but you have a computer in hand? Please continue to read the following article to learn how to recover data with computer.

Part 2: Restore Lost Data on OPPO Find N3 with computer.

Without backup, the most reliable and professional way to recover lost data on Oppo device is to use Android Data Recovery, which is a perfect OPPO data recovery software that can scan your Oppo Find N3 data thoroughly and help you recover lost data from your device.

Some features of Android Data Recovery:

Now let’s go and see how to use it to recover your data.

Step 1: Open the application if you have download it in your PC. 

Step 2: Click “Android Data Recovery" is the first step. 

Step 3: Link your Oppo Find N3 to computer using the USB cable. Debug your Oppo Find N3 in USB button so that the system can scan your Oppo device. 


Step 4: Click “OK” if your device recognize. Then the system will scan your data and will show data on the screen. And you can select data from the list inclusing Data/Photos/Videos/Contacts/Messages. 

Step 5: When you confirm you can click “Recover” and the system will do that. 



That is all for the recovery method for Oppo device. It surely will help you recover your data. just keep it and have a try. 

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