[Official]Recover Files/Photos/Pictures On Samsung Tablet

Samsung Tablet information

The Samsung tab is the type of tablet that runs the Android operating system. Samsung tab is produced in Samsung Electronics. Although Samsung tab is a tablet computer, it also has smart phone functions. Therefore, users can not use Samsung tags to watch movies, pictures, etc., but can also use them when making a phone call. Generally, Samsung tags support avi files, MP4 files, MP3 files, wma files, JPEG files, BMP files, GIF files and other files. You can insert the mini SD card into the Samsung tab. Data storage media.

What can I do with the Samsung tab?

As mentioned above, the Samsung tab is an Android based tablet running on smartphones. Therefore, Samsung tags can be used for the next task.

1 I can use the Samsung tab to call anyone.
2 You can surf the Internet with Samsung tab.
3 Use the Samsung tab to enjoy movies, games, music, news, etc.
4 With Samsung tablet, you can buy and settle online.
5 Because you can download a variety of files on Samsung tab and save them, you can view files anywhere even if you don’t have a network.

In a word, Samsung label provides users with a lot of convenience. Although it works like a personal computer, the user can carry it in his pocket, so it’s easier to carry.

Accidentally click factory initialization to delete all items in the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Generally, delete all data, restore to factory settings, and restore the Samsung tab to its original state. Therefore, if you have important data, the Samsung Tab is best not to perform the factory initialization option. If all important files are lost due to errors, Icare data recovery can be used. The software can connect Windows XP, vista, 7, 8, 10 and other windows computers to recover Android device data.

Summary: Want to recover lost or deleted files or other photos from Samsung tablet? This article focuses on Samsung tablet data recovery without backup. It supports all Samsung Tablet.

Hello, I’m a fan of Samsung tablet computer from the United States. My Samsung tablet also has problems. I entered more important photos on the keyboard. Aandroid operating system has problems and reset. Now that I can use normal usage mode, we can access everything. But sad news is that I lost all the photos stored in the Samsung Tablet. Please help me recover the photos.

Update the Samsung Tablet to the latest version of android operating system, only to find that the photos are missing? Or did you accidentally delete some valuable photos while factory reset your Samsung tablet? Whatever the reason, losing photos that you later realize you need can be one of the most frustrating things. But don’t worry, you may be able to restore pictures on your tablet.

Method 1: Recover Lost/Deleted Files from Samsung Tablet via Samsung Cloud

Samsung cloud can store photos, videos, SMS, communication records, contact information and other data on the application or network, and simply and flexibly synchronize, repair and upgrade the galaxy tablet with a series of other tablets or mobile phones. Synchronize and confirm the backup information on the tablet, restore the tablet in the backup, access Samsung cloud on the tablet computer, or access the computer.

Before restoring photos, videos, or other data, you must make sure that the tablet’s auto sync feature (basically off) is turned on.

Now confirm the recovery method of files deleted from Samsung tablet through Samsung cloud.

Step 1. If you want to start, move to Settings > cloud and accounts and select the Samsung cloud option. Then click restore.
Step 2. If you want to restore your contact information, check that you have previously enabled the contact information button. (to repair other data functions such as calendar, notes, photos, etc., it must be turned on in advance.)
Step 3. Select the name of the tablet and click “restore now” to search all the backups on the Samsung tablet.

Method 2: Recover Lost Photos On Samsung Tablet with Samsung Tab Data Recovery

Samsung Galaxy Tab is a tablet computer with Android system produced by Samsung. This tablet is the best tool for taking pictures. However, when you accidentally delete precious photos from the Samsung Galaxy Tab, it can be very frustrating. After losing priceless photos, you can’t get back the good memories of the past. Therefore, you must find a way to execute the Samsung Galaxy Tab Data recovery tool to retrieve all deleted images.

So, why we need the official method to get back your lost files on your Samsung Tablet

In the following section, we’ll show you several ways to recover lost or deleted files from the Samsung Tablet, no matter what happens to you. Some methods are more effective than others, but all are effective and easy to operate. Read on to find out the best way to get Samsung Tablet Files recovery.

Samsung Tab files recovery is the best data recovery tool, you can try to recover deleted photos from Samsung tablet or other Samsung Galaxy mobile phone base on android OS. If you lose valuable data from Samsung tablet, you can try this tool no matter what the reason for the loss of photos. This recovery tool can not only recover photos, but also recover video and audio or other data from Android tablets.

With the Android Tablet photo recovery tool, you can:

-Recover data without enabling USB debugging on broken Samsung devices.
-Restore an abnormal Android operating system with a few clicks.
-Support device lock, phone disconnection, black screen, system crash, no response, debugging failure and other Android failures.
-Recover photos, videos, contacts, messages, call records, WhatsApp messages and accessories from broken Samsung mobile phones and tablets.
-Data can be viewed in advance before recovery.

Data Types supported:

Text Messagses, Call logs, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Audio, Notes, Document, etc

Tablet Models Supported:

Galaxy Tab 2 P5100 series, Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 series, Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 series, Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 series, Galaxy Tab 3 Lite series, Galaxy Tab 3 P32 series, Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 series, Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 series, Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 series, Galaxy Tab A2S series, Galaxy Tab A 7.0 series, Galaxy Tab A 8.0 series, Galaxy Tab A 9.7 series, Galaxy Tab A 10.1 series, Galaxy Tab P3100 series, Galaxy Tab P6200 series, Galaxy Tab P6800 series, Galaxy Tab P7310 series, Galaxy Tab P7500 series, Galaxy Tab P7510 series, Galaxy TabPro S2 series, Galaxy Tab Q Series, Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 Series, Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Series, Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Series, Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Series, Galaxy Book Series, Galaxy Note 8.0 Series, Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition Series, Galaxy Note 10.1 Series, Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Series, Galaxy Tab A2 Series, Galaxy Tab A7 Series, Galaxy Tab A T510 series, Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 series, Galaxy Tab S3 series, Galaxy Tab S4 series, Galaxy Tab S5e series, Galaxy Tab S6 Lite series, Galaxy Tab S6 series, Galaxy Tab S7+ series, Galaxy Tab S7 series

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Step 1: Connect Samsung tag to computer

Please download and install Android data recovery on your computer in advance. After you start, click “Android data recovery” in all tools. Connect the Samsung tablet to the computer with cable at the same time.

Step 2: Activate USB debugging in Samsung tablet

If you want to activate USB debugging in Samsung tablet, please refer to the simple instructions in the window. Second, the software senses Samsung tablets.

Step 3: Samsung Tablet scan begins

This stage shows the information of files to be repaired, such as contact information, messages, photos, videos, call history, WhatsApp messages, etc. Select the file you want to restore and click next.

Click “allow” on the tablet to allow super user authentication of the program. The superuser request appears.

Then you can see the program scanning tablet in the pop-up window

Stage 4: Preview and repair of deleted files from Samsung tablet

Finally, the scan process generates a list of deleted files in the samsung Tablet. You can view scanned photos, videos, audio and documents in advance. Then select the data to be repaired and click the “restore” button to reload the deleted files into the PC.

Method 3: Recover Lost Files from Samsung Tablet via Samsung Kies

Most of Samsung’s tablets support telephone calls, so they are as popular as Samsung’s mobile phones. Frequent contact information, SMS, photos, call records, calendar and other important tablet data loss can be repaired as Samsung Kies. In addition to recovering from backup, there are also powerful multimedia file management functions. But generally, Android operating system below 4.3 is not supported. At the same time, you can synchronize your tablet with Google or outlook.

Can’t wait to recover lost data from your Samsung tablet with Samsung Kies? Follow Below:

  1. Download, install, open Samsung Kies on the computer, and connect to the tablet through the USB cable.
  2. In the “backup/restore” option, please click the “backup” option. Now select the file you want to restore and continue clicking continue.

3.Click the “recover” button after confirming the options. Next, when the tool starts to work, click the start button. Then click finish when the recovery process is over.

Method 4: Use Google account to recover files deleted from Samsung tablet

If you enable the “sync” option in your Google account, some data, such as contacts and photos, will be automatically backup on your Google account.

When you are faced with all data corruption, you can use our account to find missing data.

Picture situation: https://www.google.com/photos After the visit, you can follow the guidelines for stages.

Contacts information: https://www.google.com/contacts Access and log in to the same ID used by the backup.

Using this method can help to recover the files lost from the Samsung tablet.

Method 5: Search Google drive for files that have disappeared from Samsung tablet

Your phone/Tablet is connected to our Google account and has our popular cloud service, Google drive. Users here can ensure up to 15GB of storage space to keep all data or files of the mobile phone/tablet.

If you want to recover easily in the future, you need to manually upload files on your tablet/phone.

The recovery phase of deleted files in Google drive as follows.

-First move from tablet to Google drive, or in all browsers https://www.google.com/drive/ It can also be opened

-Then log in with your user name and password (use the same ID and password as you used for the backup).

-Now click on my drive and all the files will be opened.

-Right click on the file to be recovered.

-Display “download” options. Click on it.

-The specific data is then downloaded to the location set on the tablet.

However, the file you are looking for may not be available in the drive section. Then confirm the trash folder where the files are left within 30 days.

Therefore, there is enough time to recover files from the recycle bin folder before they disappear permanently.

-Open Google drive on the tablet and click on the three lines on the left to see the trash folder (on the PC, open the https://drive.google.com/drive/trash)

-Now tap on the Trash icon and all lost items will be visible

-Select the file you want to recover and turn on the restore option at the end.


What is the way to avoid data loss in Samsung tablet computers in the future?

In Samsung tablets, one of the best ways to help avoid all kinds of data loss is to simply make a backup. This is the only way to help with all data loss situations, so it’s very important.
Therefore, we have a variety of backup options, such as Google drive, SD card, cloud storage, etc. Therefore, we must regularly back up all necessary files to a safe place. You can move from this context to the Android Backup&Resotre tool. (Transfer/Backup Data from Samsung Phone to Computer)
This is a special tool to help you back up all necessary items on the phone and keep them safe. This tool helps recover all data whenever a data loss occurs to the phone/tablet. Or

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