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Overview: You will get answers about how to sync iPhone/Android Data to Oppo Reno6 Pro here.

You've recently got a new Oppo Reno6 Pro, which works smoothly, beautifully, versatile, and has a great screen for you to browse all kinds of information. But you have a distress that your important Data still stays on your previous iPhone/Android devices. So without syncing the data between old and new devices, you will be heavily limited in the coming days.

And that is the place! This is an article about Sync iPhone/Android Data to Oppo Reno6 Pro. The article will introduce you to three practical ways to sync your data, and will eventually provide you with a useful and efficient way to back up your data. Hope you will get the best operational instruction here.

Method Outline:

Method 1: Sync iPhone/Android Data to Oppo Reno6 Pro with Mobile Transfer application.

Mobile Transfer can transfer data between the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian each other without any loss. It support 6000+ devices. There are few features of Mobile Transfer software.

Step 1:Download, install and open the Mobile Transfer on your computer. Click “phone to phone transfer" on home page.

Step 2:Please ensure Oppo Reno6 Pro and iPhone/Android fully connected. When connected wait minutes the program to scan all of Data from the source phone.

Step 3:Select Data that you want to sync to Oppo Reno6 Pro and click "start transfer". Then the system will begin work to transfer the Data to your Oppo Reno6 Pro one by one.

Method 2: Apply Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to sync iPhone/Android Data to Oppo Reno6 Pro.

Of course, if you want to synchronize your two phone data, you can also choose to transfer your data by sharing a Bluetooth or a WiFi. This approach may be more time-consuming, so you have to use it with caution.

Step 1: Go to find “settings” in your iPhone/Android Data and Oppo Reno6 Pro. Open their Bluetooth (or Wi-Fi) to match so that we can set a secure wireless connection environment.

Step 2: If connected, select Data you want to transfer from your iPhone/Android.

Step 3: Finally, on the share option you can click “send” via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi directly. Please remember select your connected device so that your Oppo Reno6 Pro can receive the Data.

Method 3: Sync iPhone/Android Data to Oppo Reno6 Pro from backup.

If you have backed up your iPhone/Android Data in advance then you can just use Android Data Recovery software directly to recover your backup data and then save them in your Oppo Reno6. Does it sound like a very complicated operation? But it's actually very convenient.

Step 1: First Download Android Data Recovery and run on it on PC. Click “Android Date Backup &restore" on the home page.

Step 2: Connecting your Oppo Reno6 to computer with USB cable.

Step 3: Next choose“device date backup”or “one-click restore” . Yes! Choose one option is OK.

Step 4: Choose from your backup data and click on “start". Then the Date will sync to your Oppo Reno6.

Method 4: Backup your iPhone/Android Data before sync to Oppo Reno6 Pro.

Last but not least, here I will strongly recommend you to use Mobile Transfer Data to backup your iPhone/Android Data in advance in order that you can sync the Data to any device.

Step 1: Launch mobile transfer software on the computer. If not, download one. Click“back up your phone”.

Step 2: Then linking your Android/iPhone device to PC with USB cable.

Step 3: finally, choose data to backup. After preview the Data you want to backup click "Start transfer". Few minutes later the Data have backuped successfully.

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